Weave Products

While under a weave, you still need to nourish your hair and your scalp.

The following products will help you do that.

For your scalp:

Castor Oil(you can mix it with olive / coconut oil) – Concentrate a small amount onto your scalp and massage when dry

Do NOT condense your scalp with oils, a little bit goes a long way. Using applicators like Roots ONLY regulate the oil that you’re putting on your scalp. If you can’t get access to Roots ONLY, use an applicator bottle with a nozzle.

Roots Only – An Oil Applicator never looked so good.

For your hair: 

1/3 Glycerin, 1/3 Carrier oil*, 1/3 Leave in Conditioner in spray bottle. Concentrate spraying this blend to the base of your weave.

S Curl No Drip – Use this as a form of ‘braid sheen’ but concentrate the spray to the base of the weave. Lightly spray it a few times a week.

For your hairline:

Castor Oil – Use the HairLine Challenge  for guidance.

Sprucing up your weave:

Using oil based moisturisers that are heavy is never a good idea for weaves. You don’t want to weigh down the weave unnecessarily. If you find you truly need to moisturise your weave, lightly spray your ‘hair blend’ (20 cm away) on it, twice a week.

*NOTE: Carrier oils are oils such as coconut, avocado, castor, olive…


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  1. Presh · · Reply

    Where you live do they sell s curl drip locally, could i send you money and shipping money to send to me because in N.Z i cnt find one and online the one on amazon wnt ship to where i am.

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