Now you’ve undone the cornrows, the shinda has been removed, and you’re staring at that mop that Phro believes can be long and luscious … and you’re probably thinking … ‘she has no idea the type of hair that I’m dealing with.’

Let’s put this on for size ladies and take it a step at a time.

Afro Kinky Weave

ONE: After undoing the weave, it’s time to detangle:

Section your hair into easy to manage tufts. The easiest way to do this is divide it into quarters. Take the first quarter and detangle with your fingers.

When you’re happy with the state it’s in, lightly apply glycerine to it. Take a wide-toothed comb and start lightly combing from the ends, to the base of the hair.

If you find this hard to do, then separate your section further and start combing as indicated above.

Do this, section by section, with the rest of your hair….

🙂 of course you love weaves …

TWO: Now your hair is detangled, you can now assess it: 

Assess how nourished your hair feels by taking the ‘How Dry is your Hair’ test.

Dry Hair Nourish: Use the Back to Health ( challenge as a guide to curb your dry hair situation. During the conditioning stage, add a carrier oil like coconut oil to your conditioner which will help nourish your hair.

Moisturised Hair Nourish: Use the Back to Health Challenge, including the pre-poo to assist with nourishing your hair and massaging your scalp.

Over Moisturised Hair Nourish: Use the Back to Health Challenge, in the conditioning stage, start with the protein treatment which will balance out your over moisturised hair.

Time to take the weave out and assess your real hair

THREE: Now what do you do in-between weaves, a retouch or braids you ask? Here you go … wait a week

Daily: Lightly add a small amount of moisturiser on your hair. If you have growth, make sure you keep your hairline tidy by adding a small amount of glycerine to it. Keep that demarcation line in check.

Before Bed: Massage your scalp each night. This helps with blood circulation and really helps to ease the stress that your hair follicles would’ve been feeling from the constant tugging and pulling from your cornrows. If you have a problem with your hairline, continue your daily HairLine challenge routine.

Mid-Week: Assess whether you have split ends / dry ends … do a light dust off (cutting away the unhealthy bits of your hair) in preparation of your next hair style.

10 replies on “In-between hair care

  1. Hi Phrophro started the weave challenge this weekend did everything according to you and honestly I am beyond impressed my scalp feels amazing and does not because this time i wasnt pulling at my hair with an afro comb. so my next question is during the week after i take my wig off how do i manage my hair before i go and get my hair done next weekend. thanks

    1. Hi Alice,

      I’m really happy for you! So glad it’s working!

      Depending on how dry your hair is, there are treatments that I suggest. Also do a mini hair and scalp assessment to see how your hair is moving along.

      Then you’re ready for a new style when you’re comfortable that your hair and scalp are healthy. That’s the most important CHECK UP to do

  2. Hi Phro,

    Thanks for your blog; just came across it through instagram. Im starting with all the the weave challenge today cz I’ve had a weave on for the past 2 weeks now. Really wanna grow my hair; I have type 4a hair and it never really doew grow in length. Question is I have relaxed hair; if I start the challenge now till December will I not relax my hair till then and will my hair not break more because the new growth will overwhelm the processed hair?

    And if I do relax inbetween; how should I take care of it then and how long should I wait till my next weaving?

    For the challenge; can I alternate loose braids; braided cornrows and weaves for this challenge and still maintain the 6weeks duration of hairstyle? Im asking just incase I get bored with weaving only for 6 months.

    Do u have advice on how to take care of braided hair? How long it should last, how to treat it and how often to braid? Especially for my hair type which is fine; thin as well as a receding hairline which is still redeemable cz its not yet bald but very thin; short; and fine.

    Thanks honey (mwas)

    1. Hi Debbie,

      So glad you got in touch. I assume you’re knee deep in the weave challenge. I’ve written a series on relaxing hair –, that i’d like you to sink your teeth into. Start reading from the bottom up. It gives you a good idea on the different phases you’ll be facing.

      There’s an in-between weave hair care – that gives you a summary of how to take care of your hair in between weaves. Depending on whether you have a part or not will determine whether you need to retouch it.

      Also take a look at my youtube clip on how i drown my hair in moisture before i take any braiding out (exclude water in your mixture) –

      There’s a topic section on my blog (right hand side) and one of the topics covered are braiding / weaving and cornrowing, check it out for tips on how to manage your hair while in braids.

  3. I’m so worried about my edges! I had my firdt closure & ive also been trying to tame my ages using heat.. Not good! My edges are still visible although ive noticed thinning & breakage.. I just want my full edges back.. Is that possible or once there damaged will they never go back?? (Worried!) x

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