Weave Challenge

Can’t dream of a reason why to stop wearing weaves? Why should you!? As long as you’re taking care of your real hair and your scalp, flick that weave and enjoy it. How do you do that? You take on the weave challenge!

What’s the challenge?
The challenge is to nourish your hair while it’s under a weave. This ensures that there’s minimal breakage when you finally take your weave out.

The rules

Duration: 3 monts

Up to 6 weeks in a weave style (ONLY SEW-IN WEAVES)
During the 6th week, take your weave out
Leave a week in-between weaves to rest your scalp and nourish your hair
Then another 6 weeks in a weave style.

Wash your hair/weave ONCE a week.
Massage the shampoo on your scalp
Rinse thoroughly

Add moisturizing conditioner to your scalp (which will nourish your hair).
It doesn’t matter if it goes on your weave.
Bag your hair and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse out thoroughly

Use the Aphro Comb applicator to concentrate an oil blend onto your scalp.

Utensils: Spray Bottle, Camera, Aphro Comb

Now the details
1. Prepare prepare prepare your scalp and your hair for the weave challenge. Click here for more info

2. Make sure that your cornrows aren’t on too tight. If they are tight, they could cause your skin to tear up, cause an infection and contribute to hair loss.

3. Leave your hairline out of the equation. Ensure that you leave at least a cm of your hairline so that you can nourish it and give it extra attention.

Leave the hairline out of the equation

4. Try and ensure that your weave is as light as possible. You’re already inflicting your hair follicles to a lot of continued stress, so the lighter the hair, the better.

5. Take your weave out every 6 weeks. Leave your hair out for a week (you can wear a wig that’s removable) and take on the ‘in-between hair care’  nourishment. This will give your hair and scalp a break. Give yourself deep massages, assess your hair and scalp. Deep condition, and then do it over again.

Weave Challenge


What results should I see?
Stronger and more nourished hair… Minimum breakage (which means you’ll start realising growth)… Healthy scalp… Your hair and scalp will love you…

Tutorial on how to leave out your hairline

This tutorial was really great, so check it out


  1. […] put a new weave on a few weeks ago and now wash my weave once a week as noted on the Weave Challenge.  I blow-dry my weave and put a mixture of coconut and castor oil in the Roots Only applicator […]

  2. Um hapy with the new weave challenge! Thank you Phro! I wanted to find out which weaves can stand out even after being washd 6 times,because some weaves become something else after being washed.

    1. Really happy you are in there Yvonne,

      That’s a great question. I think the best place to find the answer is in the Weave Challenge Exclusive group. I’ve created this for JUST those types of questions. I’ve done it for this challenge in particular because I myself, don’t wear weaves. So register today on https://register.eventarc.com/event/view/8550/tickets/phros-weave-challenge so that you can start chatting with women who are in the same boat as you.

  3. I started on Wednesday but because my hair is all short and natural I could have any leave out. I am however following on the rest of the stuff.
    Weave challenge let’s go

    1. that’s great. register and get yourself in the weave challenge group and start talking through your challenges and wins https://register.eventarc.com/event/view/8550/tickets/phros-weave-challenge

  4. […] style. I’ve developed a way for you to nourish your hair while under a weave with the new Weave Challenge. You can also choose to braid or cornrow your hair, thus leaving the daily maintenance down to a […]

  5. […] you in a weave –breaking hair – hairline issues?  Then get yourself on the Weave Challenge and discover how to nourish your real hair AND your weave at the same […]

  6. sheila · · Reply


    I love your blog and am from Kenya. I can only afford synthetic weaves and they get messed up upon washing. Can I follow the regimen without washing but keep the weave strictly for a month? What do you think the results would be?

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for being so honest with your predicament. People tell me that there are now synthetic weaves that are washable. Is there a way of finding out from your hair dresser whether they sell it … another possibility is to go to a salon and get your weave washed there…not sure if that’s an expensive exercise especially if you’re doing it weekly.

      I’d say … follow the regime for a month, and perhaps wash your edges as best as you can … and let me know what difference there is!

  7. Samantha · · Reply

    So glad i found this blog!!! My hair is so thin and dull. About 5 months ago i cut my hair to a bob thinking it would grow back with more life because it was so damaged from styling and dying it. NOT!!! Besides that my hair is thin its super short now. My friends from work recommended that i put in a weave to give my own hair a break. Iv put in extensions before but this is my first time doing my whole head. I just got my hair done 2 days ago so i will be doing the Weave challenge along with the hairline challenge. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

    1. You’ll love this challenge Samantha. Do let us know how it all goes!

  8. phelon · · Reply

    Hi Phro!
    I ‘m in ,I lost my entirely hairline ,including my edges .as result of dreads locks styles.After reading ur conquering excellent blog.my fears r overcomed .caster oil/coconut oil just came through 4 me .u r my hereo in advance

    1. It’s been three months Phelon, how are you going?

  9. Dana paige · · Reply

    Can the weave challenge be done during winter months? Or is it best during warm months?

    1. Anytime is best for weave challenge. As long as you’ve got a weave, you should have a ‘weave routine’ that maintains the health of your own hair.

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