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Hair breakage is most notable on your comb

I want my hair to grow, but my comb’s getting in the way!

Let’s get straight into it. Hair Breakage. That’s most women’s nightmare…*chuckles* and some men too. So you say your hair is breaking. The Back 2 Health Challenge will deal with that, but let’s look at the meaning behind hair breakage. Hair breakage isn’t necessarily breakage in the true sense of the word. There’s shedding and […]

Phro Hair

4 mistakes that hairdressers could be making on your hair

1. Avoiding a mini hair consultation This step is really important. It’s during these consultations that a hairdresser provides their professional opinion on the best hairstyle for you based on the health of your scalp and hair. This step is usually skipped entirely, as the priority is to get your hair done and get to the […]

More progress - 5 March 2012

Loice’s Hair Journey

This is unprecedented. I will be featuring a series on Loice, a beautiful lady who doesn’t have the luscious locks that everyone aspires to. Through the years of her personal hair journey, she has made choices that have impacted her hair line tremendously. Loice got in touch with me a few months ago to ask […]

WANTED: Professional Hair Stylists, apply within!

The Harare Salon Experience (1/3)

I thought I’d break this post into three. This stuff is deep ladies, it needs these posts. Post ONE: My Bad Experience Post TWO: My Good Experience Post THREE: Tips to get a basic level of service One of the things on my to-do list was go to a salon while I was in Zim,you […]