‘Locks Growth Routine

If you’d like to enhance the health of your locks and ensure that you retain maximum hair length throughout the year, this is the routine for you.

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Loice’s Hair Journey (May Update)

Remember Loice? She’s on the Castor Oil Challenge to save her damaged hair line from years of constant stress. She’s repairing her hairline after  years of placing continuous stress on it. This is Loice in 2009 … This is her hair in January, when she first approached me for support. I’m happy to see that…

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Loice’s Hair Journey

This is unprecedented. I will be featuring a series on Loice, a beautiful lady who doesn’t have the luscious locks that everyone aspires to. Through the years of her personal hair journey, she has made choices that have impacted her hair line tremendously. Loice got in touch with me a few months ago to ask…

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