Dandruff Free Challenge

Got dandruff? Do you pat down your weave, or are constantly scratching your head? Are you developing scabs from your constant scratching? Do you have eczema and psoriasis which is also affecting your scalp? If you’ve said yes to one of these, then this challenge is for you!

Tired of scratching ….

What’s the challenge?

This is a challenge that will tackle the incidences of dandruff. If you’ve got slight white fluff on your head, all the way to scaly greasy scabs on your scalp, this challenge is for you.

The Rules

Pre-requisite: Be on or develop a hair regime that sees you washing your hair at least once a week and already providing moisture to your scalp. Back 2 Health Challenge is highly recommended.

3 months

Frequency & Products:
Click Here to get a summary of the oil blends to use and frequency

Roots Only (highly recommended, it cuts your oiling down to 30 seconds) or tail comb.

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What results should I see?
With the continued use of this regime alongside a healthy hair care regime, dandruff will be a thing of the past.

Dependent on how serious your dandruff issue is, this challenge will either show instant results or gradually. Stay with the challenge for the stipulated time to realize an improvement.

Want to understand the oil blends I recommend a little better? Click here for more information…



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  2. Hi there,

    Where do I get Roots only from in Zimbabwe?? Along with a spray bottle?

    1. Currently, Roots Only is only available online. Is it tough to purchase and get things delivered from an online store when in Zim?

  3. Thando · · Reply

    I also would like Roots only, it would make life so much easier.

  4. […] your scalp – if you have dandruff, go on the No Dandruff Challenge and successfully reduce your dandruff to an acceptable level (mild) before you can go on this weave […]

  5. Presh · · Reply

    if i dont use the roots only will it affect the challenge?

    1. Hi Presh,

      Not at all. You can use any alternative you’d like.
      Everyone that’s used Roots Only can’t go back, because it’s so easy and beneficial when moisturising your scalp. But anything you decide to use is ok.

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