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Do you struggle with a weak hairline? Have you recently gone through postpartum shedding and it’s affecting your hairline? Well you’re in good company

The hairline challenge has been carefully formulated to reverse damage done to the hair on your temple. There are however, some  hairlines that may not recover without some surgery. So please do a small hairline test:

Test Question: Is my hairline temporarily or permanently damaged?

If hair [even sparsely] is still growing on your hairline, then there is hope.

When hair follicles are damaged permanently, the part where hair used to grow is shiny and very smooth. If your hairline looks like that, my recommendation would be to see a doctor. There is also hope for you with fun styles that can hide your hairline! Check this out
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If you still have healthy follicles on your hairline like Loice who revived her hairline on this challenge in 10months, get yours girl! 

The Rules

Duration:            Two Months
Frequency:         Every night before you go to bed
Product:              Castor Care – 100% Certified Organic Gold Castor Oil
Utensils:             Fingers, Silk /Satin Scarf and Camera

Step ONE: Change how you style your hair Hair bloggers have many remedies and products that different people swear by and others would not touch, so it’s convoluted and it goes to show that everyone has their own recipe for taking care for their hair. But what has remained constant is the following:

–          Do not stress your hairline out by pulling and tugging on it
–          Do not brush your ends without any moisture
–          If you have to manipulate it, be really gentle
–          Use ingredients that have vitamin e, castor oil and peppermint oil
–          Always, always, always massage your scalp

Step TWO: Everyday gently massage castor oil onto your edges. [I prefer to do this every night, allowing the scalp to absorb the oil overnight.] 

*side challenge* if you need to fill in your eyebrows, you can also put some castor oil on them (lightly) before you go to bed.

What results should you see?
Hair at your temples/edges growing in
Your hair line coming back
Nourished scalp and hair

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    1. Please guys help me, lm desperate and l can take pictures for you. Please are you sure it will work.

  1. Sounds fantastic! I currently have braids can i start the challenge or do i need to wait till i take them out? I have my castor oil and and tail comb ready to go…

    1. You don’t need to take the braids out. Just concentrate on your edges and still put a scarf every night. Also make sure you look into how long those braids are on for. After a certain point, they become the enemy.

      1. So do I just apply the Castro oil to my edges and use a scarf ?? Can I mix Castro n coconut together

      2. Hiee…. i’m Indian and have natural hair. My hair line has recently started to recede… there’s still some hair near the edges but the parting shows gaps of scalp now. Is it too late? Also I have been suing castor oil diluted with coconut oil and a few drops of lavender and jojoba oil since the past two months. I lose a lot of hair while applying the oil however they do seem fuller, softer and shinier after washing. Should I discontinue? Will this hairline challenge help in restoring my hairline back?

      3. Thank you very much for getting in touch. I would personally recommend you visit a trichologist (hair and scalp expert), dermatologist or dr to talk through your symptoms.

  2. Hey Phro
    Am loving this post, ready to go. Jus wanted to find out, is eucalyptus oil also good (what I managed to find today), if I mix a few drops with castor oil?

    1. Hey Jessy,

      I’d never considered eucalyptus oil, but this is what I’m finding. click here to find out benefits of using it on your hair. By the sounds of it, it’s great. So, yes, in short … a few drops of it in castor oil will just enhance this for you.

  3. I’m so in! I’ve just let my new short dreadlocks out of my wig. My hairline’s still got baby hair and I want it to grow back. I’m gon get my stuff tmrw and start the challenge!

  4. My hair is all natural, in a teensy weensy afro… would love to join this… sounds exciting! need to get castor oil and i ❤ the sound of aloe vera juice!

    1. The only product I know with sulfur is Sulfur 8. I think if you have sulfur 8, try it on your edges. The product I holy recommend for this exercise is definetly Castor Oil. If you’d like to trial those other products below, check out if they have the ingredients I have talked about when you click here. If they do, i’d stay away and try and look for castor oil or coconut oil.

  5. hey Phro,
    Quick question. I just bought the Indian Dabur Amla oil and it has the ingredient liquid parafinum in it. I’m kind of skeptical to use it because I believe liquid parafinum is one of the ingredients we are supposed to be avoiding. I;m not even digging the way this product is smelling either. Something fishy. Did I get the wrong product or am I wrong?

  6. Hi phro

    I think ur blog is amazing a friend recommended it today and its great just a few questions for you.
    My hairline took a serious beating after the birth of my son so I shaved it all off and started living in stocking caps,it’s started growing bk but I’m now having weave on and my scalp is itching constantly.is it a wise move to switch to braids whilst I try and get this challenge going as wearing my natural hair is not an option. what can I do that grows my hair and doesn’t stress my hairline ????

    1. Hey,

      Congrats on having your son!
      Hair shedding is seemingly quite normal after giving birth as your body isn’t receiving the hormones it did while you were pregnant. So your hair is basically (hopefully) going back to its natural state, and it may take time to adjust.
      This is a pretty delicate phase of a woman’s hair. I would suggest to continue what you’re doing, but start dealing with your itchy scalp. If your scalp is itchy because of the weave, perhaps it’s the type of weave you’re applying to your hair, or the cornrows may be on too tight. Try 100% on your hair and also loosening the cornrows themselves.
      One thing that’s working worldwide for women everywhere is Castor Oil on the scalp. Casstor oil has some amazing benefits for the hair, one of which is dealing with the cause of an itchy scalp. While you’re under your stocking cap, why don’t you acquaint yourself with The Castor Oil Challenge . This will deal with your itchy scalp and will work to enrich your hair at this very delicate phase of growth.
      Please do keep in touch. I’m on phrophro@ymail.com if you would like to delve deeper in this.

  7. ITCHY WEAVES??to stop an weave from itching,follows these steps before you use the hair:
    1. put a cup of white vinegar in bathroom sink/bowls and fill up swith water;
    2. soak weave in the above mixture for abt 15-30mins u can soak for longer if u want,
    3. rinse out with water or conditioner if you like, if u rinse with water the weave wont smell of vinegar,
    4. air dry the hair and its ready for use.
    This vinegar soak will ensure that the alkaline base in the hair disappears. Before this vinegar soak I hated weaves becoz of the itch but now the itch is minimal to non-existent after treatment. Its gr8, works and removes tht first day weave smell too. good Luck

  8. Hey, I have natural hair and its currently breaking I would like to know if I could do this challenge as well, and what would you suggest I do to have strong and growing hair

    1. Hi Mimi,

      Naturals can certainly join in the Back to Health Challenge. If you click on ‘Natural Hair’ on the right hand column in the Hair Topic section, you’ll see how the other girls with natural hair are going with their hair care regime. Taffi is on the Back 2 Health challenge and incorporates different products and certain styles to maintain the health of her hair.

  9. hi. i also have the same question with the other siista with regard to the dabur amla oil. i came acrsoss it while in a rush and took 3 huge bottles of it including the new dabur amla gold oil which is supposedly for chemically damaged hair. i actually started using it only to discover it has one of the ingredients that are not good i.e. parafin liquuid or somelthing like that.please verify what i should do with this investment get rid of it or is there a way of still putting it to goog use. also how best to use olive oil – i got that as well. my concern is the hairline, strength and colour of my hair. been using dark and lovely – naturally my hair is black but its become reddish but quite long – neck level

    1. Hi Sikulekile,
      NO don’t throw AMLA OIL out! It has so many amazing properties. My suggestion is for you to use it as a sealer and as a pre-poo. It will seal in your moisture really well, while adding other properties. It’s also great in strengthening the root of your hair, so I used it as a scalp treatment in my pre-poo mix.

      Olive oil can be used similarly to Amla oil. You moisturise with a water based moisturiser, like S Curl No Drip and then you seal with an oil, which will seal in the water based moisturiser, thus strengthening your hair.

      The hairline challenge will strengthen your hairline. So just follow it and ensure that you’re creating great hair practices, eg. not tying your hair too tightly…etc. Coconut oil is really good at maintaining your hair colour, so is amla oil. so continue using those. Check out my Hair Topic on Relaxed Hair, and get a deeper understanding of what you’re doing when you relax your hair.

  10. I discovered your blog recently (saw an article in Byo) and I just visited the site today. Well done!! 🙂 So I’ve decided to do the castor oil challenge but i have just removed a weave which was sewn in too tighlty and discovered i’ve lost a patch of hair – about 5cm radius- right in the middle of my scalp! Will the hairline treatment work for this bald patch?

    1. Hi Chichi, I’m really sorry to hear about your hair horror story. Yes, castor oil is great for this particular situation. But I’m interested to know what your scalp looks like, so if you can take a photo and send to phrophro@ymail.com. All details are confidential.

  11. Great blog! I’ve been doing the hair line challenge for a little over 1 month and there is such a difference. I can’t wait to see what will happen at the end of this month. Thanks so much for making this info available and simple to understand. 🙂

  12. Hi ya, when you apply the castor oil, do you have rinse in the morning or continue with it the next evening?

    1. I personally leave it in. I use it as a scalp moisturiser. I don’t condense my scalp with it though … a small amount goes a long way. If you like to condense your scalp with castor oil, then I would suggest a rinse out the next day. But for a scalp moisturise in moderation, that doesn’t get washed out.

      Great question.

  13. Hi Phro
    My problem is a receding hairline and volume. My hair is just about shoulder length, but the volume bothers me so i often have weaving and occasionally braids. I’d like to start the challenge asap, but I just have a few questions. will i still see results even if i continue brading/weaving cos i really am not comfortable moving around with it in its current state? What’s the effect of wearing wigs on my hairline, cos that’s another option i’ve often used, and when i do that, i usually have corn rows. Also, right now i have long braids, how should i pre-poo and shampoo without weighting down my hair from heavy, wet braids?

    As an aside, those looking for Amla oil, you can get it in the health shop next to Homegate along Kwame Nkrumah. It’s Indian run and you’ll find lots of organic stuff there.

  14. Hi, this castor oil you talking about is it the same with the one we buy in pharmacies and is prescribed for babies????

    1. I’ve looked at the benefits of almond oil … 🙂 it gets a tick from me. Most carrier oils (natural) have amazing multiple properties. Just do a quick google before you buy so that you understand what to expect and to ensure that you’re getting what your’e paying for

  15. Im just happened to come across your blog today and i must say i have learnt quite a bit. was getting desperate with regards to hair. I was usin T444Z and it was working well for my hair but the smell is horrible (hubby was complaining). thanks to your tips, im sure This is goingto work for me. I got my Olive oil (the cooking one..lol), my castor oil and my glycerine and I’m ready to go.. you did say that glycerine can be used as a moisturizer right??

    1. Hi Fariro,

      So glad you’re on the challenge. YES glycerin is a pure moisturiser … so a little does go a long way. 🙂 best of luck with your hair journey

  16. Hey am loving your post. My hairlines needs help actually e whole head lol. What shampoo to u recommend I use whilst am using the oils. Am thinking of going for the Peppermint nd Caster oil.

  17. Heya it Lisa

    Can i use 3 oils at e same time or it has to be two. because am going to try Peppermint, Coconut nd i want e Caster oil?? or can i use them differently

  18. Hi ladies js started the challenge so do I use the Castor oil daily or js a number of times a week?

    1. Hi Alice,

      So glad you’ve started the Hair Linie Challenge. There’s a rules section on this page that details when and frequency of the use of Castor Oil. I hope this is clear and gives you guidance on your next steps.
      The Rules:

      Duration: Two Months
      Frequency: Every night before you go to bed
      Product: Castor Oil
      Utensils: Tail Comb, Silk /Satin Scarf and Camera

    1. Hi,

      A lot of women dye their hair with either a permanent or semi-permanent dye. Others go down the natural route and use henna powders mixed with Indigo. My natural colour is a shade of brown / black, so at times (once a year) I dye my hair with L’Oreal Ebony Black.

  19. Hello 🙂
    I’m about to start the hairline challenge, my hairline is looking shady to put it mildly… On average how long should we be keeping braids for?

  20. I’m so in…i have dreadlocks and have lost a huge amount of my hairline due to styling…a loctician recommended some product from Nigeria called “Damatol” started using it,it has been a week now and i’m hoping the tingling sensations will yield results soon, but i am going to buy castor oil tomorrow.

  21. I’m so in…i have dreadlocks and have lost a huge amount of my hairline due to styling…a loctician recommended some product from Nigeria called ”Damatol” started using it,it has been a week now and i’m hoping the tingling sensations will yield results soon, but i am going to buy castor oil tomorrow.

  22. hello there i dont think you have the answer for my problem…im caucasian white girl with a large forehead and im desperate to make it smaler, i dont want to get rid of baby hairs , i want them! it makes big foreheads look smaller and cuter, but i naturaly dont have any…i was wondering if there is any methode to stimulate baby hairs growth or any technique using a razer to artifitially create some.if there is im dying to know it, ive just been kuting them myself with the razer and i do quite like the result but it could be done much better. thank you so much

    1. Hi Alazne,

      I hope I can help. Here goes!

      My understanding is that if your hair follicles can’t produce hair, then none will come out. If you have fuzz on your face, you may try to lightly shave it off, but it will more than likely grow back in that particular fuzzy fullness. Would love to see what the results of your razer experiment is going though. Would you like to send me a quick email on phrophro@ymail.com.

      I have a big forehead too, but don’t hide it away like some. Would you be open to cutting a fringe at all?

  23. So glad I came across this hair challenge. Started seeing thinning around my hairline from constantly styling the front of my hair in cornrows. Will definitely give the castor oil a try!

    1. Fantastic to hear! Also start thinking of loosening up those cornrows and trying different styles so that you can give your hairline a rest …

  24. Hie my hair is always dry and I need hair line repairment tips.what can I use please tell me every step you did to your hair.Thanx

    1. Hi Tatricia,

      This whole blog is dedicated to my hair secrets .. and is the exact way that I use them on my own hair. This challenge is perfect for you as it is. Best of luck with it!

      1. Hi aphro….l’m so thankful for wat u’re doing,l especially luv d way u reply evry comment.l’ll try d castor oil stuff though my hairline is still very full,my hair is long,very thick n full,but my scalp is very tender n it’s a dandruff factory as a result l av difficulty retouching my hair as it often gets burnt,pls which relaxer n other hair products can u recommend for me,u can send em to my email.

  25. Started the castor oil,hairline challenge,I’m hoping to see results as soon as possible. Because my hairline no longer exists. There’s hair growing,but its very tiny. I don’t know which hairstyles to do,to hide my embarrassing hairline. Which hairstyles do you recommend while still on the castor oil challenge. I need my hair back ASAP!But I still need to look and feel pretty. Open to suggestions

    1. hair grows from the scalp, so as long as you start taking care of your scalp, it’ll allow the most healthy hair to grow from the follicles. The best thing to do is to not place any stress on the hairline, no matter what style you choose. So if keeping hair short will do that for your personal journey, then that’s ok. Others would like a healthy hairline with long hair … I’ve been able to achieve that.

  26. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon this site and i really need help with my hairline which is completely destroyed. Please tell me what hairstyles not to put and how to make my hair grow back

  27. Hi I have regrown thin, vellus like hair from using rogaine foam for about 4 months, and will continue to use it,I have stopped any pulling of hair, jus wanted to know if that hair will become thick terminal hair? I also use coconut oil at least 2-3 times a week. I also take b vitamins along with eating a protein rich diet, which I believe will help the thin hair grow thick .

    1. Hi Jal,
      I understand the castor oil properties will help ensure that you get the healthiest hair coming out of your follicles. I’m not sure what the chemical composition of Rogaine is and what bearing that will have on your growth. Testimonials do say in time hair thickens, but not for all cases. Please keep in touch and let me know how you go.

  28. I want to do this so bad. my edges are horrible and I really need them back. I have small twists in my hair(natural hair) to start dreading my hair, but my edges arent quite there yet. i have been wearin lace wigs with no glue or tape and a stocking cap over my twists. can i do this challenge? do i need to take out my twists? Please help me lol. i want my dreads and hairline to look good when my twists lock.

    1. Hi Ebony,

      😊 You’ve come to the right place! I suggest you try the weave challenge http://www.phrophro.com/weave which allows you to nurture your hairline into health while allowing the rest of your hair to rest. You could do it as a wig or a sew in weave but the key is to allow for the nourishment to begin. Let me know how you go!

  29. which castor oil do you suggest i buy? i always wear braids and maybe that is the problem but i have thick hair and its not suitable to wear it out all the time. what should i use to make my thic african hair grow longer and grow out my edges?

    1. Cold pressed castor oil works well! You can get this at any good pharmacy. This works for your hairline. For the rest of your hair, create a moisturizing spray that replaces you braid sheen to ensure your hair is nourished. Add 1/3 water, 1/3 glycerin 1/3 olive or coconut or castor oil. And spray your braids every morning

  30. hi my name is robert johnson and i came acroos this website. i like that you shared a way to grow your hairline back. im a guy and i see alot of women on here so is it for men also or just for women. also i have dreadlocks but but hairline is starting to go back some so i want to start the challenge. what kind of castor oil should i buy and where do you get it from. the only castor oil im familiar with is the one for laxatives. i dont know if you are referring to that kind or not so can you let me know. also i get styles done to my dreadlocks so when i start your challenge should i stop getting styles and just keep them out? thank you

    1. Hi Robert! Glad to have you on board! If you get Cold PressedCastor Oil from any pharmacy … Yes the laxative one, it’ll work. In relation to styling your locks … If you’re pulling tightly which may be affecting your hairline, I’d ask that you loosen your styles. A small amount of Castor does go a long way! Apologies for taking a while to reply. Chuffed to have you on board.

  31. Oh ok thanx a lot.. actually I brought some jamaican black castor oil from the beauty supply store.. do you kno if that is just as good?

    1. Hi …. It’s called Castor Oil and is found at most good pharmacies in the baby section. I’m not familiar with the names you’re mentioning above. Is that a brand name?

    1. Hi China,

      Dirt actually clogs your pores which is a deterrent to your hair growing. So the reverse is true a clean and moisturised scalp will help your edges to grow.

  32. Hey Phro!

    Tnx for such an informative blog….I found it by accident while looking for products to combat thinning hairline and hair. I used to have full, thick ethnic hair but its thinning out now and I’m beyond worried! My hair is currently relaxed and I’m using a hair butter product as well as one with peppermint for my hairline, but I’m not seeing any results either on my hairline or volume. Which works the best (actually, quicker) between Sulfur 8 and castor oil…..it is imperative that I get my full, thick long head of hair back!!

    1. Take on the hairline challenge as is … it’s all dependent on how quickly your own hair grows and what the castor will be repairing within your scalp. So get your castor oil, get on the Hairline Challenge … take photos to document your journey, and do a proper review in a month – hair grows about 1/2 and inch a month … on avg.

  33. I’ve been looking at your blogs and figured you could help me.
    I’m about to turn 26 and recently about a year ago, my corner edges started to recede or get real light along with my top which is making my forehead bigger. I saw a beautician and she recommended
    I get jojoba oil,lavender, and peppermint oil. Fill the bottle 3/4’s with jojoba oil and 20 drops each of the peppermint
    and lavender and apply to the edges and scalp every night for months. I’m contacting you to see is that a good recommendation? or
    do you have something better.

    Please let me know so I can start this process.

    1. Hi Chad,

      The properties of the products she recommended will work to stimulate your hair follicles to produce healthy hair. What castor oil does, it deals with any fungi / bacteria that may be contributing to your hair not growing as thick as it used to before, which is why I strongly suggest it, and why the challenge is written out in this way.
      That said, there’s really nothing wrong with the recipe you were given. Let me know which way you choose to go! Best of luck!

  34. Hi Phro

    I’m 5 months pregnant and my hair is quite long and a lot thicker and shinier since I’m pregnant but my hairline is a mess so I’m definitely starting with the castor oil challenge.
    I know that I might shed a lot of my hair after I give birth but I’m hoping it won’t be too much since I wanna start with castor oil challenge.

    Thank you for sharing such insight with women all over the world suffering with the same problem…. I will definitely be updating you with my progress

    Im definitely starting with this challenge…

    1. Hi Thandiwe …

      Congrats on your pregnancy and thank you so much for your support. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more about how the hairline challenge is going for you in a few months.

  35. Hi Phro

    I’m 5 months pregnant and my hair is quite long and a lot thicker and shinier since I’m pregnant but my hairline is a mess so I’m definitely starting with the castor oil challenge.
    I know that I might shed a lot of my hair after I give birth but I’m hoping it won’t be too much since I wanna start with castor oil challenge.

    Thank you for sharing such insight with women all over the world suffering with the same problem…. I will definitely be updating you with my progress

    Im definitely starting with this challenge…

  36. 3 months in and i have about an inch of hairline. wow! i’m super impressed Phro. thanks sooo much.

    1. Hi Yuli,

      This will definitely work for you. You just need to place it on your hairline before going to bed and rinse it out in the morning, if it’s too greasy for you.

  37. Wow thanx for the amazing blog Aphro…I too hav an emberassing receeding hairline due to constant weaveons…,I can’t evn go anywhere without a weave on my head..lol…..bt I’m defnetly going to try castor oil..I am so in for the challenge….oh I hav a question–is damaton also effective to recover a receeding hairline?

  38. hi phro while on this challenge can i still braid my hair or sticking to weave is a better option.

    1. of course you can, but stick to the rules of ensuring your hairline is left alone. If your braids are pulling at your hairline, then you’ll never ‘win the hairline battle’. i’ve recently discovered that I can’t cornrow / braid my hair cause it stresses my hairline. It’s discovery mode here, let me know how you to.

  39. I need you to help me with my hair. My hair doesn’t grow and I lose my hair line. Which product I can use?

    1. Hi Karabo,

      First check out my philosophy on hair care as a first step. Once you get those basics, start on the Hairline Challenge and you’ll start seeing results within the first wash

  40. hi! Thank you so much for the info. I’m a big fan! I bought castor oil from the pharmacy today and I’m wondering if it’s alright to use it by itself on my hair and in particular on my edges. Won’t it clog my pores, make my scalp greasy and perhaps even dry out the hair? I find that amla oila dries my edges out but that’s because I use too much??? please help!

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Amla oil is actually a powder that’s mixed in with mineral oils, which is why it has a drying effect. i’ve written about castor oil a lot, so check out the topic on products and select castor oil to get more information on just how it can help you on your hair journey. The hair topics are found on the right hand side of this blog. Happy Hair Journey …

  41. Hello Phro,

    Thank you for this blog, I am in and excited. I recently cut all my hair trying to grow my hairline, I have afro and will be using the castor oil to grow my hair line. Can I use it in conjunction with glycerine or I need to use one at a time?

  42. hi. i have dreads. i notice my thinning hairline at the sides. They’ve been this way for about 5 years now, and i didnt kno what to do about it so it has only gotten worse, will this remedy work for me even though its been so long. i still however have hair there.

  43. Hi, I can’t seem to find the castor oil you mentioned. All I come across is the castor oil used to treat stomach issues, is that the one?
    Or there is a castor oil for hair specifically??

    1. Hi Bernadette,

      That’s THE castor oil I’m talking about. it has so many benefits and qualities. So start using that … and keep us posted on your progress.

  44. Hey Phro

    What will happen if i combine all the oils you listed above and massage them onto my scalp?

    1. I suggest you take it in stages. Some people are highly sensitive and may react to one of the oils. If you mix all of them, you wont know which one you’re reacting to. Also there may be one that works better for you than the other. I’d just suggest you use one oil at a time and then start combining once you know what imbalance you’re trying to work on.

  45. Hiya. Like the idea and will give it a try, but in the first picture it is your left side temple that is showing, & then in the second 8 weeks later it seems to be your right side. Is it possible to see a picture of the same side so as to have a more accurate idea of the progress? Thanks.

  46. Ok I have a problem with edges crazy thing about this is this is when I was very young about 10 I had shave my edge it was super thick and I couldn’t brush it or nothing idk what I was thinking. But now when it do grow it only grow in some spots and it just grow very slow it been this way else since I was 10 years old I am 22 now and I just tired of suggest with this. How do I get my edges to grow back like the way it was full and thick

    1. try this challenge Diamond and let us know how you go after three months. Touch base and we can talk one-on-one what the next step will be.

  47. hello,
    my hairline is so damaged and i have been trying different oils but just cant get results, i even went natural but no! still the same, i am in kenya, is castor oil found in chemists or food store. i need to start the challenge asap.


      1. Hey Phro, love this thread! I just recently got my first weave sewn in, it looked great but felt terrible. I’m transitioning and have always been tender-headed so I just tried to suck it up since I spent so much money on my new do! I took my hair down tonight and am traumatized at the amount of hair that seems to have vanished in several spots but mainly my freakin edges…… #tears My hair is normally THICK and long!
        I have coconut oil as well as jbco are either of them suitable carrier oils??? I’m going to buy peppermint oil today.
        Other then that and this challenge I’m not sure what to do, I’m seriously devastated and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER even think about a weave!

      2. Hi Kim,

        I’m so sorry to hear about your nightmare. If you ever get another weave, check out http://www.phrophro.com/weave it shows you how to do it right.

        JBCO is great … u can just use that on its own. If it’s too thick for you, then you can mix it in with the coconut oil. do keep us posted on how you go with your regrowth

    1. You’d place a small amount on your hairline … and just massage it in. If you’re on the hairline challenge, I would follow those rules and then make personal adjustments where it fits for you.

  48. Hi Phro I can’t believe I only foung out about this now.Can’t wait to start on the Hairline challenge.

  49. Heyy phro, I’m having problems re-growing my hairline not that I’m surprised because I’ve been experience this since I was young. I really wanna show off my fro a lil but with my hair line I can’t. Do u have any new hairstyle u would recommend to hair my hairline to give it time to grow? I’m planning on using castor oil & where exactly do u tie the scarf? Around the hairline or the entire head? Thanks for the reply in advance.

  50. My hairline is terrible so I weave my hair. However, I try to style it in an invisible manner. Can I still use the castor oil while I have the weave on? I find that I am gentler when I have a glued-in weave vs a sewed in weave. The sewed in weave seems to pull my hair….what are your thoughts??

  51. so i can only use castor oil only without mixing it with anything or i mix it with peppermint oil.

      1. i got short natural hair.hailine is lost 5cm and have already bought ‘arganics’ kit will it help repair when plaiting?

      2. The Hairline Challenge has been created to solve your hairline problems as long as your hair cuticles are still producing hair and there’s no permanent damage. For me to be able to answer your question, please organise a skype consultation – http://www.phrophro.com/askphro to enable me to help you better. Thank you.

  52. I have Jamaican black castor oil, is this ok to use? also i am doing the weave challenge at the same time will this work?

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Yes you can use JBCO … I’ve used it in the past and it worked just fine. Yes, the weave challenge accounts for your hairline as well, so these two coupled together would be perfect!

  53. hie m interested in Castor oil. where in Zimbabwe will i get it? my hairline is just too bad it needs repairing. m on whatsapp. 0772 865 417

  54. I started applying castor oil to my edges and have taken a photo too before I stumbled on this post. Over this year I have been really neglectful of my edges and am now paying the price. I wear my hair in braids and have done so for over a decade. Unfortunately I never took care of my own hair, so although it grows it does not maintain length retention due to well neglect, including too much tension, leaving the braids in too long, no daily maintenance eg moisturizing etc. Anyway I got my hair done last week and my edges have gotten worse since the beginning of the year: hair loss, thinning and damage. So freaked me out I took out some of the braids around my edges out. I’m using the castor oil as well as Rosemary oil around that area. I have now started a proper daily maintenance regime. I look forward to the results in 8 weeks! This is really a silly question but does anyone know how long a relaxer stays in the hair? I’ve had about one or maybe two relaxers and they were over 15 years ago and then it was just my hairline to cover the weave tracks. Have not had any chemicals in since then. So wondering there is any in my hair. Sorry for the long post Glad I came across this post..

    1. Hi Veevee,

      Thanks for sharing that with us.

      Just doing a check in with you. How’s your hair fairing with all the changes you’ve implemented.

      Relaxer is a permanent state you put your hair in. It doesn’t wash out, it’s permanently changed. Hair grows about an inch a month, so if you relaxed your hair 15 years ago, that means that it’s grown out. The hair that comes out of your scalp is natural hair and is not relaxed. So right now, you have natural hair, nothing is processed at all.

      I hope that makes sense. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


  55. Hey there ,I have started the hair line challenge but my castor oil is flavoured…is it still gonna work?

    1. Hi Nonty,

      Not sure … if it’s 100% Castor Oil, then it should work. The key thing is to look at the ingredients that make up the product.

  56. Will this work on Indian hair? I started having a receding hairline at the age of 13! I used to straighten my hair everyday and that contributed to my balding hairline. Now I’m 18 and my edges are VERYYY thin. I have had a fringe for 3 years. I have used onion and castor oil for a month but it seems like my edges are actually shedding MORE than before. Is it normal?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      The Castor Oil or any topical treatments, work for hair that’s ripped away from the scalp. It seems like your hairline problem is internal that could be affected by your diet, chemical imbalance. Something that a dermatologist could assess for you really quickly. I”d advise for you to see a dermatologist to determine what the underlying cause is. By the limited information you’ve given me, and not having done my personal assessment, I don’t think any topical treatments will work in your situation.

  57. Hey Phro..
    I usually do pony tail for my hairs. I have mixed 3 oils.. casor oil (double refined), peppermint oil and olive oil. Is this mixture going to work on my thinning hair line??

    1. Hi Garima,

      Those oils work well together. Remember, it’s not just the oil, it’s changing how you manage your hair daily, weekly and monthly!

  58. About 5 years ago, I didn’t know hardly anything when it came to “hair”. Someone I know did my hair in a style where bonding glue was used. She glued weave to my roots and I’m guessing I let it stay in way too long- like 5 months, I think. (I know…it was a crazy thing) I had a very, very busy life, and I just kept putting it off when I thought about removing it sooner. Probably the most unthoughtful thing that I’ve ever done. So, I tried everything from A-Z to help me to remove it, including bonded hair glue remover. I even tried dishwashing detergent, but nothing worked! Soon, I got very frustrated with it and more mad at myself for waiting so long to remove it anyway, that I began pulling it, (mainly around my edges and temples) and I actually heard it ripping and tearing from my scalp. Had I known anything about the term “hair cuticle” and what could really happen, I most certainly NOT world have done that. It hasn’t grown back in over 5 years like it used to be before that day. I found out just a few weeks later that once that is done, the hair will NOT grow back if it is ripped from the cuticle. It’s not completely bald in those areas, but it just won’t grow. There is some fuzz there at least, but it seems very fragile and weak, and still the same amount as it was since that day. I often get depressed because I miss it, it used to be really pretty- my edges and hair line. I’m still young and having hardly any hair near my hair line makes me look years older. My question is: is there any possible regimen that I might have a chance of growing it back? Any pointers?

    1. Hi Penelope,

      Seems like we need a hair consult to determine what unique regime that could help you.

      Ripping your hair out from the cuticle doesn’t necessarily mean it wont grow back. I’m assuming that your scalp may have reacted to the glue that was placed on your scalp when you bonded the weave. I would really love to help you, so please get in touch on http://www.phrophro.com/askphro to organise a skype consultation. Need to see what’s going on with that scalp and see how I can help you.

  59. Hi….I”m so glad I found you.
    I just happened upon this site and i’m so grateful. I had natural hair for the last 5years and didn’t know how to take care of it…i put in hair pieces, hardly washed it, never took care of it at all…my hair line is non existent because it was bad to begin with and I just kept wrapping cotton scarves to cover it while I wore ponytail weaves. It finally broke off in sections..i decided that I was going to do some research and see how to finally take care of it….but I texlaxed 9 weeks ago it so I can see what I was working with and start over. i’ve learnt how to moisturize and seal (ORS Moisturizing lotion, and seal with olive or grapeseed oil) but the middle of my head refuses to grow…it’s dull, dry and can’t even hold a curl while the nape of my hair seems to be slowing growing.
    My edges aren’t growing either…i don’t have a lot of money to by tons of products…so i’ve said all this to ask, will the castor oil help my edges or do I have to use it with other oils as well? Can I just the castor oil on my scalp too? My scalp feels very sore and I don’t know what it is.
    What’s the best product to heal the scalp? Is it the Aloe Vera gel you talk about?
    I hope you see this and answer. I want to take this challenge…I’m not concern with length at all right now, I just want my hairline back and fix my hair.
    Blessings for your time and effort in helping us out.

    1. Hi Orlene,

      Looks like we may need a personal hair consult. In the absence of that, following the Hairline Challenge will truly help. You don’t need any other oils (other than the ones you are using). Couple the Hairline Challenge with a good hair care regime that will ensure that you scalp is always clean. http://www.phrophro.com/bth will help with that. You can also glide a small amount of castor oil on your entire scalp. In terms of a painful scalp, I’ll need to get more information from you to assess what that could be.

  60. Oh my goodness!! I found your blog at just the right time. I have been wearing weave for about 2 years now and it is starting to wear on my hairline. At the end of this month, I am taking the weave out for a few months so my edges are able to heal and be full again. Thanks so much for creating these challenges 🙂

  61. I’ve been dying to find a way to grow my hairline back and by luck I was brought here I wanted to ask can i use heritage castor oil or just the laxative from the pharmacies ?

      1. I bought the heritage castor oil should I return it now & get the one from the pharmacy instead ?

  62. Hi dear, I am from Ndola, Zambia… I havent been able to find any coconut oil or castor oil around here. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mwaba …

      Not even in pharmacies? Some of my clients in Zambia have found Castor Oil in local pharmacies. It should be in the baby section as it helps with digestion.

  63. Hey there

    I am So excited about this blog
    I have a weave on at the moment and will definitly take up the challenge When the weave comes off.
    I will be asking a lot of questions.lol

  64. I’ve been natural for about 6 months now, i have to admit it aint easy, but i found this website today and i’m excited all over again(was thinking of giving up)….So starting this challenge today….wish me luck!!!

  65. My hairline is really damaged due to excessive weaving and braiding. I recently relaxed it and would like to show it off a little but i cant because of my hairline, i also have a big forehead which makes it worse. I have just bought castor oil and want to start the hairline challenge. Is it safe for me to wear a wig during the challenge or it will just cause more damage? If i go for the weave challenge what styles can i have done coz my hair looks like it starts from th middle of my head ( its that bad). Please help.

    1. Hi Charity,

      It’s def safe for you to wear a wig (probably the best thing). Just massage the castor oil into your hairline, ensuring that you don’t have any residue left (allowing it to get absorbed into your scalp). We may need a skype consultation for me to really see what we’re working with … http://www.phrophro.com/askphro if you’re interested.

  66. My hairline is really damaged. Right from when i was a young girl i had very thin hairline. Over the years due to weaving, bonding, relaxing and fixing, my hairline now starts from the back of my ear… I am bald!!! its very very bad! I didnt know all i am knowing today i would have treated my hair better. I am a 33 years old African woman my hair looks like that of an 80 years old woman! I am so depressed about this… I started massaging my hair about 2 weeks ago and i can see black spots on my hair… I do not know if this indicates that hair will soon come out of the black spots… Is there any hope for me except from transplant? How long should i carry on with the daily massage for and when should i expect to see results? I am currently using wigs. I use Castor oil, Aloe vera juice, pure coconut oil and share butter for the massage. On weekends, i use onion and cayenne pepper mask and condition the hair afterwards. My back hair is very healthy the issue is just my hairline which is bald and starts from the back of my ear… PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. Hi Blessing,

      Thanks for sharing your story. Please massage your hair daily for at least 3 months (the cycle of hair growth). It will take longer for you, as castor oil corrects some of the issues your follicles may have been facing. Get in touch in three months and let me know how you’re going. Don’t go down that transplant route yet.
      If you’d like a more detailed support, get a private hair consultation on http://www.phrophro.com/askphro

  67. Can I apply castor oil before I relax my hair? Haven’t relaxed since 1st week of December

    1. Hi Roshelle,

      Castor oil can def be used at any time. So this is a treatment that you would use daily – whether relaxed or not. 🙂

  68. Hey Sister! I’m Not having my forehead hair since I was a kid. . . So, will it work if I try this Challenge?

      1. But a small amount of hair is still Growing on my Hairline. . . And sorry I’m not using Skxpe Account & My Tablet doesn’t support Skype. . .

  69. I have been struggling with my hairline for a few years now. There is tiny hair though. so I would like to know if i can use Alma oil instead of castor oil?
    and I have very thin hair. Is this problem solvable?

  70. Gonna get my products n try this…..I really need it…..my hair line needs to grow bk..its depressing me and dis is due to braiding not even a week long ….sniff sniff

  71. Good day Phro,

    I came across your blog last night while i was on the net looking for a beauty clinic here in South Africa where i can do a hair transplant or implant..lol.my hairline is bad due to brading and weaves and its so thin like baby hair and naturally i have thin weak hair,so today i went to the super market and bought castor oil i have started the challenge i have a strong feeling it will work,one other thing i wear lace wig to work and take it off when i get home ,and im wondering if the front of the lace wig wont damage the little hair i have?

    1. Hi Joey,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad that you’re taking this step before looking into hair transplant. Look if you are able to remove the wig daily it should be fine – but ensure that your scalp is fully moisturized daily before placing a wig on it. So add your castor oil and then a moisturiser for your hair …. massage your hair for five minutes daily as well – and to add effectiveness add about 5 drips of peppermint or tea tree oil to 100ml of castor oil

  72. I would like to know as u said u can apply castor oil as frequently as i can n to wash my hair wht can i use.
    And also the scalp treatment i can use?
    If i use castor oil is there any need for almond or coconut oil?
    As my concern is thinning of hairline and also i want my hair to have a volume…thanks

    1. Hi Fezeka,

      It sounds like you may need a personal skype consultation. It’s the fastest and most effective way for me to provide tailored support for your specific questions.

      The Hairline Challenge has been created for you to use it as is, you can make any variations you would like. I hope that makes sense – and to hear from you.

  73. hello! my question is…
    after massaging castor oil at night do I have to wash it out next morning and if I have to wash it out then shall I wash it by shampoo or just by water??

    1. If your scalp is exceptionally dry, you leave it in there as a treatment. If your scalp isn’t, and your scalp is feeling greasy, you can wash it out after an hour, or the next morning. You would wash it out by shampooing …

    1. Hi Dinah,

      I believe I’ll be able to give you tailor made support for your question. Please get in touch with me on phrogroup.com/shop for a private skype consultation. Right now there’s a 20% discount on all consultations. We’ll get into detail about your issue.

      For more generic advice on your hairline, there is the Hairline Challenge on http://www.phrophro.com/hlc

  74. You recommended sulfur 8 and i looked at my sulfur 8 jar’s inactive ingredients and mineral,lanolin and petrolatum are in them. Should i still use it? My scalp itches and mostly stings and burns. What do you recommend? I would be grateful for advice.

    1. I’m worried that your scalp is itching and burning. I would suggest more tailored advice for what you’re currently experiencing (which shouldn’t be happening). Get in touch on http://www.phrogroup.com/shop and organise a private skype consultation.

      For more general advice, without understanding your history, perhaps switch to a more basic scalp treatment (Castor Oil or Aloe Vera Gel or Coconut Oil)

    2. I have thin hairline but my hair is fine….someone suggested t444z does it worth the price or i must try Castor Oil! Aftr how long can i expect results from castor oil?thanks in advance

      Kindly Regards Fezeka Sogoni Contact No : 084 314 6690 Office No : 011 871 3437

      1. Hi Fezeka,

        Try whatever your budget allows. The hair growth cycle takes about 3 months, so give each product that time to start seeing changes. Hope that helps. If you’d like a personal consultation, please get in touch with me on phrogroup.com

  75. my scalp is not that greasy so can I wash it once or twice in a week after applying castor oil daily onto my scalp??

  76. I have dreads, so when I retwist my hair, my edges, the little I have lol get pulled and strained to the locks behind them. Do you suggest I stop pulling my edges in and let them grow to eventually (as I’ve already planned on doing) make them into new seperate locks?

    1. Hi Miyah,

      mmm…Allow your dreadlocks to grow out and twist less frequently, that’s the only way to allow them not to be strained. The twisting ‘sensation’ does put a strain on your hair follicles

  77. Hello phro,

    Thank the good Lord that I have seen this blog. I will start using this hair challenge as soon as possible. I am really depressed about my hairline. Wish me luck and I will give u the results.

  78. I am so excited.I started the challenge already my hairline has been scanty for such a long time and I hope this will work.will any brand of castor oil do or do I need a particular type.Then how long do I have to do it before I start to see result.I use the oil for my hairline only and I started noticing some flakes around there.Please am I doing something wrong?thanks

  79. Hey Phro
    I desperately need your help….
    I have been taking real good care of my hair for the past year, and have started seeing great improvements. My mane is getting thicker and hairline is filling up slowly but surely. The problem is I have recently started swimming (3 times a week) and I jus can’t find a swimming cap that will keep my hair dry. I am worried about the damage that the chlorine is doing to my hair, but at the same time the swimming is a matter of life and death so I can’t stop. Any ideas on how I can avoid possible damage? I am sure chlorine is not good for the hair right?

    1. Hi Kummy,

      Continue swimming 🙂 and start incorporating wash day tactics every time you have to swim. So for your, your hair routine has to involve 3 wash days. .Make sure you wash out that chlorine, condition, dry and moisturise your hair. So just add in another hour to your swim routine 🙂 hope that helps.

  80. Hi I have been on this challenge for a while now. My hair grows back while I have a protective style but as soon as I remove theprotective style and comb my hair the disappear again. Can you advice

    1. Hi Lome,

      You need to start looking at the types of styles and how you’re managing your hair when it’s out of the protective style. Try my Weave Challenge (www.phrophro.com/weave) and then when your hair is out, get yourself on the Back to Health challenge (www.phrophro.com/bth). Check in with me in about 3 months.

  81. Hi Phro,

    In previous years, I weaved a lot and did thin braids and noticed that my hairline has receded dramatically, I did a lot of research and found out tips of how to better style my hair to protect it. I recently cut my hair, the big chop in December to start a fresh on my hair journey. It is growing and caster Oil is my main product together with more softer gentle products because I have, light thin hair that easily breaks if i use stronger range of products. I noticed my hair is growing to look stronger and breaks less in the past 4 months, and I am still weaving and doing braids. I am more careful that they don’t pull my hair too hard when braiding and styling. Please advise is it possible to grow my hairline while continuing to weave? My hairline is too bad to expose and our climate is very dry more especially in winter and it breaks more if I do not braid or plait it in winter.

  82. Hi.. Thanx very much for rescuing me with this challenge,im going to try it as i dont have hairline….i like it….not even expensive

  83. Hi which one is better, compressed castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil. I have been using jbco on a 5 month challenge but only saw the growth after 4 months. this is after years of no hairline due to the endless weaves and glue. what do you suggest? I no longer wear weaves.

    1. Hi Journalinstinct,

      I JUST spotted your comment today, my apologies for missing it.

      I think either Castor Oil types would’ve had the same effect on your hair. Hair’s growth cycle is about 3 months – so seeing results after 4 months would make sense, since your hair would’ve gone through a lot of extreme damage in prior years.

      its been 4 months since you sent this comment, how are things going for you right now?

  84. Hie pro I dnt only hv a hairline problem bt my hair is also very dry I ve used lots of hairfood bt m failing is castor oil also ryt 4 the whole head or its for hairline only I hvnt used it bt m sure I will for my hairline

  85. Hello!!

    I am a big fan of yours and follows you daily….I need your advise please.my hair is relaxed and the last time I did relax was close to 5months ago and I have had my weave on for like 5months now and I did like to know the exactly steps to do with my hair after removing my weave.and when to relax it since its been 5months ago…..

    Thank you!

  86. Im really excited about this challenge . My caster oil was delivered this morning and i decided to go bald, before i start this challenge .I really have a hairline problem😔. Hope this works, if it works… Then yall should expect pictures in 2months

  87. Hello, i would like to start this challenge. I have really thing edges. You can seem them there but then again you can’t if that makes any since. I just purchased the Jamaican Castor Oil with sage form the hair store. How should i use the product? In addition should i go and purchase the peppermint oil and mix them both together?

    1. Hey Ariana,

      If you follow the rules of the challenge (images as well) that’s all you need to do. Nothing too strenuous or convoluted at all. 🙂

  88. Hello Phro! I am interested in starting the edge challenge, but have a question. Will I defeat any edge growth by using a stocking/wig cap daily? I make my own wigs using stocking and/or wig caps which I bond the weave to the caps. I wear the removable wigs everyday as I hindered my hair growth by going back to bonded weaves immediately after my chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. So I am now trying desperately to get my hair to grow on the sides, edges, and crown.

    1. Hey Tina,

      A lot of my clients ask me this question during my Skype Consultations. What I’ve found is that as long as your hairline is sufficiently moisturised (not dry at all), then your edges should be fine. Just make sure to remove your wig at the end of the day, proceed to massage your edges for a few minutes. Also make sure that the cap isn’t on too tight, and isn’t pulling against your hairline too much.

      If you would like to, try the weave challenge which would commit you to the weaves with bangs / a fringe.

  89. hi,am really loving your blog..i’d love to start the challenge..is coconut oil in its self enough or do i need to mix with something else?my hair is also too scanty does the challenge treat the entire scalp or the hairline too?what would i do to strengthen my hair coz its too weak

    1. Hi Mary,

      Why don’t you join the Back 2 Health challenge which deals with all your hair, rather than just the edges. Castor Oil is my first recommendation for a weak hairline, but coconut oil can also be used as an alternative.

  90. I am so glad I came across your site. I’v had scalp problems for a long time now and I will definitely try the challenge. How often should i wash my hair? Is once a week Ok?

  91. Thnx for the info hey ….Love the aloe vera juice thing, bt is it a drinkable juice or I hev to squeeze the juice out of the aloe vera???

  92. I want my edges to grow back. I used jamaican black castor oil and i didnt see any big difference after 3 mths. I wanted to know if you had any other suggestions for the jbco. Yesterday i just started using dr miracle temple and nape on my edges. Do you have any feedbacks for that product?

    1. Hey Sara,

      The key thing is to keep on being consistent. When you start using Castor Oill, it’s working initially in the deeper parts of your scalp to reverse all that’s taken place. So the journey to hair growing will take longer than if your hair was already healthy. Stick with it for at least 6 months … that little progress is progress and it will get better over time. I have never used Dr Miracle, so am unable to recommend it.

    2. Hi sara!
      I have used Dr. MIRACLE a few times in the past. It does have that “tingling” effect the websites speak of but I forgot what the actual ingredients are. I also wondered if this product would help with hairline regrowth. I used it to oil my scalp in general, not only focusing on the edges.
      Go to youtube.com and see other ideas and try/decide what works best for you.
      A small jar of Sulfur 8 is very inexpensive from Walmart. Try massaging this in the hairline at night and wear a silk scarf to bed. Document any changes.
      GOOD LUCK!

  93. My hair got thinner because i used to wear curly braids on and they were too thight. Normally i have my hair relaxed and wair kanekaleon during winter time. So i should just keep using the jbco until i see more result? Any other suggestions? Went my hair aint braided i do the seal and moisturize every nights. Does that help also? I did notice my hair got longer but its really my edges that i want back or at least fuller

  94. Hello Phro!
    I am very interested in doing this hair challenge, especially after my 3rd braided hairstyle in 13 months!
    My hairline is naturally thin from a child (I saw my baby pictures) however, me putting extra stress on it definitely doesn’t help.
    I already have Sulfur 8 in my cabinet. Tonight I’ll research where to purchase “Jamaican Castor Oil”. I’ve read on other sites this works well for my issues. They also speak highly of Peppermint Oil & Coconut Oil.
    One thing if I may ask, should refrain from using products like Shea Butter Pudding for my edges when I remove the braids? I’m using this type of pudding because I do not relax my hairline therefore it’s much courser than the rest of my hair. Since I’m trying not to stress my tresses any further I began to avoid chemicals around the edges.

    Thanks Much!

    1. Hey Cee,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve revamped the Hair Line Challenge, so please visit phrogroup.com/grow-hairline for more information and specific products to use.

      Coconut Oil is good for shedding hair, but Castor Oil, in its most natural state, is the most beneficial for hair growth. The styles you should apply to your hair are those that wont tag on your hairline. So try using a gel that doesn’t harden, or 100% Shea Butter.

  95. Hi,
    I recently just took out my faux locs, after having them in for about a month. My problem is when i took them out my edges went with them. I see that you have a castor oil treatment you reccomend to restore your edges but until they are restored how should i wear my natural hair?

    1. Hey Mecca,

      All your hairstyles should be gentle on your hairline. I’ve revamped the Hairline Challenge, please visit phrogroup.com/grow-hairline for pointers on what NOT to do while you allow your hairline to recover. Also try out the Weave Challenge http://www.phrogroup.com/weave if you are at a total loss.

    1. Hi Patience,

      I haven’t done enough research to suggest against it. I only recommend organic products or ones that I produce myself. Visit phrogroupp.com/basics-range for more information.

  96. I wear quick weave cap and when I took it off it off my hair line was back further. Is there any thing I can doto get my hair to grow back?

  97. I just have a question. Should I Wash my hair every day after I put the castor Oil? If so how should I wash it and how long should I wait before.

    1. If you have oily hair, use castor oil once a week and wash out. If you have dry hair then just massage a small amount into hair and leave in

  98. if i apply castor oil on my thin hairline then what do u think after how many months is my

    hairline going to be thick

    1. I’d advise that you look into their benefits for your hairline before you try. In short yes, but it’s all dependant on the amount and frequency. Tea Tree Oil can burn your scalp

  99. Should I was my hair everyday in the morning after I put the castor oil or only my hairline. And if I have to wash my hairline then with what? Shampoo or balsam?

    1. If you have an oily scalp, I would suggest you use this as a treatment and massage before you shower and then rinse out. If, however, your scalp is dry, you can massage a small amount and keep it on until the next time you massage

  100. I like the products that are recommended,i truly think they will b great to help me too to grow back my hairline.

  101. does it mean I can’t be braided for those 2months if not what hairstyles can I have during the challenge?

  102. great, i have done the castor oil hair challenge and my hair looks fuller and thicker, but im stil working on the hairline, currently i have macro braids on, and had opted to use a castor oil and coconut oil mix, will it weaken the strength of castor oil????

  103. Does it mean I can’t get braids?what hairstyles do u recommend during the challenge and to maintain the hairline

    1. it really depends on what you’re doing! If you’re doing a short treatment, then a plastic cap is fine, if you’re sleeping in it, then a silk scarf would be best

  104. I have read the comments and saw pictures of t
    he ladies that have already tried castor oil,and believe me when I say I am also trying it on my hair line, and I am putting faith in it.. I have tried everything, but this time I think I have my solution..Thank you!

  105. Hi can i use castir oil all ova the scalp instead of just the roots to promote overral growth and to thicken my hair? Thanks

    1. Hey Carol,

      Castor Oil is a great moisturiser … if you like the way it feels on your hair, of course you can add it to your hair as well as scalp. It’s best used on the scalp and your hair’s ends

  106. I wear a bohemian weave with the net sewn in…… This is my 3rd year being natural……I have never had trouble with my edges before not until I went natural…..wearing lace wigs, braids and weaves……my questions is which type of castor oil should I use……I have the Palma Christi Castor Oil and Okay 100% Black Jamaican Castor Oil……..this is my first time getting this type of weave (Bohemian Weave) how do I take care of my own hair under this weave….. I would gladly appreciate your advice…….Thanks

  107. I have coconut and i wanna know if when you said aloe Vera juice is a plant the same thing because I have one in my yard and wanna know of i can use that

  108. I am in desperate need for my edges to grow back. My hair has been completely natural for 15 years but my edges are basically gone. I NEED HELP!!! I am starting this challenge tonight. Any other advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. I’ve never heard that combination. The secret is in the benefits of the ingredients you add to your hair. On its own, Castor Oil is efficient.

  109. Heyy did you use jamaican black castor oil or cold pressed castor oil and how long did it take to grow your edges back and…. does weaving your hair damage your hairline?

  110. Hi Aphro,i have this men hairstyle,i do not have front hair,please should i mix castor oil with shea butter,or i should just use castor oil for effective growth..please tell me..

    1. Hi Marygree,

      Please visit a trichologist. They are trained to care for men and women who have receding hairlines. I’m interested to hear how things go, so please stay in touch

  111. Hey phro,I love this..am so doing this..where do I get the castor oil,is there a specific castor oil I should look for???

  112. Hey phro.my hairline is a mess,and I just always read ur adivises to those who in need,what kind of castor oil must I use? The one from the local shops is it OK? And if I apply it everyday at night and wearing my scarf,and in the morning what must I use or do,can I comb it or must I wear a scarf or what?

    1. Hi Kate, so sorry it’s taken me a few months to get to your question. Try the Castor Oil challenge as it stands and check in after a month.

      100% Organic Castor Oil BP is the best to use. So make sure that the one you purchase relates that.

      Here’s a link to how I massage Castor Oil in my hair – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OknZH-DYcMI

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