Determine your hair type

All hair types are classified along a continuum from bone-straight to tight curls.

The texture of your hair is its true character, its natural shape when un-relaxed.  For those who have relaxed hair, determine this by analysing your growth.

It can either be:

The type of hair most common to people of African heritage is type 4.

Now look at the diameter of a strand of hair to classify how thick your hair is.

The letters a, b, and c are used to define the actual thickness of the strand. If your strands look wispy and thin, you have fine hair.  If you strands are medium to thick in diameter your hair is medium or coarse.

A – fine and thin
B – medium-textured
C – coarse and thick

Combine the two pieces of information, and you have defined your full hair type. For example, mine’s kinky and thin-medium. So I’m 4A-B.

Type 4 hair is generally more difficult to grow long because it is delicate and can break easily, so extra care should be taken when combing or styling. Breakage is a major issue as well as dryness as it is harder for this hair type to retain moisture.

The hair challenges work with this hair type and create strategies that will see you attain health and maintain it.

What hair type are you?


  1. this is by far the best hair grading system. its simple and straightfoward. Im proud to say Im type 4….. perhaps 4b…. the b is for bushy. lol. my hair has a mind of its own.

    1. lol… 4b for bushy. Very funny!

  2. I’m 4C! Finally I know! Thank you. I’m trying to befriend my hair after years of abuse: not combing her for weeks, not washing her enough, burning her to a crisp with heat, I mean, just treating her real bad. So I’m trying to get into a regimen, but eish, she is fronting, perhaps disbelief! Will keep at it! Love your site!

    1. 🙂 thank you so much SJ …. always here if you need help!

  3. Do you know, I was having trouble assessing what my hair type was. This is by far the simplest method I have seen so far. Thank you love. I am a 4B

    1. *silent scream* really happy to hear that!

  4. Buhle · · Reply

    I’m 4A and trying to get my hairline to grow back,my hair breaks easily and its very soft

    1. Get yourself on the hairline challenge … and start seeing a real change in a few months.

  5. fefe · · Reply

    Hey Phro!

    I’m 4C and my hairline is so damaged, started using coconut oil 2 weeks back and I c some difference in my hairline. Bt nw jst wanna know hw 2 grow my hair natural. I’m tired of relaxing my hair…

    1. That’s great. Check out some of the interviews I ran for ladies that decided to go natural The best of luck with your hair journey. We’re all here to support you.

  6. Quetta · · Reply

    Love this! I’m going natural so this is really helpful! Thank you!

    1. you’re very welcome!

  7. i have type 2 wavy
    and 4a thin hair

  8. Katie · · Reply

    Never understood this until now! I’m a 2b I’d say. This is a great classification system!

    1. Thank you very much!

  9. Tendai · · Reply

    I have type 4C hair. I cut my hair really short about 6weeks ago. I’m loving sporting short hair but I miss the longer hair😦 so I’ll start growing it again🙂

  10. I alwats wondered what my hair type was , its 4 …. somewhere between a and b:/ , a few months ago I would say 4a but Its kinda thicker now

  11. Napturallysonz · · Reply

    Thank you finally I know I am a 4b. I have been tryna figure out how all these smug bitches new lol On the natural journey for 1 year 4 months. I have just taking my hair out of braids (6weeks) to give it a break and for the first time in as long as I can remember I do not have that feeling of dread, all you ex relaxers know what I am taking bout) I am so happy to show off the natural crown that Mother Nature bestowed on me xxxx

  12. cynthia boma ipalibo · · Reply

    Thanks so much for this! I think am 4A-B. Keep it up! Pls educate me on this hair type. Thanks in advance.

  13. Janine · · Reply

    My hairtype is 4A. Please help my hair is breaking

  14. liyah · · Reply

    What if I have no dandruff & have a itchy scalp && little wavy curls not deep but slightly little curly && thick hair too what type of hair do I have..???

    1. Great Question. It’s all in how thick and how tight your curls are that determine that. Take a look at a few pictures on the net, you could also have a number of different textures!

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