How dry is your hair?

Remember this?


I’m dedicating my blog to type 4 hair/kinky hair.

Kinky hair is tightly curled, very wiry and very fragile. It tends to be quite fine, but cause it’s dense it seems thicker than it actually is.  It also looks tough and durable because of this perceived thickness yet it is the most fragile hair type. Cause of the difficulty of maintaining this hair type, most of us either relax it, or braid and weave it. A few of my girls are going back to natural, and I tip my hat off to them!

In terms of moisture, 4A tends to retain more moisture than 4B and 4C. 4C needs to be moisturized regularly and treated with a lot more care than 4B and 4A. This leads us to how porous the tresses are…

Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. The more porous your hair is, the faster it absorbs moisture.  By rule, fine strands tend to be more porous than coarser / thicker hair.  It’s critical to know this cause with that will help determine the processing time for your relaxers or hair dye or how thick your moisturisers should be for the castor oil challenge.

Check how prone to breakage your hair is currently.  You need to confirm it’s elasticity to do that.  Elasticity refers to your hair’s ability to stretch and return to its natural state without breakage.

Healthy hair should be able to stretch and have bouncy elastic feel to it. ‘Healthy hair should be able to stretch about one-fifth of its length when dry and one-half of its length when wet’ Beauty Basics and Beyond: 101 Ways to keep your hair and skin fabulous ’


Now for your participation: Check the dryness of your own hair type
Quick Test: 
Go in front of a mirror. Select a hair strand and straighten it out. Gently pull the strand. If it stretches easily and returns to its original length, you have good elasticity.  If the strand breaks or doesn’t’ return then your hair needs a lot more care.  Poor elasticity is an indication of unhealthy hair.

Check your hair out


  1. Im definately a 4C. My hair is dry and unhealthy. Ive tried def kinds of mostutisers and im not winning. Please help in tetms of what i can put in my hair that will leave it feeling soft, healthy and unbreakable.

    Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Sewela,

      Have you tried going on a hair care regime. Consistenly moisturising hair will produce results. check out for one you could start today.

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