The Castor Oil Challenge introduces a new way of protecting your hair on a daily basis while strengthening it, therefore allowing it to grow. This is good for all hair and scalp types – want your hair to grow? Get onto this challenge.


It attacks scalp problems, breaking hair, and protects the most sensitive parts of your hair shaft – the tips.

The philosophy around this hair care challenge is that if you take care of these three aspects of your head, you will restore your hair back to health. A derivative of healthy hair, is hair that grows.

Duration: 3 months 1 Feb – 30 Apr
Frequency: 3 times a week (varies on hair needs)
Product: 100% Certified Organic Castor Oil [for scalp care and sealer], Moisturiser [for hair care]

Step ONE: Massage you scalp with Castor Oil and leave-in for 30minutes.

Go under the shower and douse your hair with warm water while still massaging hair

Start your normal shampoo and conditioning routine (you may need to repeat the shampoo process a few times to ensure all the Castor Oil is washed out)


Step One: Massage your scalp with Castor Oil.  

Massage oil at least three times a week and leave-in.

Are you reacting to castor oil? Click here to find out what you can do to counter this.

Step Two: Moisturise your hair shaft with a hydrating moisturiser. The most effective moisturisers have Water/ Aqua and Glycerine as the first or second ingredients and  Lanolin, Petroleum, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil.

[I love S Curl No Drip] 

Step Three: Seal in that lovely moisture with a carrier oil. 

a) Thin hair? Use a light carrier oil like Coconut, Grapeseed or Avocado Oil

b) Thick hair? Use a thicker oil like Castor Oil or  Shea Butter 

It’s advisable to be in a low manipulation style for the duration of your challenge.

What results should you see?
Less incidences of dandruff, more manageable eczema symptoms, balanced scalp
Softer and more manageable hair.
The beginnings of new growth (in 3 months there should be approximately 3 inches of growth



157 replies on “Castor Oil Challenge

  1. started the castor oil challenge on the 1st of June. My goal is to have neck length for now cos my hair is short. Am excited bout this challenge 🙂

  2. I have used castor oil on my hair a few times and noticed that it tends to dry out my hair. I’m wondering if this is a normal hair response to castor oil in the beginning or if this means that castor oil doesn’t agree with my hair? has anyone else experieced this?

    1. Hey Fadzayi,

      A few people have experienced this. Castor Oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, but is also healing and cleansing, with a variety of benefits for your skin / hair / digestive system and the list goes on. I have a suggestion laid out on for your situation, that I think may help.

      Let me know how you go.

  3. Thanks Phro, I’ll definitely try mixing it with other oils and see if that helps. I’m excited about the hairline challenge too! keep up the good work 🙂

  4. i’m back in the castor oil game phro…just got rid of some braids n i’m getting the strength back in my hair cos i’m seriously considering relaxing my hair this summer. anyway thanks for keeping people like me motivated.x

  5. Heey I just wanted to ask, do you wash your hair right after you apply the oil or you wait till the next time (for example 2 days) you wash you hair??
    Thank youu x

  6. well,its the middle of the night and am heaps excited.i saw an indian shop and took the whole thing down hahahaha.seriously tho,i hv used the organix coconut anti-breakage serum i bought from safeway,saw that u use the shampoo yay. jusyt a que,i use Dr Miracles relaxer,2in1 shampoo and just got the hot gro scalp conditioner?good bad,help sister plliiizzz.

    1. Hey Faro,

      I’ve never used Dr Miracles products, so unfortunately I’m not sure. How are they working for your hair so far?
      I tend to look at the ingredients after determining what the product is saying it will do for me. Please keep me posted. Am really interested in this one

      1. Hi I’ve been using Dr Miracle too and over two month my hairline and nape hair started growing again.I use their deep conditioning treatment (super strength and the temple and nape balm.It works for me coz I am now having way less hair fall in all my years of having processed hair and I can now tie a ponytail that holds 🙂 It also helps to get the castor oil but I think it should not be used alone.I’ll give it another two will take some pics now and compare later in November.

  7. Hie I started the challenge this week, the first ime, i sed just the Castor oil and found that it was abit sticky, then yesterday i added Alma oil, which made a very big difference, my hair is in has waeve tracks, so i am oiling it where the hair is and also by the tracks i hope this is okay, or if i should wait until i have my own hair out. Thanks

    1. Hey Nadia,

      mixing it and putting it in your tracks is fine. If you’re doing this, you also need to ensure you’re washing your hair at least once a week.

  8. Phro… just to say a big thank you for the challenge. Its been close to a year and it really was a challenge. I have not had braids or weaves in this period and am loving my hair. Castor oil, Vatika deep conditioner and Scurl activator are awesome products to use. I hardly need to oil my scalp anymore hey. I have recently replaced castor oil with jojoba oil and my hair is loving it. longest stretch without straighteners has been three weeks… and note i was washing and conditioning my hair each week then air dry!!!

    Well done Phro!!! Will send you a pic as soon as i pass shoulder length in the next few months!

    Thanks lovie!

  9. does this mean that castor oil has to be mixed all the time…i use it directly on my scalp and it feels so great!!my hair lies down nicely as though i used jel..i also started using it as a pre poo on saturday and it feels good!!Godwilling next week tuesday i will be a week old in the castor oil challenge…is it okay if i use Organic Root Stimulator moisturising hair lotion as my moisturiser haven’t seen the BELOVED SCURL ACTIVATOR MOISTURISER in Ghana yet.

    1. Hi,
      No castor oil doesn’t need to be mixed at all. I recommend it only for people who don’t like the thickness of it. SO GLAD you’re enjoying your hair journey. Castor Oil has got so many benefits!

    2. Hello awurabena . Am in Ghana and can show u where to get the scurl . Lemme know if you’re still interested .


    3. Hello Awurabena,

      Am in Ghana too, can you please show me where to get the castor oil, plssssssssssssssssssssssss. thanks

  10. Hi Phro, I have natural afro, unrelaxed hair. I cant find the Scurl moisturiers… Can i use pure glycerine as a moisturizer?

  11. I love the castor oil challenge. I wanted to find out when does the moisturiser and natural oil applied? Is it ok to apply them on the days when i dont apply castor oil or i can stil do so everyday even after applying castor oil? I need to know i don’t want my hair to grow in the opposite direction!

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      I’d suggest you apply all on the same day. Then assess whether you need to top-up on either your scalp or your hair depending on how dry they feel. 🙂 your hair loves moisture. The balance you need to determine is how much, how frequently and the best products for your.

  12. my hair type is 4A
    please help me out, where do I begin, I want to start taking care of my hair, while I am still young so I can grow with it being healthy.
    and its relaxed.

    1. I am so happy to hear you say that Anamika. I believe a basic hair care regime like Back 2 Health challenge will take care of your scalp, actual hair and curb breakage. So try it out and see how you go!
      Welcome on board!

  13. I really want to try this. My hair is so bad that I wear wigs all the time just to cover it. Not that I like wigs, but I can’t go around looking all shabby. I have tried for YEARS but the hair at the back of my nape just would not grow. It’s so frustrating. Now the front is getting thinner too. I am going to try this and see how it goes. I am really excited about this. Wish me luck

    1. The best of luck. Very soon I’ll be launching a ‘weave challenge’ so it will give you pointers on how to nourish your hair while it’s hidden.

  14. I have learn so much from your blog, thank you so much. Please help me, i lose hair at the back, what is it I’m not doing right? Meanwhile I am sourcing for the castor oil, to start on the challenge immediately, want to give it a try before I cut my hair as this was now my next desperate move. Busi

    1. Thank you Busi,

      The problem is that we need to assess how dry our hair is to determine how to curb breakage. Your hair at the ends is breaking cause it’s dry, and possibly cause of your hair styles. You may not have an ongoing hair routine to ensure that your hair remains healthy. Great that you’re starting with the Castor Oil, I challenge you to look at your whole routine and add as your holistic regime.

  15. Hey, I would like to start the castor oil challenge but the problem is I don’t have access to the internet I can’t view the ‘how to use the 3 products’ video, care enough to write the steps for me.. Thanx in advance

  16. Thanks Phro, I deep conditioned my hair over the weekend, used my d&l cholesterol mixed with castor oil (by the way I got it) & olive oil. Slept with it then washed it the next day, conditioned it with my protein conditioner added with olive oil, treated my scalp to castor oil and styled. Amazingly when I combed this morning there was not hair on my wide toothed comb, I am so excited – I feel my hair will recover. In the middle of my head my hair is 17cm long but at the back it’s hardly 10cm, I hope very soon this will be a thing of the past with all my hair retaining the same length, thanks again Phro, you’ve empowered me.

  17. okay, am new here.l can see that your hair is healthy and long and it looks great but how can we make it look thick or big like the late Aliyah’s?

    1. Very good question. You work with the hair you were given. Check out your hair type and determine its thickness. Then work to attain and maintain health of your hair whether it’s thick or thin. I’ve said this a lot in my videos, I have 4a hair type, which means it’ll never be Aaliyah thick (hers was 3c), but it’ll be healthy, sway and sit beautifully. At some point women will need to embrace their limitations and accept their variety.

  18. You are a ‘Legend’ your tips have saved my hair. My hair suffered some serious damage earlier in the year to the extent where the hair at the rear half of my head is now about 3 inches long as opposed to about 7 inches everywhere else. This was probably due to neglect as i didnt really look after my hair. Before i started on the back to health challenge i had dry and brittle straw-like hair. I so like failed the whole elasticity test thing. My scalp was extremely irritable and itchy.I must say I was amazed at the transformation. I now pro-poo my hair before washing and conditioning. I also started on the castor oil regime on my scalp 2-3 days a week. even my hubby was amazed at how soft my hair is. After just 2 weeks i was so glad i took yur advice. Thank you so much girl.

  19. l recently noticed that New york 2000 has all the good oils, castor, coconut, olive, tea tree, peppermint and 3 others all made into a batter. none of the 3 forbidden ingredients were present. have you ever used it?

    1. Hi Langa,

      I think I used it a very long while ago. I can’t say I knew to check the ingredients. It didn’t leave any long lasting memories I guess… 🙂
      Have you started using it?

  20. Hi Phro
    Thanks for.all your tips I’ve found your site quite informative. I have one question thought. I have shoulder length 4c hair, I’ve started on your BTH challenge a week ago. My problem is my hair is still very dry. I pre poo with either coconut oil or Alma oil, then shampoo with Orgabic Root Stimulator creamy shampoo, deep condition with ORS hair mayonnaise or their protein reconstructor mixed with olive oil and coconut oil then moisturize with their moisturizing hair lotion ans seal with coconut oil. Am I doing something wrong?? I am also unsure about the ORS hair mayonnaise as it contains lanolin. As you have mentioned before to avoid moisturizer with that ingredient is it the same for conditioners?? Could you possibly advise on any moisturizing conditioners and shampoos I could use ??
    Thanks Ur help is most appreciated.

    1. Hi I also forgot to say that the Alma oil brand I have found is Dabur. On the description it says it is a blend of Alma fruit, vegetable oils and mineral oils. Is this still ok to use ??

    2. ORS moisturisers have lanolin. If your hair is really dry, I’d ask that you try using moisturisers without ANY of those drying ingredients. You’ll start to see the difference. S-Curl No Drip is really great and I recommend that for most people. Coconut Oil is very enriching and is a great moisturiser … all round. Shampoo and Conditioner, use the ones you have for now. Just substitute one product at a time so that you realise what works and what doesn’t.

    1. sure it can. You moisturise with a water based (inc glycerin) product and seal with an oil based product. 🙂
      You can mix it in, but it all depends on what your hair requires…. is your hair really dry?

  21. Hi,

    I was wondering about how to nourish my hair as it feels so dry and looks really wiry now that I am going to hot yoga. I don’t want to quit yoga because of my hair but looking at it in the mirror is very discouraging. Any tips or points?

    Have a great weekend!

  22. My hair is quite dry, its 4C. l have used castor oil for a month now and it seems to be growing more rapidly but still its quite dry

  23. Hi Phro.
    Can l use mashed aloe pulp to pre poo my hair? its 4C by the way and uite dry. Am l also able to use olive oil as a leave in conditioner after shampooing it and as a moisturizer?

  24. Hi Phro
    I have mufushwa hair and every time i have used relaxers it ends up breaking and i have to cut it and start over but from the information i guess its because i wash every day and just squat any type of oil i find. So now i would like to straighten my hair again and try to follow your steps and wanted to know a few things. I have hair line issues as well so how do that challenge and the castor oil together? should i oil the hair everyday and still was it once a week or just oil the hair line every day and the rest of the hair every other day? Also with washing once a week will the oil not build up and turn white when you brush your hair. lastly i have started using pantene for damaged hair but am not sure if its a good idea to use those type of shampoos or they are only meant for caucasian hair.

    1. Hi Loz,

      Glad you find the information on my site useful. I have a regime that was created for people with hair line issues. it’s worked really well you can combine that with the back to health challenge which will deal with moisturising your hair, your scalp and ensuring your ends don’t develop split ends. Clicking through the challenge will assist you in determining the frequency. start listening to yoru hair though, if it’s dry moisturise it, if it’s not, then adjust accordingly.

      There aren’t any shampoos for caucasian hair per say. Pantene is used by a lot of people and if it’s producing the results you like, continue. Otherwise, try out herbal essence ‘hydration’ in blue\.

  25. Hi Phro. I can’t see your Videos or maybe there’s problem I really want to see the videos pls help

  26. I completed the one-month castor oil challenge … Although I was a little skeptical at first, after 4 weeks, my hair grew half an inch! I was shocked! And, best of all, it completely reversed the seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp that I suffered with for over a year! Needless to say, I have now added castor oil into my hair regimen. Looking forward to more results in the months to come.

  27. I recently completed the castor oil challenge … I was very skeptical in the beginning, but I figured I had nothing to lose … After only two weeks, the castor oil completely reversed the seborrheic dermatitis I suffered with for over a year! After a month, my hair grew a half-an-inch. Needless to say, I will be adding this to my current hair regimen. This is definitely a keeper!

  28. I recently completed the castor oil challenge! I was very skeptical in the beginning, but I figured I had nothing to lose … After only two weeks, the castor oil completely reversed the seborrheic dermatitis I suffered with for over a year! After a month, my hair grew a half-an-inch. Needless to say, I will be adding this to my current hair regimen. This is definitely a keeper!

  29. i’m 3 weeks in and omg i love the way my hair feels and looks. length will just be a bonus. now there’s no hair on my comb after combing. thanks Phro. i had been using hairfood all my life.

  30. Hi Phro,
    Thanks so much for posting before and after pics for the castor oil challenge. I have been natural for five months and I am still trying to learn my hair so it was nice to find a site that encourages an inexpensive product that actually work. I am going to try my own castor oil challenge thanks to you!

  31. Hey there phro!
    So glad to have found your website!
    I am a beginner with the castor oil challenge. I have been using jbco for a month now and been taking biotin as well but i had a weave. My hair is soo much thicker now and doesn’t break off that much anymore! 😀 Thing is, I am going to leave my hair out for about a week and then get braids. “pick and drop braids” Do I still just massage the jbco to my scalp? How often do i massage it on my scalp and also when i shampoo and condition my hair, do I put castor oil right after the wash or do I wait for some time? 😀 Thank you soo much!

  32. Whats your take on using Argan oil as a sealing oil? i find my hair seems to absorb it and have to apply it at least twice a day

  33. Hi phro

    Is it appropriate to start the castor oil challenge during winter? What are the appropriate hairstyles to have during winter, that do not damage my hairline?

  34. I have a lot of growth, I started the castor oil challenge on the 3rd of may. The thing is my hair is falling off. What do you recommend?

  35. started my castor oil journey on Wednesday, because i cant seem to find peppermint oil in Bulawayo, i have opted for eucalyptus oil, just to tone down the castor oil scent… sssssooooo excited 🙂

  36. Hi Ladies,

    i started with this challenge than i read somewhere on the net that Miconazole Nitrate also helps for regrowing your hair line,, i think i both are workin for me but i want to find out whether its a good idea if i do a protecive style now.

  37. I live in Mernda and on one of your videos you said you do hair consults for people in Melbourne how do i get in touch with you to arrange a hair consult?

    1. Hi Mai Melissa,

      I think we’ve been in touch on my facebook page. Face-to-Face consulations will be built in 2014. The free skype consultations have been placed on hold for now,.

  38. I have heared about the castor oil challenge and I want to try it , this post is very helpfull and the instructions are very clear on how to … so I’m taking the challenge .yippyyy

  39. Hi dear

    My hair is my new yearz resolution PLS!! Help I cutt off all my hair two month ago it was damaged and breaking off and slow growth, to my surprice the hair line is lagging behind as the rest of my hair is growing back even see lil bald patches in front I currently wear wigs I want my hair to recover coz I thought shaving my hair would be my solution PLS HElP….. Where do I start?!!

  40. I have 4a type hair its really thin and the edges are very thin..what do you suggest I do and the products needed…also do you think also using prenatals could boost thickness and growth?

  41. My friend sent me these links because I told her my hair was shedding but gaining some length. Now normally I do not put any grease or anything after I wash it, sometimes I use a liquid conditioner I believe because I love my hair to bounce and have tons of movement. Now what I was wondering was if I begin this regimen once I wash my hair should I do this before I blow dry because I flat iron my hair but I can’t imagine that flat ironing it with the oil would be good. Or is it intended to not be using heat??

    1. Hey Paulette,

      If you’d like to keep the bounce, then spraying a leave-in conditioner is probably the most important thing for you to do. So, after you condition and dry your hair, spray leave-in conditioner and then seal it with a heat serum, then style as normal. If you’re finding that your hair is getting dry through the week, you can lightly spray more of the leave-in …. This challenge may weigh your hair down if you’re not used to it. Hope the advice helps

  42. Im starting to notice an itchy scalp. I have the same routine i just use castor oil 2-3x’s a week. Every other day

  43. I have just started this challenge tonight. Found your blog a day after I finally decided to shave my head due to frustration: breakage, no hairline, thinning hair, no growth etc. I just bought castor oil and coconut oil and will apply them both on my shaved head as a hope for better hair growth. Any advice you might have for me as I begin this journey would be great.

    Ps: I’m so happy I found your blog, now I know I’m not alone

  44. Hi , I’m 14 and I’ve had a lot of hair problems, my hair used to be shoulder length or slightly longer now it’s just next length and I’ve been struggling for a while for it to get pass it. I really want to do this hair challenge, I told my mom to stop using petroleum on hair (cuz she does my hair for me, I can do it myself but she does it better) and to start using something like olive oil but she just uses Shea butter. I recently lost some hair on my front edges and I’m freaking out. I used castor oil only for like weeks or a month. Yes my hair got kinda of softer more easier to come without seeing much hair come out compared to petroleum products. But like I said, I lost my edges, I don’t know what I did, I’m willing to give it another go, this time with olive oil. I just want to prevent using some or all company products just all natural oils. My mom just won’t listen and currently now my mom put petroleum on my hair and I’m freaking out, to me it’s like she just reversed all my castor oiling. I really don’t know what to do. Any advice? Can petroleum do any further damage to the hair? My experience is that my hair was harder to comb compared to castor oil and hair came out more with petroleum based product.

    1. Hi Cookielover 🙂

      Thanks for your message. I believe using Castor Oil will be your best bet. Petroleum oil is most hair bloggers’ worst enemy, as it doesn’t have a lot of benefits for your hair. Shea Butter is actually a great alternative to petroleum jelly. So if your mom substitutes that with the Shea Butter, your hair will love that.

      Before bed, if you massage castor oil on your edges, I believe your hairline will get better. But you also need to make sure that you’re not styling your hair in ways that stress out your edges, like really tight ponytails.

      I hope this helps … please do keep in touch

      1. thank u so much. last month kept putting Shea butter and a hair product called Emily millionaire ( i don’t use it too much cuz it makes my hair dry after a while) with castor oil and now i can see little hairs come out from my edges and its no longer that bad. so far ive been using castor oil for some 3 months now and I’ve noticed it has made my hair thicker. YAY! everyone keeps telling my hair has improved, that its growing but i haven’t noticed anything apart from its being thicker. so how long is it going to take before i see a difference in my hair length?

  45. hi phro,i just bought hollywood beauty castor oil.cos my hair length is i want a longer hair.plz how do i use this oil on my natural hair.av neva relaxed my hair.i jus weave it so it wont be possible to wash often.i wash my hair evry 3wks .thnks.

    1. Hello Hei,

      Why don’t you try the Weave Challenge which was created for women like yourself. That way you can get your hair healthy while it’s still under your weave.

      In terms of the Castor Oil to use, it has to be 100% Castor Oil, Cold Pressed and you can find that in any good pharmacy – in the baby section. It’s the yellow one.

  46. will hair keep growing forever after use of castor oul for 3 months or will it stop growing aftet we stop use of castor oil….. pkz anyone tell me

    1. Your hair will always grow with or without castor oil. Castor Oil helps to enhance the growth cycle. What you’re doing here is ensuring that your hair doesn’t get dry, cause dry hair is hair that breaks. And you’re also ensuring that the hair that grows out of your scalp, is the healthiest it can be.

      1. Dear Aphro I meant that my hair grows upto a certain length only…. After that it starts falling very badly n growth stops after that only when i cut my hair it again grows upto that length only n starts falling n this continues….. So i wanted to know will my hair grow very long naturally or I need to continue with castor oil to obtain long length whenever I trim my hair……

  47. Good day

    I cut my hair a year ago because it was too flacky and brittle, no matter how much i based my scalp. Its dry to a point where it seems as if my scalp has “ring worms”. I would wash my hair, and within 3 – 4 days, dandruff is back.
    So now i have a very course Afro, which i am struggling to maintain, i have dandruff on my hairline to make matters worse. I really dont know what to do anymore with my hair.
    If i had the gutts, i would go bald, but i am not or even relax it abit, but the relaxer also burnt my scalp.
    A friend suggested i have a mixture containing Apple Cider Vinegar, Castor Oil and water, spray it to my scalp and follow with Coconut oil. That only worked once, and my scalp is back to square one.
    I want to go to Dermatologist, last resort, but since i see you have helped alot of people, maybe you can help me out too.

    Will appreciate it.

    1. Hi Zikhona,

      I would suggest visiting a dermatologist to diagnose the issue with your scalp. From there you’ll know what treatments are available (chemical as well as natural). Please touch base after the visit with details.

  48. Hi I’m desperate for my hair to get thicker I’m going very thin around my forehead is castor oil good did causican people to or just Afro hair please help .. ???

    1. Hey Shar, Castor OIl is actually fantastic for everyone. It works on your scalp …. so any hair type can use it effecctively. Because of your hair texture (I’m assuming here) you tend to have oiler hair than us. This is because the sebum from your scalp finds its way to the end of your hair shaft quite easily. For that reason, your treatment for Castor Oil is slightly different. Instead of applying Castor Oil and leaving it on your scalp, I would recommend you do a hot oil treatment, using Castor Oil – massage it in your scalp, then bag it for about 30min. Then proceed to wash your hair. Try this once or twice a week ….

      I would also suggest seeing a dermatologist who can look further into your hair thinning. It may be an internal issue that requires further support.

      Please stay in touch and let me know how you go.

  49. Hi dear.I have A4 hairtype and my hair is breaking at the moment.How do I come across without relaxing and blowdry my hair, because my hair don’t look nice if I don’t use them. Can I use Amla Dark and Lovely oil moisturizer. I’m going to start the castor oil challenge.

  50. I would like to know if I mix castor oil with coconut coil will it help my hair get thicker. I have really thin hair I don’t know if it’s because genetics or not taking care of my hair. And what are good shampoo and conditioner to use. Can I keep the castor oil and coconut oil in my hair for a few days. And how ofton can I use it thanks. Please reply

  51. Doe’s it also beneficial for men…..!!
    I’m 18 yes old teen and I’m suffering from hair fall…..!!
    plz tell me how to use it…..!!
    or any other suggestion….!!

  52. I am a big fan of castor oil and have been using it for years. My hair has become much thicker and fuller after using it for several months and years, but I have noticed that since I went on a holiday to India about a month ago, and got back to Dubai where I live, my hair has started falling a lot. I don’t understand the reason why this has happened. I never had issues with hair fall and my hair is quite healthy in general, but since it has started falling I can see a patch in the front of my hair. I went to a trichologist who said I have built up fungus on my scalp and it seems to be a case of sebbhoreic dermatitis. He gave me the Vichy anti dandruff shampoo to use and I have been using it as directed for over two weeks now. Hair fall has reduced, but I want to start growing back my hair thicker. The doctor told me not to use any oils on my hair as the fungus feeds on those oils, so I have stopped using castor oil and coconut oil for the time being.

    I need your advise on what to do to immediately stop the itching feeling and tingling and hair fall. Can I use the castor oil or shall I use a mixture of onion and garlic on my hair as I have heard that it works great to grow back hair thicker and fuller.

    Please advise!!

    1. Thanks for getting in touch with me. I would hate to give you advice after you’ve met with a trichologist. Usually after diagnosis, they would offer you an alternative … is there one that your trichologist has offered you?

  53. Hey Phro,

    Love your site!! I just bought some Castor Oil & I’ve been using it every other night on my edges (& my Kitchen lol) for about a week now. I want to thicken my hair & edges, but I currently have a weave sewn in (tracks). How should I apply the oil? & do I need to wash more frequently? I currently have a wash & blow dry every 2 – 3 weeks.



  54. Can i start the castor oil challenge after or before i relax my hair….or should i not realax it at all to start the cahallenge?

      1. Is it possible that i can use castor oil over my hair without mixing it with other oils and even if i have braids over my natural hair?

      2. Yes you can. But make sure to wash your scalp at least once a week. Your stylist should help with the care of your braids.

    1. Hi Forhad,

      If it’s been more than 6 months, then it means that your hair follicles may not be producing hair. I would suggest you visit a doctor in your area to talk through your symptoms

  55. Hey, I mixed my castor oil with a combination of Coconut, Vitamin E, and Tea Tree oil as well as my own daily moisturizer. Is that okay?

    1. It may be a bit heavy handed. I suggest to start out simple, then build upon the foundation if you love experimenting. I tend to just use what works.

  56. Hi I am Tapas ..I m 21.. I hv started using castor carier cold pressed oil 15 days ago..I hv using it regularly… bt my hair still falling lyk before… Is it take more time to reduce hairfall…

    1. Determine the difference between hair shedding vs hair breaking. Then from there you can determine whether it’s more than normal (50-100 strands a day) or higher than that. If a lot of hair is shedding, you may just need to visit a dr as it may be a symptom of something else. If your hair is breaking, then you may need to incorporate the castor oil massage with a moisturiser that will target dry hair issues.

  57. I have massive hair fall can I use castor oil for hair regrowth and how can I use it…. how frequent can use for a week

    1. Castor Oil is good for hair fall that has to do with mechanical changes you make with your hair. If your hair starts falling in clumps it may be a more internal issue that will need to be looked into by a doctor.

  58. Hi phro,
    Thanks so much for sharing simple yet effective methods for better hair.!! I used castor oil before, but not regularly and hence couldn’t see the results 😦
    I have one question,
    On doctors advice, I started using a hair lotion
    Along with a tablet rich in biotin. Hair lotion (5 sprays) is applied in the morning and at night time. I wanted to know
    If I can apply castor oil, maybe before an hour I go to bed.

    1. Great question. Follow your dr’s orders. And perhaps once a week, an hour before you shampoo, get some Castor Oil onto your scalp and massage it in. Put a shower cap on and let it rest for an hour – use it as a treatment. Then shampoo and condition as normal. Do check in to let me know how the prescribed dr’s plan is going.

  59. Hi phro. My hardest struggle is dealing with knots and combing my hair, it’s a nightmare such that I’ve resorted to just washing it n leaving it. It’s my desire to comb it and maybe tie it without the pain. Any tips?

    1. Styling knotted hair is really tough. Dependant on the types of knots you have, there are vloggers that have developed great ways of alleviating their knot situation. I’ve done a quick search you YouTube ‘how to remove knots on natural hair’ and saw quite a few tutorials dedicated to this subject. Good luck! Let me know how you go and what works for you please.

  60. I am Aniket baswani, I just commented on this topic earlier that “is it good for damaged hair?
    Will it make my hair healthier again?”
    I am replying on your answer to ask doctor and check about it and I found that my hair got more curly,more frizzy,more bad than it were earlier. So I think that castor oil is not beneficial to hair , it will damage your hair more and more.
    Saying this with my experience of 16 months,trying this method.

    1. Yes, this challenge is good for damaged hair. It will assist in getting your hair healthy again – specifically the new growth. It’s very rare that someone tells me that their scalp and hair didn’t respond to Castor Oil. I’ve found with a lot of oils, it’s not only the oil itself but ensuring you use it in the right manner. I have devised routines to assist people with this –, and if this isn’t something that you’re trusting of, you can create your own routine using these steps –

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