Back 2 Health Challenge

This is an all encompassing hair challenge that increases your understanding on the benefits of keeping a clean scalp, maintaining moisture and protecting the tips of your hair to avoid split ends.

This challenge will see your hair start to gain length as it proactively works to eradicate the causes of hair breakage.  If you take up this challenge, expect to see a healthier scalp, less breakage  and healthier hair.

The Back 2 Health Challenge has 4 parts to it:
1. Pre-Shampoo Conditioning Treatment (Pre-Poo) Stage
2. Shampoo Stage
3. Condition Stage (Deep and Protein)
4. Moisturising (Castor Oil Regime)

The Rules

Duration: 3 months
Frequency: Wash hair weekly (at least)
Product: Natural Oils, Shampoo, Moisture Conditioner, Protein Conditioner, Castor Oil Challenge Products

What results should you see?
Softer and more manageable hair
Hydrated hair
Less incidences of dandruff or dry scalp
Hair that grows

Step One: Pre-Poo

Pre-pooing is a method of providing your hair with moisture before you shampoo it. Shampoo strips the hair of its moisture leaving it dry, so pre-pooing works to help retain a little more moisture in your hair during the shampooing process.

How: Condense your hair with your preferred natural oil from root to tip. If you have problems with dandruff, massage that oil on your scalp as well.

30 min – Pre-poo your hair half an hour before you shampoo. Cover your hair in a shower cap and place a hot damp towel over it.

1 hour – Pre-poo your hair with a preferred natural oil and cover with a shower cap

Overnight – Pre-poo your hair with preferred natural oil (only – as conditioner will be too extreme as an overnight treatment). Place in shower cap and wear your normal satin or silk head gear.

Products to use: Olive Oil, Amla Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil or any moisture enriching conditioner.

Pre-Pooed hair (condensed with a carrier oil)

Step Two: Shampoo

Run your pre-pooed hair under the water for about two minutes, making sure to get it all wet.

Gently massage your shampoo onto your scalp, taking care not to clump your hair.  Section your hair into parts (roughly) and perform a deep massage in each section, ensuring the shampoo touches every corner of your scalp. When you’re finished lathering it gently on your scalp, run water through your hair.  This is the gentlest way to pick dirt up from the rest of your hair.

Most shampoos are really harsh and strip the oils that are required from your hair. Using the shampoo to clean your scalp mainly and then washing the rest of your hair with the rinsed out shampoo, helps to slightly decrease the harshness of the shampoo on the more delicate part of your hair – the middle and ends.

Step Three: Condition

The conditioner should be concentrated on the driest part of your hair, which generally is around the ends. If you hair is really thirsty, mix your conditioner with a natural oil. Put a shower cap on your head for 5 – 10 minutes while you shower.  Then gently run water through your hair removing all traces of the conditioner. Gently detangle using a wide toothed comb while still under running water. This minimises hair breakage.

NOTE: Alternate between protein and moisturising conditioners. When you condition with protein, remember to immediately couple that with a moisturising conditioner that will help soften and detangle your hair.

Step Four: Moisturise

When your hair is dry (air drying is the best), moisturise using the Castor Oil Regime in the following way.

1. When dry or 80% dry, part hair into four sections.
2. Begin with one section of hair and apply a leave in conditioner or moisturiser. (you can add a carrier oil like coconut oil or castor oil. 1 tsp  is enough for the whole head of your hair)
3. After applying your leave in or moisturiser to each section very gently detangle your hair from tip to root with your fingers or wide toothed comb.
4. Now seal your hair sections with a carrier oil of your choice, concentrate a little more on the tips of your hair to curb the dreaded split ends. (Coconut, Olive, Amla)
5. Lightly comb all the sections together with a wide toothed comb. You can then wrap your hair, which is what I do to straighten my hair with no heat.

Click here to see how I do it.

Phro’s Back 2 Health Challenge Results

2010 and 2011 length


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    1. Hi lady Phrophro, I admire your courage I must say. I came across your site and absolutely love it. I’m starting this challenge tomorrow 1/03/2013. It also happens to be my sons 19th birthday. Woo hoo! My hair is 4 A/B. Doesn’t like braids very much as it is thin and fine. I find that it tangles so much in braids. I hate weaves because I’m one of those people who loves my hair to breathe so I go for braids if I have to. I have gathered all my bits I need for this challenge so wish me luck. By the way my hair is natural and short but not very short so I am struggling with styles. I have bought some ecostyler gel to style my hair as well for work. Wish me luck and keep doing what you doing. Can’t wait to buy some natural products with your name on it one day.

      1. Hi Beaullah,

        Thank you sooo much for your kind words. Very much appreciated! How’s your progress on the Back to Health challenge?

  2. dernali · · Reply

    Thanks Phro – great read-as always – am on it!! I’m also focusing on the edges. I use castor oil, coconut oil etc will let u know how it’s going.

  3. Tadiwa · · Reply

    Thanks Phro & well done for achieving what you have so far. It’s so true what you say about there being no miracle product to grow hair – it’s all about the care that you give it. It;s about relearning how to treat your hair. Pity it’s taken me so long to realise this.
    My 2011 Hair Goals:
    Thanks to excessive use of micro braids ( I love them but they don’t love my hair line so much) I’m also trying to restore my hair line. Daily massages definitely help.Will give the peppermint oil a go.
    While i also want to achieve more length i’m really mainly aiming to just have healthy hair. I’m going to be really strict with myself about keeping to a daily hair care of regimen, using more organic hair products, & also being patient with it all. I know I’ll see results.
    Embracing and loving my natural hair ( I’ve bbeen a napturalite for two years now) instead of always hiding itunder weaves and braid extensions, by experimenting with various natural hair styles.
    Good luck everyone, whatever your hair goals are x

  4. michelle chikwaira · · Reply

    where do i get these products hun? thanks for this hey🙂

    1. I responded to this didn’t I? I’m sure I did.

  5. Amai Tanatswa · · Reply

    Aiwa tafara. I am all in and just placed an order for a bunch of these products online. Rocking it short for a year was fun but it’s time to get back to the business of long fabulous hair!

  6. Fruitful1 · · Reply

    Thanks Phro…. pre pooing works

  7. Busi · · Reply

    You’ve got me completely converted. I’ve got my castor oil, my coconut oil and I’m ready to go! Thank you so much for this. Looking so forward to the results.

  8. Great read!
    How often do you suggest shampooing hair??

    1. I would suggest once a week at least. The point is making sure your scalp is always clean.

  9. Jacqui · · Reply

    Thanks for your this. I used to have long, thick, healthy hair and boasted that I didnt need a weave. However, since moving to new place that has no Afro-Carribean hairstylists, i’ve been trapped in weaves and braids, and these have damaged my hair. Now I’m determined to nature my hair back to health. I know you say to shampoo once a week, but my question to you is “what do you usually do after shampooing to straighten it because our hair normally shrinks when washed?? I have noone to help with my hair at home and would love a simpler routine than using rollers.

    1. Hey Jacqui,

      Thanks for contacting me privately. For the benefit of everyone else, I would suggest wrapping your hair. This link, takes you to a tutorial on wrapping hair.

      Because you do have natural hair though, this may not get your hair dead straight. So are you open to embracing your curls at all?

  10. chido Musodza · · Reply


    Some of these products are a lot harder to find in zim. Does anyone know of any stores that stock these by any chance. I do have Vatika olive oil, looks like I will have to order more.

    Thanks for the blog sha, it rocks.

    1. I was just tweeting about this. The S-Curl No Drip can be found in most hair shops. Ko, ma Indian shops kunana Belvedere havana here? Where there’s an Indian family, they are bound to buy these products from somewhere. I love Olive Oil for my hair at the moment, if you’re really struggling to find it, you can actually use Olive Oil (cooking) – don’t frown it has many benefits, also Coconut Oil too.
      Hope that helps. But I will be coming to Zim soon, do some research for all of you and update on proper suppliers.

    2. sisi chido kana kumboudzawo munin’nina abt hair girl u wrong main. Phro good work i c my big sis beat me to it lol

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  12. […] Tresses Skip to content HomeBack 2 HealthCastor Oil ChallengeQuestions AnsweredTestimonialsThe aim of my blog […]

  13. […] that I’ve shared with the world on, my hair care blog.  It’s called the ‘Back to Health’ regime which aims to get hair healthy via a targeted […]

  14. anne · · Reply

    hi Phro,
    i am just starting my hair journey and i looove your blog/videos, Kudos!!.
    i have a few Questions on your BACK TO HEALTH hair regime since am trying to find one myself/
    i notice you dont do co-washes since you have sulphate free shampoos,which i dont have so would you recommend pree pooing before a co-wash?
    also, you said deep conditioning overnite is too extreme and you do it for only a few minutes, so is it better to preepoo overnite and dc for 30-45mins?

    1. Thanks so much Anne,
      In regards to whether you should pre-poo before a co-wash, in short the answer is maybe and these are the factors you’ll need to consider.
      1. The reason why people shampoo
      Shampooing is mainly about cleaning your scalp cause there is product build-up which mixes in with dirt. The foam from the shampoo, should then be used to gently wash over the rest of the hair as you rinse it.
      Co-Washing is mainly about conditioning your hair and doesn’t do well for cleaning up product build-up and the dirt from your scalp. I understand why you would opt for co-washes, but would suggest you start thinking about (perhaps once a fortnight / month) adding baking soda into your conditioner, so that you can gently cleanse the dirt build-up on your scalp.
      2. Is your hair really dry?
      If your hair is really dry, pre-poos are great. But if it’s not so bad, then you can skip that, alternate between a baking soda infused conditioner with your co-wash, with the normal conditioner when you do decide to wash your hair.

      To answer your 2nd question, again it’s all about what works for your hair. I honestly created a hair care regime that works for my busy schedule but makes a real difference in this whole ‘journey to longer and stronger hair’ thing. I know females that would prefer to prepoo overnight and then DC for 1/2 the day, I just don’t have that time and I don’t think my hair needs it. So I guess to answer your question in my experience, pree-pooing overnight with a natural oil works really well, then a 15 minute deep condition while I shower.

      While my hair is still wet, I will put a moderate amount of coconut oil, and I’m finding that my hair loves it too.

      Hope this answers the question.

  15. how do u dry your hair and have it so straight without using heat??

    1. Hey Lin,

      I actually air dry my hair (or dry it under a hair bonnet on cold air). Then when it’s totally dry I wrap it. I have a tutorial of this, click here for the video and click here for the picture tutorials.

      I haven’t used heat for a year now.

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  17. Nadia Caleb · · Reply


    I have a question on the pre-poo, what product should i use if it is not over night, are hair mayo’s okay like the D&L type. or should i be looking for a specific product and do i miss the natural oil in as well.

    I also go to get my hair washed at a salon every week when it is not in a weave, can i still blow dry the hair after i wrap it, i am thinking if i wrap it then still under the dryer and then ask if they can blow style it will that be okay.

    1. Pre-Poos – You can use any conditioner of your choice.

      Wrapping dry hair is to replace the heat. If you’re in the salon, just continue doing what you usually would. Use wrapping as a way of maintaining the straight hair in a healthier way. It’s all up to you really.

  18. Thembie · · Reply

    I got my Amla Oil in Zim, but from my understanding it is a Mineral Oil, is it safe/advisable to use.

    1. it’s not a mineral oil. it may have mineral infused in it dependant on what brand you use.

      1. maiMelissa · ·

        Phro i use the Dabur Amla oil which is 58%amla oil and 40%mineral oil, is that a good one or is it bad since it has such a lot of mineral oil? where in Melbourne can i find pure amla oil?

      2. Amla oil in its purest form would be a powder. They mix amla powder with an oil, and for cost reasons, use mineral oil as it’s the cheapest oil to use and one of the more stable ones. I’d suggest you used it as a prepoo … and add a small amount of it to your hair when it’s wet. That will be the best use of it. That’s how I use it.🙂 it’s a staple in my hair cupboard.

    2. Thembie where did you buy your Alma Oil?

  19. Anne · · Reply

    Thanks. Getting started tomorrow. Cant wait to have healthy hair. Thanks for inspiring me.

  20. Thembie · · Reply

    I got my Amla from a Shop along Union Ave/Kwame Nkrumah, next to the old Cinema’s opposite Unity Court.

  21. Rouge · · Reply

    Hey! I just read all the challenges,is it possible to do all three at once!! Cause my hair is horrible!I have tiny braids which I see now I should remove asap! I’m a little overwhelmed not sure where to start,which products to use and all. After reading this I think I need new shampoo,conditioner,new everything.I’m thinking I’ll start with the castor oil challenge then see what comes next.I’m in joburg hopefully it won’t be hard to find!
    Thanks for this blog,its too awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Rouge!
      Yes, you can do all three at once. The newer challenges build on the old ones, so it’s not like you’ll be changing the ‘science’ behind it. Castor Oil, is just moisturising, Back 2 Health is all encompassing basic hair care, and the HairLine challenge starts to deal with the receding hair line. If you notice, the products I recommend are all very similar. Best of luck with your hair journey

  22. lorene · · Reply

    Hai Phro, am loving your blog and decided to take the challenge. I have followed it for sometime and I must say there’s a difference. My hair has increased in length and the texure is good. Only problem is that I can’t get it into a good style. Tie back only and that gives me a migrain. Keep it up

    1. Hi Lorene,
      That’s really great to hear. Maybe start looking at loosening your pony tails, cause that’s also putting a strain on your hair. I understand how hard it is when your hair is surpassing expectations and you’re not sure what to do with it. I try and update people on the styles that are working for me, Check out this one on Flexi Rods this may inspire you!

  23. FUNGAI · · Reply

    Are you still using castor oil for your whole scap or just the edges?

    If not, wat r u using to oil your scalp?

    1. Hi Fungai,

      I’m not using Castor Oil for my whole scalp anymore. My Back to Health Challenge is really working to ensure that my scalp is moisturised and I believe it’s because my scalp wasn’t healthy and this routine has gotten it to a healthy state, such that I don’t need castor oil the way I used to anymore. What I do before I shampoo my hair (a day before / 3 hours before) is pre-poo using a scalp treatment instead of just my hair. I use 1 cap of Amla Oil and mix it with 10 drops of peppermint oil. It’s great for your scalp and I’ll be talking about it in detail really soon!

  24. nyasha · · Reply

    Your site is really handy and I had learnt some of this stuff from another girl on youtube in the states but you explanations are far better. I live in canada so the weather is really harsh on my hair. Are the any more protective styles you can suggest besides the ones on your site? correct me if Im wrong but you said something about not letting conditioner go on to your scalp too much. So does this rule still apply with co-washing or am i confused.

    1. Hi Nyasha,

      Conditioner works in a way that sticks to your hair, which is why you get that conditioned feel to your hair. This ‘property’ is not really good for the scalp, as it also tends to do the same to the scalp which promotes product build up. Yes in Co-Washes you’d concentrate the conditioner only on your hair. At some point though, you’ll need to use a clarifying shampoo (or just Baking Soda) to remove the inevitable product build up from the conditioner on your scalp. So I’d get a clarifying shampoo (I like the Herbal Essence brand) or if you’re going to go organic, try an Indian Grocery store under their Ayurvedic section.

    2. and thank you for your kinds words!🙂

  25. Hi there ladies,

    I discovered from a friend over the weekend that you can get the s-curl no drip from Hair World at the Cnr of third and Selous Ave, opposite the Dominican Convent Junior School side.

    Essential oils at Doon Estate in Msasa on Saturdays which is their market day. I hope this helps someone.

    Phro keep up the good work, you are bringing about a hair revolution!

    1. Thank you so much Chido. It’s so good to hear. What I’m going to do is list all the places that sell the products that I’m talking about in Zimbabwe. Hopefully this will create demand which will urge more stores to stock the good stuff. Once they know there’s a market for it, they will bring it in. So I’ll add this list on there.🙂

  26. Another place to get CoConut oil is Jackie’s Hair salon on the 1st floor at Crowne Plaza Monomutapa building!

  27. Mai T · · Reply

    What other protective styles did you do when your hair was shorter? Mine is neck length and I cannot get it into a proper bun. I’ve been doing braidouts often, and I want something better for when I go back to work.

    1. Hi Mai T,

      I’ve collected a few photos of the different hairstyles I used to work with when my hair was shorter. Please click here to access the album. I hope this helps you out. I can’t say I knew what the proper hairstyles I should use were at that point in time. But I hope this helps you out a little

      1. Mai T · ·

        Thanks. They’ve given me some inspiration. I’ve been trying to spread the word about healthy hair. It’s so much easier to convince friends and family once they see your progress. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  28. Zenty · · Reply


  29. Maame Esi · · Reply

    Hi Phro,,

    njoyin ur blog sooo much…i feel bad enuff dat i spend a lot of my productive hours at work surfing ur

    ba hey,hw do i kno if a conditioner is protein based or moisturiser based?? again, is it these same conditioners we use to deep condition??

    im in Ghana and wld love to have s curl moisturiser ba cant find any here..keep up the gud wrk..luv u

    1. 🙂 that’s so good to hear Maame,

      Usually the title of the conditioner will let you know what type of conditioner it is. I write a whole article on protein treatments, perhaps it will help you out:

      Deep Conditioning is slightly different to mere conditioners. What I do say is that if you have a normal conditioner (again it’s visible on the title whether it’s a deep or normal conditioner) add your favourite carrier oil, and cap it for a few minutes. The addition of an oil, will condition your hair more intensely. I actually add my conditioner with amla oil …

  30. rutendo · · Reply

    Dear Phro
    Thank you so much for your blog..I feel there is hope for my hair because it really is dry, its long but not where I want it and very thick, but If I relax it I can only enjoy it for a day then it dries up and I have to braid or weave..I think I am going to pre-poo my hair, go to Gloria @ Goddess every week, then do the castor oil challange everyday..I need to know however if it safe to blow dry and straighten every week because I dont want to end up with no hair. If its not safe, what suggestions do you have of what I can do to make my hair manageble and have it look good after using the back to health challange

    Kind Regards


    1. HI Rutendo,

      So happy to hear that you’re on board with getting your hair healthy again!🙂

      Hair dryers certainly add to your hair being dry. I actually air dry (if I don’t have a bonnet dryer) and then wrap my hair. Here’s a range of pics that take you through just how wrapping hair works:

      A lady with thick hair got me onto it, so I know it works for people with thick hair. So it’s just practice practice. Your hair wont fall out in one go by using heat, but the heat will contribute to hair being dry. Dry hair eventually breaks. The way to realise continuous growth (past the plateau) is to curb breakage and the Back to Health challenge addresses that well.

  31. rudo · · Reply

    phro hey! thanks alot for all this information it really is good, i went out and bought my castor oil and coconut oil, am gathering as much info a s i can and will start soon, am sooo excited!!. i cut my hair and its really short like 2cm, what kind of a hair regime would you suggest? im from zim but i stay in swaziland,

    1. Hi Rudo,
      Welcome on board! I think a regime that gets you looking at your scalp, and hair is the best one. Back to Health is the most basic all encompassing hair care regime that will make sure you nourish your hair is it grows. You’re on the right track.🙂

  32. Tary · · Reply

    Hie Phro

    I have natural hair in weave on at the moment and dnt kno were to start from,
    I am using olive oil on scalp and i need to kno wat to do next
    wen i takethem off in terms of shampooing and managing natural hair.
    What do you think of the keratin treatment is it good on natural hair and which one
    shuld i use?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tary, I”ve interviewed a lady who has done it on her hair. Check out the naturals series on my blog. when you go to it, the hair topics are on the right, check out the natural hair one and hopefully it will start to give you some guidance

  33. dionn · · Reply

    Dear Phro

    many thanks for the inspiration will also embark on the hair challenge. thanks to my sis fafi for telling me about your website.


    1. 🙂 so glad I could be of help

  34. Pauline · · Reply

    Hi Phro. Thanks for the wonderful blog and awesome videos. I knew abt ur blog long back but never really paid much attention…wish I had.I live in SA and need the root applicator…any ideas where I can get it? I thought long hair was dependant on a person’s genes, even back at skul u always had beautiful hair…and just thought it was ur genes. Thanks for makin me realise that anyone can have it too!

    1. Hi Pauline,

      You’re very welcome Pauline.🙂

      Roots Only can only be purchased online at this stage. So please click here for more information. The discount applies because of my partnership.

  35. doreen muzorori · · Reply

    thanx for the great wrk phro. I read through most of your post and found this word…CO WASH. Wat is it and how do you do it. Y do u do it?

    1. Thank you for your kind words Doreen!

      Co-Wash is when you wash your hair with conditioner. You basically replace your shampoo with conditioner. This is used when hair is really dry. Are you experiencing really dry hair that just breaks so easily?

  36. Essie · · Reply

    Hi Phro! Ur info is really helping me with my hair journey. Am trying to put a lot of moisture in my hair and handle it gently but it still only 2 wks into my hair journey and i am trying to dust n trim but honestly i cant even tell if I have split ends and if I do,is there an easy way to do it at home or should I just go to a salon? Or should I give it time to become moisturized to see if it stops breaking from being dry?

    1. Hi,
      Give it a few more weeks before you think of trimming. You need to get used to understanding just how much moisture your hair needs at a certain point. You can also look at trying other products. I’ve got tutorials on YouTube that show you how much moisture I add to my hair. Subscribe on and get more insight on how it can be done. When you feel you’re getting better at determining how much your hair needs, then start thinking of trimming … I hope this helps.

  37. Primrose · · Reply

    I’ve been loing this challenge simply becuase its easy ad my hair has been looking healthy but I relaxed my hair then a couple of weeks later some hair had fallen off at the crown of my head and now a have a patch (about 5cm wide) where there is only new growth and all th eother hair (about 6inches) has falled off. How can I prevent this and what might have happened to cause it?

    P in Perth

    1. That’s a strange anomaly … there are probably a few key things that you’ve left out in your comment about what’s been happening with your hair routine. Not sure whether it was a retouch … actual relaxing new growth, whether you’ve been internally stressed (which could be a factor), what type of relaxer you used, if your hair was over processed…. there are a lot of factors to consider.
      In the mean time, it’s great that you’ve got new growth, meaning your follicles are still healthy and you can continue on a hair routine that works for you…

  38. Miss Ooh · · Reply

    Hi Phro,

    i’ve been struggling with dry hair that is constantly breaking, just keeps falling off. how do i make a good protein conditioner? and what goes into a good moisturising conditioner? please help..

    1. Conditioners that have protein written on them are usually good. Check out and do a proper assessment on your hair. Cause if it’s breaking, I’d first concentrate on building moisture.

  39. Rutendo · · Reply

    Hi Phro, So I’ve just undone my weave and I came across your blog, I wanna do the in-between weave care regime but where in Melbourne can I find glycerine?…and would I just find castor and coconut oil at any Coles or Safeway? Was also wondering if you know where I can get good quality braid products….

    Thanks and love your blog, it really helps having somewhere to look up hair care tips when your so far from home.

    1. Hi Rutendo,

      Glycerine and Castor oil – you can find at most pharmacies. Coconut Oil, at any Indian Grocery Store.

      Footscray is the best place for braid products. They have a very wide range.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Let me know when you purchase the products!

  40. Rutendo Mandevhani · · Reply

    Thanks Phro! will get them right away…good excuse to go into those shops, have always been curious about

  41. Rutendo · · Reply

    So I’ve just done the back to health regime ( in between weave care) and i have serious growth…last time i retouched my hair was in April….do I still have to wait a week before I retouch?

    1. Yes, give you scalp time to rest from the constant pulling. use this week to deeply massage it. wash your hair and do a protein treatment at least 3 days before your retouch. A retouch takes a toll on your scalp and hair as well … so yes, a week please.

  42. am a bit confused. what kind of leave in conditioner should one use. eg organic tree tea leave in conditioner??? after the protein conditioner. then moisturising with castor oil etc??

    1. Hi Ruvimbo,

      Any brand that says it’s a leave-in conditioner should be fine. If you don’t normally use one, then I’d advise you use a moisturiser .. the leave-in is just a stand in at that stage.

      I’m not sure I understand the other part of your question. You let your hair dry, then you moisturise, but if you want your hair to be softer, while damp add leave-in or moisturiser.

  43. hleziphi · · Reply

    hie phro,
    ok im a bit worried about my hair it was now 31cm in length wen i retouched it using dark and lovely’ s beautiful beginnings coz i have a sensitive scalp in june this year after having last retouched it in october last year. i normally choose to relax it after 6months which makes it twice a year. now iv noticed it has a lot of split ends and has since dwindled from the last measurement i used to take pride in. i normally keep it weaved to prevent breaking. i wanna givve it a new life coz lyk u, i do take pride in my hair, m from zim and i would like to know the way to go coz i figured eish i need all the challenges bt nw thts too overzealous. if u can gimme the plan u followed to get your hair where it is and the list of products. as of today im going to look for the castor oil and start on the hairline. well i do get a lot of dandruff and itchy scalp as well and am scared of leaving my hair not plaited coz of the breaking. i woudl also like to know the shampoo to get for my new programme

    1. Hi Hleziphi,

      It seems like you may not have had a hair care regime. What hair care regimes do is ensure that your hair maintains its health. This means you stop experiencing the list you’ve advised above. So I think you should go on the Back to Health Challenge – just get on it by going to, all the details you’ll require are on there.

      This is the first step of attaining then maintaining a healthy head of hair. Take it a day at a time, keep at it, and you’ll start to see results really soon.

  44. Patience · · Reply

    hey phro , this is awesome love your page… ok so iv been doin things completely wrong wow.. my question is how often do you relax? and how often do you do treatment? and you know when you get growth, sometimes you get that hard mashona type growth,its soo hard to comb my hair how can i make it softer? how often should i trim my hair? so i should not blow dry my hair when i wash it? i also have fine/thin hair how are you making yours thicker?

    1. Hi Patience,

      Check out my hair care regime, which is the back to health challenge on In terms of what I do to relax my hair, I’ve created the relaxer series. I believe that more than understanding what I do, you need to understand what relaxing is actually doing … then make an educated decision of how that will work with your hair. So please start reading the relaxer series from the bottom up … there’s a wealth of knowledge within this. Start from
      ‘The Relaxer Series – Part 1’ which you’ll find at the bottom of the page

      Touch base with me and let me know how you go.

      The back to health challenge takes you through why I don’t have dry ends, when you stop getting dry ends you don’t need to worry about cutting off split ends. So happy reading!

  45. hey phro… love this your page is awesome…iv been doing thins all wrong wow,my poor hair…ok my questions are: often do you relax your hair? how often do you do treatment? often should i trim my hair
    3. you know when you get growth, that hard mashona type kinda growth, its soo hard to comb how can i make it softer?
    4.should i not blow dry my hair after washing? her is fine/thinner as well how did you get your hair to get thicker?
    thanks alot Patience

    1. 🙂 thanks so much. My apologies I missed this comment.

      1. All my hair secrets are on this here blog. So I treat my hair using the Back to Health Challenge, so it’s just an ongoing routine I do for my hair. I always let everyone know when I retouch … it’s probably about 12 – 14 weeks …as far as I can take it.

      2. Trim when you get split ends, if you want to get rid of dead ends, if you want to keep that hair in check. its really up to you cause it depends on what your personal hair goals are.

      3. The back to health challenge will help with that. it’s continuous moisture infusion that will help.

      4. Air drying is the best for your hair as it’s not drying

      5. My blog talks through this a lot. U can use the great search functionality and you’ll be able to pick up some of these tips. Check out my ‘relaxed hair’ topic when you click on the right hand side of my site. There are a lot of posts about what you’ve just been asking on.

      Happy Hair Journey!🙂

  46. tariro · · Reply

    wow love ur blog this is awesome l have learnt and still am learning so much l want to take up the challenge and l was overwhelmed how do l start bought coconut oil, castor oil, was about to buy Amla do lneed them all at once. and what shampoo can l use for my hair that are safe

    1. Hi Tariro – I totally understand. When you start out you feel the pressure to buy the oils that everyone is raving about. I say … Castor and Coconut are amazing bases to have all the time. Leave it there for now. And for shampoos. Any sulphate free shampoo will work wonders. I love Vatika, a UAE brand which is amazing on my hair. I use their moisture shampoo and conditioner mix which does have sulphate a. If you like your current brand you don’t need to change as the prepoo stage helps A LOT

  47. Emmett · · Reply

    What’s up, just wanted to say, I loved this blog post. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  48. really interesting! and am going out today to look for all the products u mentioned so i can start with the new year. i cut my hair recently so its about 2 inches now – i wasnt really worried about shampoo and hairfood, id just wash with my bathing soap and oil with vaseline *cringe* but ive learnt the importance of haircare whether short or long. heres to healthy hair for 2013. thanks phro!

  49. Hi Phro,

    I have been reading your blog (and several others) since I had my big chop in May 2012. I never really had a hair care regime, since my hair is extremely thick. The only issues I had were in maintaining hair length, especially at the back of my head. But since my big chop in May, my hair is now neck length, and is still thick and healthy thanks to all the information you give. I hope that by the end of 2013 my hair will be arm pit length, and still thick and healthy. Thank you so much for showing me that even “hard mashona type” hair can grow.

  50. Rudaviro · · Reply

    Hi Phro,

    Can i use the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for cooking) in my hair🙂

    1. 🙂 that’s a YES from this side!

  51. Robyn_Wolf · · Reply

    Hi Phro!
    I’m starting the challenge today (super psyched!!) but my hair is natural and not long enough to wrap after moisturizing. What should I do instead?

    1. Just air dry and style as you normally would. Just make sure your hair is moisturised well …. check out a few styles on to inspire you.

  52. Anowa · · Reply

    Thanks Lani will take a pic of my current state n will post another one at the end of the year… Was seriously considering a bold head!!

  53. i’ve had my bad hair years and when i chopped again last december, i promised to take very good care of my hair… then i came across this challenge, and i must say, it’s working well for me & i just had to share. i don’t have any pics right now but i must say following this regime has really made a difference. my hair – natural, thick & as kinky & coily as they come – has never felt softer or been easier to work with.
    in particular, i just did my first proper wash day & am working on twists right now, the way my hair feels is nothing short of amazing. of all the hair advice i have received in all my years, i think i have finally found some truth & my hair is loving the new regime.
    happy hair, happy me🙂
    thanks Phro

    1. 🙂 Hi Cea,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Always good to know that my hair plan is making a real difference … that’s really special.

  54. Im suffering from lossing my hair line due to relaxing iwill start my journey today with castor oil and amla oil can you give me your advise by the way I have very very damage african hair

    1. Hi Rere,

      This challenge works really well in terms of repairing your hair. with your hairline, add – which is the hairline challenge. This will bring back your hairline.🙂 please keep me posted on how you go.

  55. Tinker · · Reply

    Hi, txs very much for all the information. I however need to know if I can use dye on my hair while using sulphur8.

    1. yes you can tinker. Just follow the instructions and then invest in a good shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair

  56. Nosi · · Reply


    I need to know how to cure my itchy scalp. are they any products which can I use?

    1. Check out for overall scalp care, which also deals with dandruff. But for a more direct link to what you’re after, go to

  57. cynthia · · Reply

    i ve a qsn phro, so if genetically my family hair has less volume is there anything i can do to improve the volume

    1. Yes Cythia,

      There are topical treatments you can use to gain thickness. YOu’ll have to use them for the rest of your life, as these are very temporary. Rogaine is one that could be used.

  58. Had a hairdo dat I carried 4 6 months!had lots of split ends come off!though my hair is still full and long!but do u think dat might have affected my hair lenght

    1. Hi Val,

      Hairstyles that are very long tend to affect the hair in a negative way. So that may be the case. I hope you’re currently on the Back to Health challenge.

  59. Ruth · · Reply


    You are doing excellent work.

    I suffer from alopecea and also have a receding hairline so i am mostly wearing a wig would you have an advice on what I can do to restore my hair.I have since cut my hair very short and its!!!

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thank you so much.

      Do you have an idea of the type of alopecia you suffer from? We can do a personal skype consultation to talk through a few different things, but the first step is understanding the type of alopecia that was diagnosed. Check out for more details.

  60. Ruth · · Reply

    Hi I suffer from Alopeacia areata.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Ruth, and for sending me your pictures. Let’s go back to email and I’ll provide the support.

      1. Hi, phro I liked all this u are sharing with people its so interesting, pls my hair is so thinning and the hair at the back of my head is bald for years now I don’t knw what to do pls, help me out

      2. Thank you Shola, I now have a service I offer to people in situations such as yourself. Please visit for more information. I hope to hear from you and support the battle with your thinning hair effecitvely

      3. Hi Shola,

        Thanks. Please get in touch with me for one-on-one support on

      4. Hi Shola,

        Sounds like you may need more support than I can offer through generic advice. I’ve created hair challenges that you can access on and get a tailored way of supporting the balding of your hair.

        For a more detailed look at your issues, I do have a service that I conduct. For more information on that, please visit

        Hope to hear from you soon.

  61. Lilian · · Reply

    Hi,I’ve heard alot about your hair challenge and I’ve seen results aswell,..i have dry hair and it breaks(split ends)it looks scanty and no sign of thickness…I want to be part of the hair challenge as I just got the Jamaican black castor oil my hair.pls I need ur help.

    1. That’s fantastic. IF you’d like my personal support, please visit my consultancy on I look forward to hearing from you.

  62. nabbossa · · Reply

    thanks lots this is really good the only way we can teach other african women that our hair can actually grow is by joining the challenges

    1. Thank you Nabbossa!

  63. Inira · · Reply

    My hair is really short! How many times a week should I apply it to my hair?

    1. Get onto the most up to date hair challenge to grow your hair. and use whichever intensity you’d like

      1. hey phro i am having difficulty posting questions on this page . I was wondering with this challenge can your hair be plaited?

      2. can’t see your full question…

  64. hello ms phro i love your website ! I was just wondering if my hair is plaited and it should last for two weeks, can i still wash my hair as per this challenge or is it only effective when your hair is out ? Thanks agin

  65. can you do this if your hair is plaited?

    1. indeed you can. Here’s a version of this challenge that will work.

  66. i was wondering if this challenge can be done when your hair is plaited

  67. i dont mean like in a weave . i mean like your natural hair being done in like singles, because i get my hair plaited every 2 weeks

    1. Yes it can Rachel. Check out and look at the ‘rested growth routine’ for a care routine in braids.

  68. thanks so very much for responding🙂 ! I also wanted to know what the light protein treatment in the Ninja growth challenge entailed. Thanks and remain blessed.

    1. Protein treatment is about strengthening your hair with topical products that have protein elements within them. ApHogee is one brand that has a range of protein infused products – I would say that would be an intense treatment. Coconut Oil has protein elements within it, using that as a treatment would be considered light.

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