Lye vs No-Lye Relaxers

My relaxer series went into detail about what relaxing actually is and what it’s doing to your hair. When you decide to relax your hair, you have to understand that you’re adding chemicals that are created to weaken the natural texture of your hair, allowing a new straighter texture. Your hair becomes weaker and dryer,…

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Why I love Glycerin

What is glycerin? Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste and which has a high boiling point. It can be created from plants or animal fat. Here’s the difference: Commercial Glycerin It’s a natural byproduct of the soap making process (soap made with animal fat). Commercial manufacturers remove…

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Loice’s Hair Journey (October Update)

I introduced you to Loice back in March. I’ve been working with her, providing her with strategies to grow her hairline back. She’s on the Hair Line Challenge trying to slowly manage the growth of her hairline. There has been a lot of  progress with her challenge, but competing priorities at times haven’t had her…

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Soft N Beautiful

So, my new relaxer (well, my first love) Soft N Beautiful has decided that texlaxing is the way to go for me. I’m not sure what the chemical composition is (I’ve never checked on any relaxers, to be honest), but for some reason, each time I retouch with it, it doesn’t let me hair get…

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Loice’s Hair Journey (May Update)

Remember Loice? She’s on the Castor Oil Challenge to save her damaged hair line from years of constant stress. She’s repairing her hairline after  years of placing continuous stress on it. This is Loice in 2009 … This is her hair in January, when she first approached me for support. I’m happy to see that…

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Need a quick remedy to heal your scalp from a relaxer burn?

Aloe Vera Gel is your answer. It’s best known for its soothing properties on skin – especially after sunburns or bug bites. Rub a little on your scalp daily until it heals.