If you want to grow your hair while it’s under a protective style, this is the right routine for the health of your scalp and hair. [Weaves, Wigs, Braids, Cornrows welcome]

Before you start, just know that no topical hair routine will grow your hair faster than your genes allow. What this routine will do is help you retain the length you naturally gain.


Duration: 3,6, or 12 months (check in once a month using #ThePhroEffect)
Braids or Weaves?: Change every 6 weeks
Cornrows? Change every 3 weeks

Recommended Products: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Aphro Comb

What results should you see?
Less incidence of breakage
Moisturised hair with visible growth
Nourished scalp

Apply Coconut or Castor Oil to scalp and massage for 2 minutes
Lightly spray a water based moisturiser onto hair.Want to create your own moisturiser? Mix 1/3 Coconut Care, 1/3 Leave-In Conditioner, 1/3 Water and lightly spray onto hair. Perfect as a braid sheen alternative.

Add diluted shampoo into Aphro Comb. Apply & massage onto scalp for a deep clean
While Damp, spray Leave-In Conditioner
Allow to Dry
Spray homemade Braid Sheen onto hair / scalp
Massage Coconut Oil or Castor Oil onto scalp using Aphro Comb

Drench hair with Coconut Oil before undoing
Unravel hair using tip of comb or fingers only
Finger detangle
Use Wide Toothed Comb to detangle section-by-section (start from end to root)
When fully detangled, adopt the Back to Health Challenge until your next protective style


Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

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  1. hey hope you are well. The page that used to have all three back to health challenges including ninja growth is that also down?

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