Hi I’m Phro, a hair blogger and consultant. Thank you for checking out my blog.

I’ve been blogging since 2010 and my sole reason for existing is to give  you simple solutions for  your very complicated hair problems. Over the years my followers, clients and I are have become walking testimonies that black hair DOES grow and can be healthy whether it’s natural or chemically treated.

Back in 2011 I started a series of hair challenges that give you practical ways of getting your healthy again. Hair Challenges are designed to directly attack your problem in an effective way. It’s really the beginning of your healthy hair journey.

What does a hair challenge look like?

Hair Challenges are designed to introduce you to an effective way of attacking an issue you may be facing with your hair and scalp.

It comprises of the following key things:

  1. A Hair Goal e.g. stopping dandruff
  2. A Time Limit e.g. 3 months
  3. Rules to follow e.g. instructions on products to use
  4. RESULTS e.g. your personal results

What Hair Challenges have I created for  your benefit? 

Back to Health Challenge – all-encompassing hair care routine that nourishes you from your scalp to the tips of your hair.

Castor Oil Challenge – eradicates dandruff and starts your hair on awesome growth

Hairline Challenge – reviving a damaged hairline

Ongoing new and improved hair care routines – update on current hair challenges

Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

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