This hair journey thing can seem very complicated. There’s so much noise about the latest products, oils, gadgets that no wonder people become product junkies to no avail. I’m going to spend my time concentrating on what really matters in this guide.

Step ONE: Discover what it is that you hate about your hair. 
Everyone says you should start by determining your hair type. I think that forces us to miss this self-discovery step, which is important. When you decide that you’d like to have healthy hair, you’re indirectly saying that you’re unhappy about the current status of your hair. Discovering what that is allows you to be more focused and intentional – and will allow you to see results sooner than you think.

e.g. I hated that my hair couldn’t grow past my shoulders without being dry and frizzy. 

Step TWO: Define ONE goal that you’d like to meet
Yes, one goal is enough. With hair and scalp, you’ll find that when you solve one issue it’s likely going to solve others simultaneously.

e.g. I wanted my hair to grow past my shoulders

Step THREE: Create a routine that’s going to focus on attaining your goal
Creating your own routine involves a bit of research. There are thousands of vloggers and bloggers out there that are willing to share hair regimes / routines. Make sure that as you do your research, you follow people who have the same hair type as yours – it’s a bonus if they also give objective tips that help you solve your hair issue.

e.g. I joined Sunshyne’s Castor Oil challenge. This is a routine that introduces you to a new product (Castor Oil) and new way of caring for your hair. I saw results after the first wash. 

Step FOUR: Commit to your routine
This one is probably the most challenging one for all of us. We live in a culture that demands results RIGHT NOW. Did you know that your hair has a 3 month growth cycle? Instead of hoping for immediate results (although manageability can be immediate), sprinkle a bit of patience to your life as you ease into your routine.

e.g. The Castor Oil Challenge was three months long. Not only did my hair look softer, seem thicker and more moisturised, my scalp stopped being itchy and the flakiness was gone!  I started sharing this challenge with my friends then decided to share what I’d learned by creating my own challenges – each of them which ask for a 3 month commitment or until your goal is achieved

Step FIVE: Discover how products should REALLY work.
Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your hair and the order to use them in is incredibly important. A lot of people contact me because they are using the right products incorrectly, making them feel like they purchased a dud product.

e.g. I created Hair Care Routines to make it easy to use products the right way at the right time. 


From hair that could grow, but had really dry ends, to thin armpit length relaxed hair and now shoulder length texlaxed hair … this ‘journey’ is fun and versatile. But one thing remains the same, healthy hair is key and the journey begins with you.
Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

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  1. Hey. I am on my natural hair journey and i must say i am seeing great results. Your advice is just amazing. You just echoed my thoughts on natural hair

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