What’s texlaxing?

Texlaxing is the process of purposefully under processing one’s hair in order to loosen the texture of the hair without completely straightening it.

Before you start wondering where you’re going to get a brand that allows you to texlax … think about your current relaxer and how to weaken it on your own.

How do you texlax?

Weaken the strength of your current relaxer by either reducing the time you place it on your hair or add a carrier oil in the treatment itself.

Let me take you through either of these two methods.

ONE: Reduce Relaxer Time This one is really simple. If your relaxer instructs you to place the chemical on your hair for 15minutes to get it bone straight, all you have to do is decrease the number of minutes the chemical is on your hair.

I’ve reduced my time to 10 minutes TOTAL. To ensure that it is actually ten minutes through my entire head, I relax one half of my hair at a time – starting with the back (it’s easier to rinse out that way).

You do NOT need to massage this mixture into your hair any further. The mixture is strong enough to start loosening the hair – massaging it in will speed it up

TWO: Add Carrier Oil This is equally as easy, it just requires you to add an extra step when you process your hair.

Add oil to the relaxer mix. I would start by adding two tablespoons – my relaxer (Soft n Beautiful) comes with an oil in the box itself, so I’ve never had to measure the oil myself. A lot of texlaxed bloggers add either a conditioner or carrier oil to their relaxer mix (about 1/2 a cup)

There aren’t a lot of licensed, trusted professional hairdressers that you can go to who you can trust to texlax your hair. An alternative is to purchase a ‘texturiser’ which is chemically weaker than a relaxer – and use that at the salon with your stylist. Otherwise, just halving your relaxer time or adding an oil to your treatment will weaken the relaxer itself, and  you’ll start to see that your newly relaxed hair will retain more of its natural texture and consequently be thicker.

Here’s the relaxer that I use

Soft n Beautiful No Lye Relaxer

And here’s me with bone straight hair and how I transitioned to 100% texlaxed

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6 replies on “#TransitionToTexlax

  1. I love u!!! I mean I love your advice. I was in the process of transitioning my hair to natural after it had suffered some serious damage from years of over processing. But I must have the fullest head of the hardest, kinkiest,curliest mufushwa ever. I kept it in braids on n off for 8 months but couldn’t not comb it. I was left with a headache each morning even with all the conditioning n sprays.

    I knew I had to get back on the creamy crack n came across ur texlaxing advice. Its given me hair that looks healthier more natural n definitely thicker. I can now wear my big hair confidently n pain free. It’s amazing to see the difference in texture between the roots n the

    Looking forward to the big chop in another 6 months or so. Thank you for your amazing advice.

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  3. Hey Lani, I texlaxed my hair about 2 weeks ago but the problem now is my hair is breaking a lot and am really worried….Please help

    1. Hi Wadzie,

      Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry that you’re not having a great time with your hair at the moment. I have more questions that I do answers at this point:

      1. Did you have chemical in your hair before your texlax? if yes, did you overlap?

      2. Are you currently on a hair routine? I live by http://www.phrophro.com/bth. it’s served me well for a few years now.

      3. Get into this article to determine whether your hair is breaking or shedding? You may either need a protein treatment or get yourself on a hair routine. https://phrophro.com/2016/09/09/breaking-or-shedding-hair/

      Keen to hear from you!!!

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