I introduced you to Loice back in March. I’ve been working with her, providing her with strategies to grow her hairline back.

She’s on the Hair Line Challenge trying to slowly manage the growth of her hairline. There has been a lot of  progress with her challenge, but competing priorities at times haven’t had her keep to the challenge – which is understandable.

The biggest update is that Loice has had an amazing growth spurt … she’s set the foundation of using castor oil that has helped to heal her hair follicles … her consistency is paying off.

I am encouraged by her progress. This is her at the beginning of the year …

3 February 2012 after a wash

… this is her in August.

After relaxing hair

This is her hair in October!!!!!!!!!!!

With some new growth and effective nurturing of hair

Had a short catch up with Loice and this is what she had to say about her progress.

Seems like a long time since you sent me your first pics in January. We introduced you to the readers in March … and it’s August, how is your hairline fairing up?
So far I’m still using the castor oil mixed with tree tea oil daily, and the occasional amla oil pre poo, and the shampoo and condition fortnightly.

What’s your current hair care regime?
I’m currently on the castor oil challenge for my hairline … and I also recently started the Back to Health challenge for the rest of my hair, except I wash my hair fortnightly.

What does your hair feel like?
It’s certainly thicker and going to it’s healthy self which is really encouraging.

I’m really encouraged by the results I’m seeing. From where Loice has been, to where she is now … she’s witnessing huge changes with her hair. You need follicles that aren’t permanently damaged, the right core product (Castor Oil), diligence and a whole lot of patience. 

What took Loice years to destroy, Castor Oil is taking months to rebuild. I’m so happy for Loice!

I hope you’ve been inspired. If you know anyone that needs to grow their hairline in, .. send them this link. Solutions are there … it’s a new way of thinking and it WILL change the way you look at your hair again.

Happy Hair Journey Ladies!

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I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

26 replies on “Loice’s Hair Journey (October Update)

    1. Hi …

      I just responded to your email. I use normal castor oil found in a pharmacy that’s cold pressed. But where you’re from, I believe you can get Jamaican Black Castor Oil!

  1. Loice your patience, perserverence and faith are such an encouragement. im two weeks on the same challenge and recently i just felt like im not making any progress but looking at your journey shows me that sometimes the healing prosess isnt so visible but it is taking place. I just need patience. my two month challenge period will be in mid january but now i think i should just be open to having to wait longer for results. one of my questions is, how do you sleep? do you wrap a scarf on the hair or do u just leave it. i wrap my hair every day and wonder if the limitation in blood flow just from the pressure of the scarf around my hairline maybe slowing down progress please comment.

    1. That’s a good assumption. Lighten up the tightening of a dhuki. Do invest in a silk or satin one which won’t pull on your hair. If your hairline is still to sensitive, buy silk or satin pillowcases which work in a similar way. Let me know how you go!!!

  2. Hey. I started nurturing my hair from chemical products to a natural state two years ago and have stayed free from petrolatum,petroleum or mineral based products and have noticed a slight change in the texture of my hair but it frizzes up really fast when I sweat or when it gets really hot. This normally forces me to blowdry it but I don’t do this often for fear of damaging my hair.When I blowdry it it becomes manageable but I do not even know my hair type. Please help.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      It sounds like you’re on the right path. Not sure what type of products you use and what styles you’d like to attain. The styles you use will determine how I help you further. If you are going to blow dry your hair, ensure that you’ve added a heat protectant before the fact… To determine your hair type, check, out this link – https://phrophro.com/castor-oil-challenge/hairtype/

      1. Natural hair can be worn in two strand twist or (silk) coils. Meaning it looks wet but it’s dry. You can still use your oil evey other day too. Keep a silk bonnet on at night so your hair stay neat and moistured.

  3. Hi. I have been on the back to health challenge and made some progress I think especially in terms of length. But recently I started realising that my hair is starting to break and I dont know why. I do sweat a lot seemingly especially at night but the thing is my hair is not doing fine. Like the previous lady said my hair quickly frizzes and i
    just do not know what to do. I pre-poo, wash and deep condition every week and i wonder if thiss is affecting my ha

    1. Hi Mmeme,

      The regime itself wouldn’t cause your hair to break, it’s more likely the type of products you’re using and whether you’re putting enough of what you need. It’s a test case of what your personal hair needs are. So start changing up the products, and perhaps adding in another shampoo if you’re having problems with a lot of sweat … see if that works. Without a one-on-one consultation, I can only give generic advice. If you’re interested in a one-on-one, please do get in touch with me via Ask Phro

    1. 🙂 I’ll try and get in touch with Loice … I think she’s happy carrying on with life. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in touch with her again soon.

  4. Hi , i wish her all the best in her journey, i have a question about my hair.
    I am Jamaican and i recently texturized my hair. and it started to fall out (Literally). it is dry, and also extremely thin.
    Will the castor oil help to stop the thinning, dryness, and also the shedding? i am also taking biotin.
    Please respond. Thank you

    1. Hi Shanice,

      Thanks for getting in touch. After adding chemical to your hair, you need to ensure that you’re nourishing your hair – meaning that you start a new hair journey of ensuring your hair isn’t drying out or breaking. So get onto the Back to Health challenge that will ensure that you keep your hair and scalp healthy.

  5. I have just found this blog. what i have been struggling with since I was about 7yrs old is my edges are gone due to having tight ponytails i am 39 yrs old still no edges but my hair has always been long, long enough to cover my sides. Had a relaxer for a long time haven’t had one in the last year. just wash flat iron. So do u think the castor oil will work? willing to try anything always wanted to wear a ponytail.

    1. Hey Tennille,

      Please look at the ‘prep’ questions you need to ask yourself to assess whether your hair follicles can still grow hair. If you don’t have capacity to do this, a short trip to a dermatologist will work. They will scan to see what your scalp is saying about your hair follicles.

      Once that’s done … and your follicles are still producing hair, start the Hairline Challenge on http://www.phrogroup.com/grow-hairline

  6. Lucy story inspired me alot,I have the same problem ,I’m going to buy myself a bottle of castor oil….thank you guys,keep on giving us the solutions for our hair

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