So, my new relaxer (well, my first love) Soft N Beautiful has decided that texlaxing is the way to go for me. I’m not sure what the chemical composition is (I’ve never checked on any relaxers, to be honest), but for some reason, each time I retouch with it, it doesn’t let me hair get bone straight.

I personally think it’s a blessing in disguise … and it may come in the form of the oil that you add into the solution. I was doing a tutorial on how i created the sock bun and how I then tie my hair with it, when I realised this …. TEXTURE (*hides smile)

Check out the texture that’s coming out and the difference with my older hair (at the ends – bunned up)

I’m loving the new texture … I’m loving the new found thickness … yes, 4As can gain thickness when they texlax.

This was my hair in 2009, bone straight … yup, this is what it’s like being a 4A!

My 4a hair type has grown … this was when I was retouching with dark n lovely

I’m looking forward to getting a full head of texlaxed hair and finishing up with the bone straight look. I was slightly getting bored of it, if I must tell the truth. This texture reminds me of the hairstyles I used to rock when my hair was shorter. I’m excited that this is now a possibility for me in the near future.

my favourite curls. looking forward to seeing them again!

 YAY FOR TEXLAXING … if you have 4a hair type, aka thin hair, why not come on a texlaxing journey with me?

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22 replies on “Soft N Beautiful

  1. Hey
    I like the curly texture, what exactly is texlaxing? Is it when you do not let the relaxer in for as long as its guided so the hair is made manageable than straight and boring???

    1. Hi Tatenda!

      Thanks so much. Yes texlaxing is a ‘watered’ down version of relaxing. There are actual texlaxers (not sure if I’ve ever seen them being sold), which have similar ingredients, but the time advised for the actual retouch is less than the normal time allocated. In this instance, I used the same time as I do with Dark n Lovely, but this product asks for an oil to be added in the solution, which I think adds to the weakening of the relaxer … so that may be the reason my hair isn’t going bone straight.

      lol… but I do love straight hair.

  2. Texlaxing is the best! It makes hair so much thicker. The only downside is that while you have 2 textures the straighter ends will start to annoy you because you want them thick like the rest of the hair! I ended up cutting off all the bone straight ends because I wasn’t patient enough to trim them off gradually.

    1. 🙂 Rudaviro,

      Texlaxing is the process of halving the time of the relaxer on your hair with the view of ensuring that your hair doesn’t go bone straight. The results of this is hair with looser curls than you had before, but it’s not bone straight.

  3. The hair looks awesome. Glad to hear soft n beautiful is flexible for all hair types:-) Its funny because i have 4C hair and a really sensitive scalp so with soft n beautiful i find it to be the only relaxer that works through the kink and gives me relaxed hair but with the texture u have:-) and i love it too, because the hair is still uber soft and finger comb easy but that natural curl and bumpy groovyness are great to play with post treatments and deep conditioners:-)

  4. Hi,

    What type of relaxer would actually help in getting the desired texlaxed hair? Where could I find it? I am based in johannesburg.

    1. HI Ayanda,

      Texlaxing can be done when you 1/2 the time you would normally use to process the relaxer. So you don’t need to change your relaxer, just make sure it’s not fuly processing your hair by decreasing the time ….

  5. Hi,
    I’m not sure where you are based? Is soft &beautiful texture softener available in Cape Town at all. I have been looking for it with no luck so far.

  6. Hi,Im a 4a n Im glad to hear about this texlazing.However my hair once broke off leaving me with patches.The relaxer burnt my scalp almost immediately it was placed on the hair yet its the one Ive always used.After 8 months,I used it again and it gave me bone straight hair following the required time.Do u get my drill.

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