Remember Loice? She’s on the Castor Oil Challenge to save her damaged hair line from years of constant stress. She’s repairing her hairline after  years of placing continuous stress on it.

This is Loice in 2009 …

Loice in 1999

This is her hair in January, when she first approached me for support.

January 2012 Hair Situation

I’m happy to see that her hair is growing (slowly but surely), I’m hoping to see all her follicles fully recover and produce hair. At times, when you continually pull and tug on your hair, it places stress on your follicles and over time, with continued stress, they may get permanently damaged – meaning they stop producing hair.

May 2012 Growth

My recommendation is for Loice to go on the HairLine Challenge and massage her temples daily with castor oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil. Unfortunately Loice doesn’t live in a place where she can get peppermint oil, so my second recommendation is to add just one drop of tea tree oil diluted with a cap full of castor oil. Tea Tree Oil is potent, so a tiny amount will go a long way, and Loice will feel it working on her scalp.

Massaging this combination will help to stimulate blood circulation. The blood will bring more oxygen to Loice’s hair follicles which helps give life to new growth.

Here’s my quick catch up with Loice…

Seems like a long time since you sent me your first pics in January. We introduced you to the readers in March … and it’s May, how is your hairline fairing up?
Yes it’s been a while … my hairline is slowly recovering … it, of course takes a lot of patience and I’m not giving up!

What’s your current hair care regime?
I’m currently on the castor oil challenge for my hairline … and I also recently started the Back to Health challenge for the rest of my hair. I also use pure glycerin to moisturize my hair.

What does your hair feel like?
Since I started using the glycerin, my hair feels moisturized and softer … Glycerin has made my hair more manageable.

What have you learned while on this short journey to growing out your hair line?
I have learnt that you need to take care of your hair daily just as much as you take care of your body or even your plant or flowers in the garden …they all need to be well looked after to be healthy.

I thank Loice so much for being open to talking about her hair journey. I hope this serves to help women out there.

Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

8 replies on “Loice’s Hair Journey (May Update)

  1. i think i need to be patient too my hair line is recovering but its recovering slowly and it doesnt help that i keep getting weaves on 😦

      1. i’m doing the weave challenge but i think my hairline is just the type that doesn’t want to be touched period. i did the hairline challenge it recovered but the moment i plait it again its gone….

  2. Well done Loice this really gives me hope. You can really see the improvement in your hairline especially the area near your ears the hair has come out.

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