Hi everyone,

Another Sunday – wash day – and I just thought I’d update you on my hair regimen. I’m deep into the Back 2 Health Challenge…well, I call it my regimen now, cause it’s something that I’ve now adopted as my personal hair care regimen.

I’m looking into other natural oils to get the best out of this intense pre conditioning to prepare my hair for the shampooing stage. I’ve started to look into adding essential oils in my pre-poo(these are concentrated oils, and shouldn’t be used on their own).

Today I used a cap full of amla oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil, and a cap full of castor oil. I concentrated the mix to my scalp using a spray bottle, then massaged it for a few minutes. I then capped it for an hour.

Why did I pre-poo this way?
I’ve been conditioning my hair incorrectly. things they don’t tell you – You shouldn’t place conditioner on your scalp at all. Conditioners don’t wash off when you rinse, they are created to go in the depths of your hair and bond with it. So when the conditioner goes on your scalp, it remains there. In time it builds up and starts to flake off which appears like dandruff. THAT’S what happened to me today. I had a cute hair style on, with nice bouncy curls and realised while I was driving to church that my parting had …. dandruff … ! I was not happy. So before I got to where I was going, I went into the bathroom and created another parting, and realised my whole front had this flaky surface dandruff. I was freaking out..!

When I got home, I realised that I had product build up and it was time to change up my conditioning process. I started with the pre-poo that conditioned my scalp, now for the shampoo and conditioning stage….

I’m loving my natural products so much that I experimented with a shampoo that I bought from the Indian store. It’s by Ayur and it’s Amla and Shakakati infused in it. As it’s made in India, it didn’t list the ingredients it had, but I thought I’d use it anyway. As I was shampooing it, the lather wasn’t as foamy as other shampoos, but as I rinsed my hair out, I could feel that it was clean, yet it wasn’t dry. It felt really nourished, yet squeaky clean. WOW!

I then used my Mayonnaise ORS conditioner for my edges and mid-length part of my hair, and instead of putting that conditioner near my scalp, I subsituted that with a cap full of amla oil. Amla oil is a great conditioner for the scalp and strengthens the root of the hair. So now I don’t let conditioner touch my scalp, I just use it to take care of my mid and ends.

I will be using natural shea butter to moisturise my hair this weekend. Really lightly. I will seal with coconut oil.

This is me before moisturizing my hair. I’m too lazy to get my camera, so this laptop pic will have to do.

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I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

13 replies on “My Hair Today

  1. Hey Lani, yes conditioner makes my scalp itch! Yet I used to plaster the stuff on *hehe* Nhai what is the natural shea butter consistency like?

    1. Hi Berni,
      Shea butter is quite solid at its natural state. you can either melt it by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds, or by rubbing it in the palm of your hands.
      I’m really not enjoying this conditioner build up. Second day and the flaky skin has gone, but my scalp is still itchy. Another round of amla oil and peppermint oil today before bed. I WILL NOT HAVE FLAKY SKIN

      1. Thanks for that 🙂 after your post I’m really tempted to try some coz I’m still yet to find a moisturiser for my hair….hmm… How did you go after the peppermint and amla treatment? Did you still itch?

      2. mmmm… I’m wondering how you’re doing without a moisturiser for your hair! *silent scream* 🙂
        WOW! Is all I can say about the amla and peppermint oil. Pre-pooing with that and concentrating it on my scalp has been great. It was stimulating my roots I could feel the tingle…then I added a bit more amla to the rest of my hair. When I shampooed though, I sectioned out my hair and gave my scalp a good scrub … section by section. I then conditioned like i said before and used amla for my roots and newer hair … AMAZING. I have no flakes at all. Cause Amla strengthens the root of your hair also, I notice as well the shedding’s decreased….but this is early days yet. So will give a proper account in a few weeks.

  2. lovely hair Phro. Tell me, what relaxer are you using? My hair is relaxed and I’ve been using Olive Oil relaxer but I want to switch to Dr Miracle relaxer now, heard its quite good. Your hair looks absolutely fantastic. And another thing, do you get your hair that straight purely by wrapping it or do u also blow dry? I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work for me. my hair has a habit of snapping back into its natural curly state after a few washes. how do i get it that straight without heat, wrapping doesn’t seem to work. I’ve watched your videos and was doing the exact same thing. Its straight but not dead straight like yours.

  3. Wow….so good to know- i’ve always wondered why my hair was ‘dirty’ again after i’d just washed it, and where all the dandruff had suddenly come from…have been washing the top part of my head again after blow drying it dry for ages…thanks Lani!

  4. Hi Lani

    Thanks for your advice. 2 Questions
    – i have thin 8cm 4c natural hair. im currently getting plain lines with my own hair, no extensions and i find my scalp becomes instantly itchy for like 2 weeks after getting the hair done. I pre-poo,use natural products and makes sure my hairdresser doesnt pull tight when cornrowing. At the moment ive been doing the vinegar rinse but it only works to stop itch when i have extensions. to mositurise i use castor and coconut oil. Any tips on preventing the itch? i dont have any dandruff just itchy.
    -becoz of my 4 c hair, i do need to get a blow dry when i get plain lines done otherwise its just all shrunken and the hairdresser cant do anything about it. I get my hair done every 4 weeks which means i get a blow dry once a month. my hairdresser uses the hottest settting becoz”it will straigten my hair”. Iknow theheat is bad for my hair but how do i overcome this obstacle of monthly blow drying. Ps when i do get a blow dry I always put castor oil but probably need a proffessional heat protectant?

    1. Hi Wadzi,
      First, let me clarify your hair type. When you say you have ‘thin 4c natural hair’, that’s similar to saying I have ‘thick thin hair’. 4c denotes that your hair is kinky and thick. Thin hair is usually hair that’s 4a type.
      Please click here to get more clarification on your hair type, this will then make it easier to determine what type of products would suit you best.

      For the itchy scalp, what oils do you currently use to moisturise your scalp? How frequently do you wash your hair? Once I have the answers to these questions, I’ll be better placed to assist you.

      With the blow drying, once a month should be ok. It doesn’t have to go on the highest heat, it can go on medium heat, it would just take longer to dry. A suggestion would be to put coconut oil in your hair while it’s wet, and then blow dry from there.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you

  5. Hi Lani

    Thanks for responding. ive looked at the hair type pics and mine is definately 4c hair,i assume it can all be the same,maybe i should have said i dont have a lot of the hair so it looks thin but def 4c:)

    to moisturise i use castor oil, coconut oil and this past week bought a shcakwzoff(not sure bt the spellling) leave in keratin treatment which is meant to thicken hair. Today(6/11) i just put in eucalyptus in my oils coz i read it helps with itching. i moisturise evryday.

    I gym a lot so i wash and do an elasta condtioning treatment once a week. funny enough my nails grow at a ridiculous pace but my hair is just slow yet it should grow so lm definately not doing much. I used to co wash but now have stopped after reading your article on conditioner.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
      Right now I’m doing a treatment that may work for you as well. I pre-poo with a cap full of amla oil, mixed in with 10 drops of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is soothing, so may work for your itchy scalp. Amla oil strengthens the root of your hair. So I do this for an hour….then I shampoo and condition as noted in the Back to Health challenge.

      Now … here’s the clincher…you gym a lot. You also sweat on your scalp, so you may need to do a shampoo on the evenings that you go to the gym. I look at it as the same as not showering after a work out. There are parts of you that get sticky as the sweat is evaporating and you’re left with those salty deposits. Even a rinse while you’re under the shower should reduce / get rid of the itch.

      Unfortunately if you gym, you need to increase the frequency of your washes. Hope this helps.

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