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I’ve known Taffie for a number of years. I’d always known her to have long relaxed hair. Then a year ago, she emailed me telling me that her hair was damaged, and she wanted to go natural. I gave her advice on what products to use and those that worked. While she took that in, she was also smart about doing her own research. A year later, check out her results and what her thoughts are on going natural.

It’s been a year since you chopped your long relaxed hair off, how is your natural hair journey going?

I love my natural hair. And I loved my chemically straightened hair just as much. The journey has been amazing…it hasn’t been easy particularly at the beginning. I made a decision  to cut it really short so I could start again. I remember looking in the mirror once I was done thinking “what the hell have I done!!???!!!”.

I have learnt to take care of it! Youtube has been my best friend lol! Before I made the decsion to cut it I watched a lot of videos to get inspiration. Now that its longer its much easier to do protective styles usually letting it out on the weekend. I’m loving it and for anyone out there thinking of going natural GO FOR IT.

This is Taffie’s hair when it was relaxed


What is your current hair care regime? (monthly/weekly/daily)

Sundays are my wash days. I Pre poo hair using olive oil  (an hour while I’m doing chores around the house).

Shampoo using natural nourish naturals shampoo( avocado and jojoba) for dry hair. I alternate between shampooing and co-washing.

I co wash my hair using herbal essences hello hydration (I love the way my hair feels after using this product). It feels soft, hair feels like its soaked in a lot of moisture and smells beautiful

I deep condition using organics root stimulator (deep conditioner) for about 20 mins.
Note I deep condition every two weeks during my shampoo week.

After washing it (de tangled in the shower) I style it into twists. I prefer to keep it in protective styles. This is mainly because I work out and don’t have a lot of time in the morning to style it. Letting it out is for the weekends generally.

When I style it I use Shea butter mixed with castor oil (homemade mix lol).

Every second day, I apply a little bit of castor oil to my scalp

What are your staple products?

Coconut oil – gives my hair volume, great for locking moisture in the hair and smells beautiful
I rub a little bit of the oil to my hair when I’m letting it out. LOVE IT!!! Every naturals must have.

Castor oil (black castor oil)-fantastic product (apply this every second day) its helped my hair grow thick and long too.

Shea butter – mixed with castor oil for styling.

Olive oil – pre pooing before washing hair with shampoo

Organics root stimulator (deep conditioner)-great for protein conditioner.

Herbal essence hello hydration conditioner-the coconut milk is great for giving hair moisture

natural nourish naturals shampoo( avocado and jojoba)

I used to be a product junkie. I’m sure everyone has done the same. Once you know your hair and know what works for you, you will start to know your preferred products!

How long is your hair right now?

Ummm I think shoulder length

What’s the best part about rocking your natural hair?

Looking and feeling unique. Its great being able to express myself.

What’s the challenge of rocking your natural hair?

With my hair cos its so thick washing it and de tangling it is a challenge. Its not something I look forward to doing.

With that in mind, would you ever go back to relaxing  your hair?

At this moment, No.

What are your parting words for ladies that want to go natural?

prepare yourself for a challenging journey with amazing rewards. You will get to understand your hair and know what it needs, what it like and what it doesn’t like.

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4 replies on “Interview: Going Natural

  1. wow love your natural hair. i have had my natural hair for one year now and iam still strugglinh to find out whats right for me. Iam also not a natural products junki and there is no oil you will not find in my house!! i hope with time i will be able to find out what is good for my hair. I hve that really kinky so hard afro hair !!

  2. oops error on my prev post i meant iam a natural products junkie i have everything in my house because i just get whatever oil i read abt …lol

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