I was in Borrowdale, getting my nails done at GODDESS. To the right I saw that there was a salon. I asked the receptionist what treatments they did and what products they used. I was impressed when I heard that they used Olive Oil products (the brand), Mizani and Dark N Lovely.

I came back a few days later as my dry hair really needed a deep condition. They organized an oil treatment for me with Mizani. I came prepared though, just incase. I came with my own shampoo and conditioner.

I asked at reception whether I could use my own products. They weren’t surprised at all and said they welcomed clients that came with their own products. I gave the shampoo lady my sulphate free shampoo, letting her know that I have a sensitive scalp (cause secretly I didn’t want her to judge me, I like being liked). She gently massaged my scalp and put on the oil treatment, from root to tip, bagged my hair and put me under a drier.

While I was under the drier, they handed me my tea (white with two sugars). After the treatment was done, they rinsed my hair out gently. I was then introduced to the lady that would do my hair. Gloria is her name.

She took a wide toothed comb and started combing from the ends, to the base. (I was secretly falling in love with her). She asked whether I minded if she put wax in my hair, or if I preferred another product. I told her I didn’t want anything wax based. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled out an Olive Oil moisturizer. She advised that she would use a small amount as it tended to be heavy set. How did she know that I wanted my hair wispy? She saw what it looked like when I came in, and she asked questions. It is a shame that they didn’t have leave-in conditioners to use, as that would have been ideal for that great salon finish. 

She blow dried my hair (is that tense correct? It sounds wrong – blow-dried.), and then added a bit more Olive Oil moisturizer, then flat ironed it. We started talking about products and of course I got her in on the wonders of coconut oil and castor oil. We talked about how hard it was to find products that worked for African hair, hopefully she’ll try the all natural stuff found in most pharmacies at a good price.

The price point is higher than an ordinary hair salon, I must say. My oil treatment cost $30.00, but the service was great. So if money is tight, perhaps only go for the essential visits – I’m sure you can pre-determine what those are.

Because of this experience, I may look into going to a hair salon in Melbourne for a scalp scrub and steam, once a quarter. (There’s a stylist that comes highly recommended that I will be talking about in a few posts)

The difference a good hair stylist can make to your hair, your entire experience is astounding. The poor people that saw me stepping out of that salon, must’ve thought I was something else; cause when I left that salon, I was whipping my hair back and forth, cause it had volume, was bouncy and had that WINNING salon finish that I’d paid for. And heish…I felt wonderful. No doubt, I called a few people that day to organise an evening out.

I pray that every woman in Harare has a similar experience to mine. I don’t know about the other ladies at GODDESS, but Gloria is a fantastic hair dresser and knows hair, she’s only limited by the products that are readily available in Zimbabwe. She was also really professional and friendly too. I would go again and recommend anyone to go too (for treatments anyway).

Here are the details:

Suite A
(Above QV Pharmacy)
Sam Levy’s Village
Mob: 0776 264 795
Email: goddess.salon@gmail.com

Ask for Gloria, tell her the Hair Consultant sent you. (I hope that’s her name)

Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

15 replies on “The Harare Salon Experience – Take Two (2/3)

    1. It appears that WordPress doesn’t let you rate more than one. I think the rating is more the number of times it has been rated, rather than a rating score of 1.

  1. Thanks for the review Aphro! Whenever I am in Harare, I get facials and my nails done at Goddess Hair Salon! In fact, though the business seems to have undergone numerous name and management changes since the onset of Zimbabwe’s economic decline, the higher price differential has always stood out and equated to fabulous service and expertise whatever area of beauty care you are after! I also think it’s lovely that your reviews help to promote the business, as I am sure Gloria (the other one – not me! LOL) would love to hear about your recommendation from the Diaspora! I am so glad that you had a fabulous experience! If only I could find that kind of expertise and service here in The Hague! *sigh*

  2. I would like to knw what sulfate free shampoo,do you use.as in south africa we hav organics not organix.the sulfate free shampoos are rather pricey,what can you recommend.

    1. Hi Locha

      I suggest that people who have dry scalp look at changing their shampoo cause they could be allergic to sulphates. You can only determine this by starting a hair care regime (and using the same shampoo you always have) and seeing if your scalp is still dry and your hair too. I used sulphate free shampoos,Organics, for a few weeks and it was fine, but my Vatika Nourishing shampoo that has sulphates is also working for my hair. Work to substituting one product at a time which is a great way of eliminating a potential product problem. I hope this helps…

  3. Hi. I’m Tendai and I have just discovered your blog and its wonderful. I love talking about hair growth and products. After spending 7 years in the UK i came back to Harare about 2 years ago and have been trying to find some really good natural hair products and oils. I have natural hair myself and have it in protective styles most of the time like braids or twists but I am yet to find a saloon to get my hair done without using products that dry out my hair! Is there any place in Harare I can get sulfate free shampoos? I have my coconut oil and my caster oil which i love but i cannot seem to find the correct shampoo that won’t dry my hair out…

    Also, I live in Borrowdale – which saloon were you talking about which cost you 30 bucks?! Thats v expensive… I had a steam at a hair saloon where they used organic root stimulater deep conditioner and that cost 25 – which isn’t much of a difference but i still felt the pinch!

    Awesome blog!

      1. I am sure that was Tendai my little sister and I think we knew each other from Germany.

  4. Hello,

    There is a store in Harare at 78 The Chase close to the Bond shops called Boutique 78 which sells organic face, hair and body products and sulfate-free shampoos. Everything they carry is non-toxic, even the nail polish. Stop by any afternoon and they can help you.

  5. I also love your blog I have natural hair and have done so for the past 8 years. I try to use natural oils and I keep my hair in protective hair styles. Would love to know more about what I can do to it to promote more hair growth. And yes this is Anna from Germany I think you asked Tendai Chimbandi if she was related to Amanda and myself. U are doing great. Gotta love our african heritage no other way than celebrating our hair!!!

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