Hey guys!

I’m back from the mother land. I had an exciting time in Zimbabwe. The weather was glorious (warm days and cool nights), the food was great … and the hair … well the hair was interesting.

I got home without my trusted coconut oil. My hair wasn’t happy with me. First thing on my list was to look for coconut oil in the Miz. First 30minutes of my search and I FOUND IT. So I don’t understand it when people say they can’t find coconut or castor oil for that matter.

Hello from Zimbabwe!

Where can I buy Coconut and Castor you ask?
I went to Kensington Shopping Centre and bought coconut and castor oil at KenLink Pharmacy (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s the pharmacy near ‘House of Josh’. Each little bottle cost me about $3. They were locally produced and all natural.

While I was in Avondale, I thought I’d try the other pharmacies, and again, I found Castor and Coconut Oils at the main shopping centre. Not knowing where exactly it would be placed, I just asked a sales assistant. They were really helpful. So if I hear … ‘There’s no castor oil in Zim’ I will scratch my eyes out.

Then a GEM. I’ve been talking about Amla and Coconut Oils from Indian stores. (You may find my business cards in this store if they are still there). At Sam Levys Village, when you walk past Edgars, to go towards Bon Marche, there’s a spice store on your right. THEY STOCK AMLA AND COCONUT OIL THERE. It’s called ZIMSPICE – Shop 43 Sam Levy’s Village. My trusted coconut oil that I lost at Melbourne Airport, is currently being sold at Zimspice. My hair thanked me.

I caught a young cold a few days before I was supposed to leave. I was taken to QV Pharmacy near First Street. And they had castor oil there too. So ladies, it’s smart to check your local pharmacy. If they don’t have it, then go a bit more central.

Plus these products are natural, which is great for African hair as it is very delicate. The products are also cheaper – as they are locally produced and also a very basic single ingredient with many benefits.

Coconut Oil is also great as a moisturizer for your body.

Coconut oil just wont disappoint. Try it today.

Castor and Coconut Oil Packaging

Sidenote on shampoos
I was unable to find sulphate free shampoos. The best I could find in Zim is the L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo range. In some salons, they are starting to stock Mizani. We’ll talk about My Salon Experiencein my next post.

I hope this helped somebody!

Posted by:Aphro

I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

30 replies on “Where to find products in Harare…

  1. Youre the best Lani!!!Thanks….will go to the spice shop over weekend and stock up and will double check name of the shop for everyone else!!

  2. Lusterz Scurl Moisturizer is available at Hair World located at Crnr Third Street and Selous Ave. It costs $15 though. @Phro I found another moisturizer that I wana ask you about. Its also an Scurl Moisturizer and is way cheaper than Lusterz. Will whatsapp you about it…

  3. I was surfing the net looking for natural hair products available in zimbabwe. Oh my gosh. I love u so much. I’m just over the moon that there are zimbabwean natural sisters who use the same products I use n that they are available in zim. Thank u so much. Please keep me updated. I’m currently in the UK. God bless u.

  4. thank you so much! I am 12 days away from leaving zim and I have been looking for these produucts everywhere. Thank you so much, this has been a huge help!

  5. Hi:) Can anyone out there point me in the right direction. I’m in Harare & am looking for peppermint or rosemary oil. Thanks:)

  6. thank you…had been looking for coconut oil..now left with finding pure shea butter and almond oil…hope i’ll find them in the same shops

  7. hey do you live in zim?. im planning to visit and im debating what hair style to wear hoping you could help. im debating whether to have weave (but worried about heat) full lace wig (also heat) and my natural hair (which takes a heck of a long time to style and im only there for a shot time & dont want to spend all my time on hair) please help. thanks

  8. Coconut oil and cator oit are available in most pharmacies. . Has anyone seen shea butter. Am looking for it.

  9. Thanks lots bought coconut oil at sam levy village. Is the parachute brand good for moisturising my skin as well

  10. wow this is a great blog – will ask my sisters to check out spice shop! How would you like to write shopping related articles for http://www.zimshoppingmalls.com? We are looking for content that is written by shoppers to assist other shoppers etc.

    Working on other platforms you may be interested to write for too including findaservice Zimbabwe and findaproduct Zimbabwe. You can google these two;)

  11. very useful.thank u so much.can any1 help im lookin for pure aloe vera gel. lyk th derma gel, they used to sell @ kensington kenlink but nw they nolonger hv

  12. You said the coconut oil and castor oil you got are locally produced. Which companies are those in Zimbabwe that are manufacturing coconut oil and castor oil?

    1. Great question. That was a few years ago, but I would have been reading the label. If you visit the pharmacy and check out the products, you’ll be able to get more information I reckon 🙂

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