A challenge to grow back your edges


Hey ladies,

There’s a lot of buzz about my new hair challenge. I’m calling it, HairLine Challenge … wow what a stretch.

My free 30 minute Skype consults are picking up an issue that is affecting women everywhere, traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is simply losing hair at your hair line because of tugging at your temple too tightly.

This challenge is simple, aiming to grow back the hair at our temples and changing the way we treat it. Let’s move from mistreating our hair and wondering why it won’t grow, to treating it well, and seeing the results right before our eyes.

Challenges bring together a community of women who are going through the exact same thing at the same time. We can draw inspiration from one another and help each other along the way. Sometimes we need that person that says ‘hey, this is working for me, try it out and see how you go’.  Also, it certainly makes life more enjoyable when you know that you’re not the only one going through these battles and that you can talk to someone who will understand just what you’re going through.

So … for those who have weak edges of  have mistreated their edges, Phro’s HAIRLINE CHALLENGE has been made for you, that friend you always talk about, your aunty, your mommy… Bless someone today … forward this here link to them.

There are a few things you will have to change permanently if you’re to treat your edges nicely:

  • Do not stress your hairline out by pulling and tugging on it
  • Make sure your baby hairs are never dry (so ditch the hard gels that dry out and make your hair hard)
  • Be really gentle with this hair (do not use tail combs to manipulate it, rather use your fingers)
  • Women who have relaxers for years, can start to suffer slow hair loss due to chemical burns on the scalp. So it’s important to follow instructions on the container. Watch how long you leave your relaxer in, the longer it’s in the weaker the hair shaft and the more potential for hair loss. (I will tackle traction alopecia on relaxed hair separately in a future post)
  • Massage your temples daily to encourage blood circulation (which enhances growth)
  • Leave out your baby hairs when you’re cornrowing, braiding or weaving your hair
  • Keep your scalp clean (I recommend washing your hair at least once a week – even if you have a protective style on) *a clean scalp is a healthy scalp which grows healthy hair
  • Eat right (you hair grows from the inside using nutrients that your body produces based on your diet)
  • Drying gels and constant brushing are not good for hair. Misting glycerin, wrap with a scarf for about half an hour to avoid fly aways



  1. jessy · · Reply

    Hey phro

    Just a quick question, when massaging the hairline, how long should one do it for because a mistake I think I’ve made is just applying the castor oil, work it in a bit and am done.

    1. I tend to massage for about 30 seconds. I use it as another form of relaxation, so I actually enjoy it. The way I look at it, if you make it enjoyable, you do it more often.🙂

  2. chido Musodza · · Reply

    This is another challenge I needed! Thank you love!

  3. jessy · · Reply

    Aaaw I see, thanx phro, love u…

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