In the quest of finding the best hair products possible for my hair, I’ve done a whole lot of *cough* research. The results are in, I’m a (now reformed) product junkie:

You may be going through the same thing, experimenting here and there. Taking advice from this girl and that. But the day you find what works for you … it’s simpler, you know what you’re getting and you KNOW it works for your hair cause you see the results.

Right now, with the Back 2 Health Challenge, I’ve been able to streamline my products. Here comes, the Regime update:

1. Pre-Poo – I still do that with 100% Coconut Oil. What can I say? It’s natural, it’s got essential protein that my hair needs, it’s not greasy … and it’s natural.

2. Shampoo – I now shampoo with sulfate free shampoos – ONLY. The story behind this. Well, I was in the transition stage and used a sulfate free shampoo, just to try it out. My hair didn’t feel stripped yet it was clean. I liked the feeling. I thought to myself, let me just finish this Vatika Shampoo, and let me tell you … my scalp reacted in a ridiculous way. I had flaky scalp syndrome …ewww. I dealt with that for a day (cause I used my trusted Castor Oil), but I didn’t like that feeling cause I’ve been dandruff free for years now. I’m now happily using sulfate free shampoos.

What I’ve learnt is that there are unnecessary chemicals that are added by ‘industry’ to our shampoos, and we don’t react well to them as they are really harsh. At times they do work to damage hair follicles. So you may be thinking that it’s hereditary, but it may just be that your family just uses shampoos with chemicals that are too harsh for your hair follicles. So … I’m done with sulfate shampoos, even minimised sulfate. I’m now sulfate free shampoo girl.

3. Deep Condition – That’s still the same. I find though that I will only use the Protein Conditioner a week before I retouch my hair. So that’s once every two months for me. Will monitor this based on my hair needs.

4. Daily Moisturising – I still use s-curl no drip, and I now seal with coconut oil. When I have growth, I use glycerin (not too much) to help with the moisture retention.  I’ve actually graduated from using castor oil on my whole scalp (I know), I currently use it on my edges, and my eyebrows (I know right). I’ve chosen to stop using castor oil on my whole scalp, cause i’m finding that being in the Back 2 Health challenge has taken care of all my hair and scalp needs. I will continue to monitor this and report back to you guys.

And this is what my products look like today:

Streamlined – Products that are working for me

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This is my 1/2 yearly hair length and health check. See the progress with the Back 2 Health Challenge – an all encompassing hair care regime.

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I'm a hair consultant and blogger ... I exist to give my beautiful sisters strategies on attaining and maintaining the health of their hair.

10 replies on “KISS (keep it simple sister) Product Overhaul

  1. Hey Phro
    You mentioned tht you have graduated from using castor oil on your scalp, does tht mean you no longer oil your scalp or jus tht you are now using something else on your scalp. jus wondering….

  2. I no longer oil my scalp. I do still use it on my edges though. I’m finding that with a full hair care regime through the Back to Health, my scalp just isn’t dry anymore. I think washing my hair weekly (concentrating the shampoo on cleaning my scalp and only the foam on my actual hair) has really helped with this as dandruff is also aggravated by dirt due to long spurts where people choose not to wash their hair.

    So far while I’m doing this, my hair’s looking stronger, feeling stronger, only shedding (minimal breakage when I have growth) and my scalp isn’t dry meaning it doesn’t need to be treated. I do say this with a disclaimer: use something for your scalp if your scalp is generally dry.

    As I continue on my journey, I’m learning that healthy hair needs to include a healthy scalp, cause that’s where your hair grows from, elastic healthy hair that’s NOT dry and ends that do not have split ends. This then ensures that it grows

  3. Interesting i didnt know that us afican women can actually reach a point in our lives where we can no longer oil our scalp due to having healthy hair. What an eye opener, thanx again Phro for the blog, its very informative.

  4. Since discovering hair blogs i have gone shopping! Got rid of all my old products and it has taken me more than two weeks to find almost everything i need for my product list to be complete. One thing still remains though – the elusive sulfate-free shampoo. Anyone know any good ones in Harare and where i can find them?

  5. At last! Found a sulfate-free shampoo, and it’s the Himalaya brand. Thanks for the tips Phro. With my shopping now complete, let us see how this new HJ goes.

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