texlaxed vs relaxed

What’s texlaxing? Texlaxing is the process of purposefully under processing one’s hair in order to loosen the texture of the hair without completely straightening it. Before you start wondering where you’re going to get a brand that allows you to texlax … think about your current relaxer and how to weaken it on your own. […]

Hair breakage is most notable on your comb

Let’s get straight into it. Hair Breakage. That’s most women’s nightmare…*chuckles* and some men too. So you say your hair is breaking. The Back 2 Health Challenge will deal with that, but let’s look at the meaning behind hair breakage. Hair breakage isn’t necessarily breakage in the true sense of the word. There’s shedding and […]

Phro Hair

1. Avoiding a mini hair consultation This step is really important. It’s during these consultations that a hairdresser provides their professional opinion on the best hairstyle for you based on the health of your scalp and hair. This step is usually skipped entirely, as the priority is to get your hair done and get to the […]

With some new growth and effective nurturing of hair

I introduced you to Loice back in March. I’ve been working with her, providing her with strategies to grow her hairline back. She’s on the Hair Line Challenge trying to slowly manage the growth of her hairline. There has been a lot of  progress with her challenge, but competing priorities at times haven’t had her […]

January 2012

Remember Loice? She’s on the Castor Oil Challenge to save her damaged hair line from years of constant stress. She’s repairing her hairline after  years of placing continuous stress on it. This is Loice in 2009 … This is her hair in January, when she first approached me for support. I’m happy to see that […]

More progress - 5 March 2012

This is unprecedented. I will be featuring a series on Loice, a beautiful lady who doesn’t have the luscious locks that everyone aspires to. Through the years of her personal hair journey, she has made choices that have impacted her hair line tremendously. Loice got in touch with me a few months ago to ask […]

Mohawk Hair - Salon Finish and HEALTHY

Now this is the last in a group of postings about the Harare Salon Experience. I’ve talked about a bad experience I had, a better one, and this post really consists of how to protect yourself from a bad hair dresser. Now, this calls for a bit more boldness from you my ladies. If you […]