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Married and blogging on phrogroup.com

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015 was a crazy year, cause I decided to get married twice in three months! I really do want us to stay in touch cause there are so many amazing things happening on Phro Group this year! I’ve just posted about my #GrowthChallenge2015 results and I’ve revamped the Hairline Challenge too. So […]

Letting a lil hair show while protecting the rest with this new dhuki style

Post Relaxer Growth Management (phase 1)

I’m six weeks post my relaxer and the growth is starting to mess with my hair routine. My routine, which I’ve been using since I created it 3 years ago is the Back to Health routine. It’s a basic hair routine that has given me the discipline and tools to shampoo, condition and moisturise my […]

My ends are healthy - no splits, no dryness. They are just thinner and fewer in existence than the healthier texlaxed hair. This is why I'd like them to go

Six Steps to a Perfect Trim

I chopped 95% of my bone straight hair off in February. I’m enjoying my new hair … it’s looking fuller, is easier to manage and I feel like it’s gained new life! You’ve been asking how I trim my hair. I wish it was really technical … but it’s really very simple … so here […]

July 2013

My latest length / thickness

Continuing on the journey of texlaxing. Here are the results so far. Video coming soon.

Petrolatum / Petroleum Jelly

Carrier Oil Series: Petrolatum

I think that petrolatum (petroleum jelly) is moisturising hair enemy number one. What is Petrolatum?  Petrolatum, Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, or soft paraffin is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons that is used as a topical ointment. One of the many characteristics of petroleum jelly is that it repels water. Its particles are quite large meaning that […]

Phro's Hairstyle of the Day

Join #PhroHOTD if you’re in a hairstyle rut

Just thought of this idea the other day. I think I’m stuck in a hairstyle rut. I’m trying to inspire myself with new low manipulation styles as I head into winter … and it’s getting harder and harder to do. Then I thought to myself; I interact with amazing women on this platform who experiment […]

The ends are gone. More of this.

I trimmed my hair – AGAIN

Hey ladies, So … I trimmed my hair. As most of  you know, I’ve started texlaxing my hair. Texlaxing is the ‘art’ of processing your hair with a normal relaxer ensuring it doesn’t go bone straight. This allows your hair to retain some of its original texture and more thickness. Right now I’m battling with […]


Recap on my 2012 Hair Goals

Remember when I told you what my hair goals for 2012 were going to be?  ‘My goal this year is to level my hair out so that it’s the same length throughout. Right now the hair in the front is shorter than that at the back. So when I reach mid-back level, I will start […]

Check out the texture that's coming out

How To: Create a neat high bun

Now to finish off the ‘Donut Hair Bun’ tutorial, I bring you a short tutorial on creating a high neat bun.

Texlaxing since March 2012

How To: Effectively Moisturise Hair

Hi Ladies, Through my ‘Ask Phro’  page, a few women have asked for a tutorial on effectively moisturising their hair. I always talk about using products in moderation but it’s clear to me that I need to physically show just how much product I place in my hair to get that healthy glow. I admit it is […]


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