Castor Oil Question Answered

1. I think I am reacting to the Castor Oil in a negative way. I’m getting more flakes on my scalp. HELP!

Castor Oil in it’s purest form has potent anti-inflammatory properties, but is also healing and cleansing, which is why we’re focusing on this oil as our primary oil in the Castor Oil Hair Challenge.  A little bit of Castor Oil goes a long way and too much will leave you, surprisingly, with dry skin. It does have some amazing properties, so I wouldn’t suggest stopping to use it in its entirety. Here are a few options

A few suggestions:

  1. Try using castor oil in moderation. Sometimes over use is the problem. Please click here to see suggested amounts of castor oil usage on your scalp. Try not to overload your hair with ANY product, moderation is key. The important thing with castor oil is to put enough for your scalp and gently massage it onto your scalp. The massage invigorates your hair follicles and encourages stronger hair to be produced.
  2. Since Castor Oil is so thick and its cleansing properties so strong, you may need to dilute it with another oil, thinner in consistency, but no less nurturing to the skin.  This thins Castor Oil out, making it easier to put on your scalp while oils such as coconut, olive and amla better moisturize your scalp.


Castor Bean and Oil

NOTE: Don’t be discouraged; even though castor oil is a great natural product that enhances hair growth, there are great substitutes out there if you are allergic. Also remember you may be allergic to using it in its natural state and mixing it may be the difference. Always listen to your hair and go with what works for you.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    i bot the peppermint oil n mixed it wit castor oil its been wonderful not to worry bout my scalp reacting badly wit itchyness all i can feel in the peppermint cooling n soothing my scalp its so lovely.

    its so tru wat u say on ur website all the products in my house i been using have all the ingredients i have to stay away from,thanx so moch i fill like finally my hair can start its long awaited journey!

  2. Nyasha · · Reply

    Hey phrophro I have braids at the moment I know my scalp is well taken care of cos I moisturize all the time with castor oil. My question is how do I take care of my ends is it ok if I moisturize each braid with natural oils?

    1. Hey Nyasha,

      That may be a bit too much. Get a spray for your braids. I haven’t had time to research on how effective our braid sheens are, but it seems they are about ensuring your braids shine, so I’ll loosely assume they aren’t moisturising your hair.

      Purchase 100% glycerin and mix that with S-Curl no Drip and your favorite natural oil – which smells good. Mix these 1/3 each into a spray bottle and lightly spray your hair daily. Use this a substitute sheen that also moisturises your hair.

      Let me know how it works out for you :)

  3. Phil · · Reply

    Hi Phrophro,
    I started using Castor Oil and saw great results with lesss and less hair ‘falling out’, my hair is 3A-B. I stopped for about 2 or 3 weeks and it seemed like my hair was life-less and when washing the amount of hair coming out was a bit scary. Is this because I stopped using castor oil for a little while or should I be using other oils? (I pre-pooed my hair with olive oil and coconut oil over night every week even when I wasnt using Castor oil.)

    Your site and you are great!

    1. Hi!

      That sounds interesting … I’ll need to know more information about the type of hair that was falling – was it shedding, or breaking. I guess what I’m trying to say is there’d be more factors that would contribute to this, not sure stopping to use Castor Oil.

  4. i use Allways Caster oil hairfood, is it ok
    Thanks soo pleased with your website God bless u x

  5. bernadette · · Reply

    Hi, I can’t seem to find the castor oil you mentioned. All I come across is the castor oil used to treat stomach issues, is that the one?
    Or there is a castor oil for hair specifically??
    Am in Zimbabwe, where can i get it

    1. Hi Bernadette that’s the same castor oil and you can get it in pharmacies! good luck, keep us posted on your progress.

  6. jacky · · Reply

    Hi…I would like to know wr exactly i can find castor oil, coconut oil or pepermint in Harare, Zimbabwe. Pls help im so desperate

    1. Hi Jackie here’s a post where I write about where to go for products in Harare

  7. Hi where can i get cold pressed castor oil in Melbourne

    1. Any good pharmacy! :)

  8. Thato · · Reply

    been 2 months of using castor oil on my hairline…can see small hairs growing. there is hope but hey it needs patience and more petience. m taking a break on weaves.

    1. So true Thato

  9. So here i was doubting you about that edges challenge and the whole texlaxing idea. I found myself telling people my bad hair line was how my edges always looked(mapfeka) till i tried the castor oil…hot diggidy dang it worked!?!??!? Then i was itchy scalp issues so didn’t relax my hair for 6 months then i tried a relaxer again it was on my hair for maybe 5-10mins then felt the first itch :-( washed that relaxer out and voila forced texlaxed hair…lol another for months later my hair is thicker and healthier BOOM!!! Thank you

    1. excuse my typos was so excited while i was writing…lol :-)

      1. Never apologise for being happy about your hair challenge being solved. LOL

    2. BOOM! works works works! So glad you took the journey for yourself! :) love IT

  10. I love castor oil! Castor oil is very thick, and it penetrates the scalp and hair deeply. My favorite is Jamaican castor oil or cold pressed castor oil because it preserves all the original nutrients of the castor oil. Make sure your castor oil is not grown with a lot of chemicals, check your sources.

  11. twixy · · Reply

    for how long can i leave castor oil on my hair?

    1. It depends on what the purpose of you placing the oil on you scalp is for. If it’s a treatment, then a few minutes to about an hour under a cap. If it’s to nourish your scalp, you apply a small amount on your scalp and leave it.

  12. angel · · Reply

    can olive oil grow the hair like castor oil cuz ive run out of castor oil n wont be able to get one soon

    1. Hey Angel,

      All oils are good for the hair and scalp, they have varying benefits. As an interim, olive oil is fine for your scalp. But make sure you get the next batch of Castor Oil as soon as you can.

  13. amriya · · Reply

    my hair itches after applying castor oil for two days without washing it.plz help

    1. Try this option of diluting it! I hope that works for you.

  14. Dilip pawar · · Reply

    Please send details in hindi iam very intrested this oil

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t speak hindi….

  15. kinjal · · Reply

    Does castor oil helps to thicken hair? My hair has become very thin n lil bit of scalp on the top is becoming bald. Plz help me out..

    1. Indeed it does. Have you started using it yet?

  16. Dynk · · Reply

    I covered cap on hair after applied castor oil. I left 3 hrs then takeoff cover cap. I saw around 10 string hair fall off. Then, wash hair with shampoo. I saw a lot of hair fall. Is it normal after apply oil? I don’t see stop hair loss. It fall a lot before apply castor oil. I need your help. My hair fall out. I can see white root my hair when it fall.

    1. This type of shedding is normal.

  17. neetu · · Reply

    im using a mixture of olive oil , almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. but since I added castor oil im feeling my hairs are becoming more dry and fizzy… :(
    I added castor for its growth property
    I also have rosemary oil too but im afraid to add it now :(

    1. It’s all trial and error. I advise to try one oil, then slowly add them. Coconut Oil is good for growth as well

  18. Nikki greenwood · · Reply

    Can I leave castor oil in my hair ?

    1. The depends on the needs of your scalp. If your scalp is dry then yes, if your scalp is oily, then only use castor oil as a hair treatment (ie wash it out after an hour)

  19. avalon · · Reply

    what can i use to substitute castor oil

  20. Nicole · · Reply

    My hair fell out on the top(crown) of my head. I noticed it after a recent relaxer. I had it cut into a short style and now it’s very noticeable. You can see scalp. I have 4c type hair. Thick and coarse. I’m about 2 weeks into your Growth 2 challenge and Castor oil Challenge. I experienced itchy scalp and about 4 sore bumps on the crown of my head. I have been mixing it with Olive oil.
    Also I have a short hair cut and have to use a curling iron. I always use a heat protectant first though….

    1. Checking in Nicole, how is your hair growth 7 months on?

  21. faisal ahmed · · Reply

    i used castor oil in my hair.and i remove it the next day it herms for my hair? i will be very pleased if you reply my question.thank you.

    1. That’s a great treatment for your hair!

  22. Jamie · · Reply

    I use two teaspoons of castor oil and two teaspoons of coconut oil heat it up for 30 second and place it on my roots and throughout my hair, I hang my head upside down for 4 minutes massaging my scalp then leave it in.
    I have just started and I saw thickness and a length change just by leaving it in for 1 hour.
    Is leaving both in my hair over night good to do twice a week ?

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