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Another Hairline that's grown back

Hairline Challenge – one result

Hi, Just thought I’d share one readers journey. She got in touch with me last year and her hairline looked like this: She didn’t know what challenge to get on, and I pointed her to my about page. Fast forward to now, she’s just touched base with me reporting back on the Hairline Challenge where […]

From thin to thickness. on that texlaxed hair journey

My latest length / thickness

Continuing on the journey of texlaxing. Here are the results so far. Video coming soon.

Petrolatum / Petroleum Jelly

Carrier Oil Series: Petrolatum

I think that petrolatum (petroleum jelly) is moisturising hair enemy number one. What is Petrolatum?  Petrolatum, Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, or soft paraffin is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons that is used as a topical ointment. One of the many characteristics of petroleum jelly is that it repels water. Its particles are quite large meaning that […]

Phro's Hairstyle of the Day

Join #PhroHOTD if you’re in a hairstyle rut

Just thought of this idea the other day. I think I’m stuck in a hairstyle rut. I’m trying to inspire myself with new low manipulation styles as I head into winter … and it’s getting harder and harder to do. Then I thought to myself; I interact with amazing women on this platform who experiment […]

Motions Lye Relaxer

Lye vs No-Lye Relaxers

My relaxer series went into detail about what relaxing actually is and what it’s doing to your hair. When you decide to relax your hair, you have to understand that you’re adding chemicals that are created to weaken the natural texture of your hair, allowing a new straighter texture. Your hair becomes weaker and dryer, […]

child's bantu knots

Rework on Bantu Knots for your little angel

I ‘liked’ a page on facebook called Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care. Strange name, but it’s really innovative … I promise. It’s a network of adoptive parents who discuss natural haircare for kids, transracial adoption and family life. On the hair front, this group comes together to provide support on how to take care of their adopted […]

Pamela Hakunavanhu

The Weave Challenge is on again

Last year we followed Teurai Chanakira’s personal hair journey as the 2012′s Face of Phro’s Weave Challenge. Within weeks of going on the challenge, she grew accustomed to her own hair and is now proudly rocking her afro. This is her before: This is her now: She talks about her hair journey here —-> the post […]

my big chop

The power of a trim

Where do I begin …  I believe in health over length when it comes to hair. I promised about 12 months ago that I would start trimming my hair after I reached Bra Strap Level (BSL) … to get rid of my over processed and thinner hair. I discovered texlaxing by accident and haven’t looked […]

My staple Back to Health Challenge products

Where in Melbourne do I get my products from?

After I posted my December Length and Check post, a lot of women were asking where I purchase my products from. I’m dedicating this very short post to give you this information. Starting from the left … S-Curl No Drip – I go to Footscray, near the train station. There are a lot of hair […]


How to: Why I love flexi-rods

Hi Ladies, I thought I’d already dedicated a post to this … but seems NOT. #FAIL But here we go. I love flexi-rods. They are a great way to curl your hair without messing with it too much. I’ve recently trimmed my hair (well, really, done the BIG CHOP) and with this extra thickness, I […]


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