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February 2014 Health and Length Check

Apologies for not keeping you up to date on my hair journey. It’s been a busy few months .. no more neglect. I’ll give you a summary of what’s been taking place with my hair so far: I did another bone straight hair big chop Mid February. In 2013, my hair grew back to Bra […]

The creation of something new

…and now there’s Phro Group

WELCOME TO PHRO GROUP – WWW.PHROGROUP.COM – GO CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Phro Group is a culmination of the work you have been asking me to do since we started talking in 2010. I started sharing my hair journey with a few friends on Facebook which quickly grew into providing […]

My ends are healthy - no splits, no dryness. They are just thinner and fewer in existence than the healthier texlaxed hair. This is why I'd like them to go

Six Steps to a Perfect Trim

I chopped 95% of my bone straight hair off in February. I’m enjoying my new hair … it’s looking fuller, is easier to manage and I feel like it’s gained new life! You’ve been asking how I trim my hair. I wish it was really technical … but it’s really very simple … so here […]

texlaxed vs relaxed

The beginning of the #TransitionToTexlax2014 challenge

I’ve been talking about my accidental discovery of texlaxing since October 2012, which has really changed my ‘grow healthy relaxed hair’ journey. I’m now on the ‘texlaxed’ band wagon. What’s texlaxing? Texlaxing is the process of purposefully under processing one’s hair in order to loosen the texture of the hair without completely straightening it. Before […]

Over moisturised hair - strands stick together

I call this Transformation 2014

Happy New Year Guys, While I battle with my electrician and building manager to get my phone line working so that I can do a simple ‘hair and health check’ for you, I thought I’d just share my thoughts for 2014. I’ve been speaking with you for a few  years now and have helped 1000s […]

Merry Christmas from Australia

Merry Christmas

Hi All, I would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous 2014. I’ll be in touch before January of course with the 2013 check in on my hair and length check! May your hair be the BEST ornament holder they see this season! Thank you so much for the support […]

twist with dhuki

How to: A protective style that includes twists and a dhuki

So, winter is coming for those in the Northern Hemisphere … so I thought I’d do a short tutorial on how I get THIS style I love this style for the following reasons: 1. It’s a low manipulation style that protects the driest part of your  hair (your edges), weakest part of your hair (your […]

styling box braids

How To: Styling your box braids

Now that you know the rules of keeping your braids intact and hair healthy? …. you don’t know …? ok, check this post out -> CLICK HERE Now that you know how to maintain healthy hair while braided, check out 6 easy ways to style your box braids. Meet Chanel Boateng … she’s created a […]

Another Hairline that's grown back

Hairline Challenge – one result

Hi, Just thought I’d share one readers journey. She got in touch with me last year and her hairline looked like this: She didn’t know what challenge to get on, and I pointed her to my about page. Fast forward to now, she’s just touched base with me reporting back on the Hairline Challenge where […]

July 2013

My latest length / thickness

Continuing on the journey of texlaxing. Here are the results so far. Video coming soon.


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