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Married and blogging on

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015 was a crazy year, cause I decided to get married twice in three months! I really do want us to stay in touch cause there are so many amazing things happening on Phro Group this year! I’ve just posted about my #GrowthChallenge2015 results and I’ve revamped the Hairline Challenge too. So […]

Phro Group Launch

#PhroLaunch meet our team at this year’s Curlvolution Natural Hair Beauty Show

Get your tickets today.  Test out the entire range at Curlvolution on Saturday 23 May. Want a discount on the introductory price of our popular hair care range? Then click here to find the phrase that will allow you to attract a 5% discount when you purchase the entire range at Curlvolution.

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Product Review – The B. Range by Phro Group

Originally posted on Mini & Char:
One of the commitments I made to myself towards the end of last year was to take better care of myself and try to move towards using natural or organic products to nourish my skin and hair. For the last three months I have been using the Basics Range…

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Have you joined #GrowthChallenge2015 yet?

This is Zinzi, these are the first three months of her results. Want to understand how she’s finally seeing progress with the health of her hair? She’s on my #GrowthChallenge2015. This growth challenge is not JUST about growing your hair. It’s about attaining healthy hair, enjoying every stage of discovering your hair’s potential … and […]

Only Sew-In Weaves Allowed

How would you respond to the below statement?

Simply advising women of African descent not to avoid hair extensions and chemical treatments will not work.

Before 2012

Revamp of the Hairline Challenge

I’ve revamped the hairline challenge. Remember Loice? Well, due to the success of her hairline growing back, I’ve had a lot of interest from around the world about the Hairline Challenge that I formulated 3 years ago. Now, I have my own products that I’ve formulated that will ensure that your hairline grows back in, […]

20 December 2014

20 December – Retouch with Soft N Beautiful

I have retouched my hair using Soft n Beautiful

My Phro ... before the retouch

My current hair care routine

I’ve created and am joining #GrowthChallenge2015. So I’m bumping up my hair care routine cause I want to grow my hair to Armpit Length by the end of next year. This is my current length (I now experience shrinkage!) I will be retouching my hair (remember it’s texlaxed) in January. Oh … and I’ve also […]


Grow your hair the right way in 2015

Haven’t been seeing results on your hair journey? You keep struggling to get your hair to grow past a certain length?

Team Pony Shungu


Quick Update: I allowed my South African hairdresser to trim my hair. I’d been cutting it all these months – trying to get rid of my bone straight ends. And I succeeded … Then I started looking at women with short cuts. All of a sudden I missed my short hair. So I cut my […]


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