How I prep my hair for a work out

I’ve received a lot of feedback to my ‘Work Out Survey’ that I asked you to fill earlier in the year.

Before I launched into creating another hair challenge, I wanted to understand whether people experienced hair issues cause of their work out schedule.

Doesn’t seem like y’all have a major problem with it. You know my thoughts on ‘work-out’ hair though… if you’re excessively sweating; you needs to wash that hurr.

There really is no quick fix to ensure your hair is nurtured. Let me share a few things with you:

Sweat is one of the contributing factors to problems with dandruff.

If your scalp is itchy, it’s another way of telling you that it’s having a reaction to whatever’s on your head. The best way to remedy an itch, as a first step, is to rinse / shampoo out whatever’s on your scalp.

When the sweat from your hairline / face / scalp evaporates, you’re left with salt deposits which harden and dry out your hair. Infusing your hair with moisture (in this case aqua) will rinse out the salt deposits and reverse its drying effect. We all should know by now that dry hair is hair that breaks.

If you don’t excessively sweat and are adamant that you wont wash your hair after each work out … that’s ok, just check out a short lil video of what I do before I work out to prep my hair. This will help your sensitive edges out a lot.

And here are a few fun photos of me doing my ‘work out’ thang.

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  1. So i recently got back into the gym thing ie yesterday. I had just washed my hair on Sunday, and after my session on Monday evening my hair defo needed a wash. So my question is, is it ok to wash your hair everyday after a workout?
    BTW nice looking guns kikikik

    1. lol…iwe Dee :) thanks

      It’s ok to wash your hair everyday … you could co-wash and glide coconut oil on your hair while your hair is dry to ensure you retain moisture. then continue with the moisturising process as normal. if this is too much, perhaps increase your normal wash to 2 to 3 times

  2. Boipelo · · Reply

    I sweat like a pig in the gym… 😏for the first time I was washed my hair after gym… I think I don’t have a choice. So I guess il have to wash my hair 4 times a week

  3. Thanks for the info., I just started locking back my hair and I am also training for my 3rd Marathon so that means lots of running and sweating. I am noticing big gross chunk of dundruff by my hairline andi did not I know why. Thanks for the tips!!!

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