June 2012 Health and Length Check

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s the 1st of July ALREADY. Remember my length check back in March? Well I’m bringing you my June health and length check.

I’ll just give you a summary of what’s been taking place with my hair so far:

1. I cornrowed my hair and my hairline suffered. That was a fail for my hair.

2. I decided to trim my ends  … and no, it wasn’t because of split ends, the Back To Health challenge keeps my ends in check. It’s cause those ends were the straggly bits and had been affected by the times when  I used to over process my hair, so they were thinner and just needed to go. My ends are now fuller, which is great.

3. I’ve also just started wearing dhukis in winter as my form of a ‘low manipulation style’. This means that I don’t comb my hair a lot and it’s protected from the harsh weather that winter tends to bring with it.

4. I’m on the Back to Health challenge and currently using the following products:

Roots Only with Castor Oil in it
Coconut Oil from Kensington Pharmacy in Harare
S Curl No Drip moisturiser found at any good African Hair Care store

I had so much fun doing this video for you .. here are a few silly pics I took …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here you have it, the results of being on the Back to Health challenge for another 6 months. It works really well as it’s consistence, continually checks on how your hair is going and it just gives your hair all it needs to realise health and growth.

Happy Sunday to all … I hope your hair journey is going well!


  1. You’re going from strength to strength! All the best in your hair journey. Looks like you will be waist length in no time!

    1. Thank you so much. Means a whole lot more coming from another hair blogger! :) http://www.africanhairblog.com LADIES, check it out

  2. Nkem · · Reply

    Your hair journey has really inspired me over time.Thank you for sharing.

    1. : you’re very welcome

  3. Nkem · · Reply

    I am natural though i hope you do not mind?

    1. I love all hair types. A lot of people who have made different hair choices adopt these tips which work really well. so I actually welcome it. thanks for your kind words

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