Dhuki-Check (my version of a protective-style)

For those in the Southern-Hemisphere … how’s your winter? Those of you enjoying your summer … *sigh* I wish I was up there with you all.

So … In January, I gave you details of my personal hair goals (Phro’s Hair Goals). One of the things I committed to not doing, was braiding my hair.

So here I am, in winter, trying to ensure that my hair doesn’t break excessively, while still dressing in a professional manner to coincide with my professional work life.

I’m an advocate for the dhuki. If it’s silk / satin, it’s a great way to hide your hair and minimise the time you spend messing about with it. Winter’s just settled in good ‘ol Melbourne, so if you see me around, you’re going to see my head gear too!

I’m covering my hair (pony, bun or dhuki) … giving it a break. The reason I’m not going to plait it, is cause I discovered that I have a sensitive hairline (sensitive hairline). So I’ve moved away from cornrows, and have adopted new ways of giving my growing hair a rest.

I’m currently 4 weeks post relaxer, and I KNOW I owe you a length and health check … Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

dhuki with a dramatic twist

Dhuki with a smaller twist

Making sure that my dhuki finishes the outfit. Hair Care … 101


  1. Maame Esi · · Reply

    aaaw phro, u luk verrry cute in ur dhuki…smart pics

  2. Loulaa · · Reply

    Heya Phro, I been looking through your site… luuuv it! Hoping i could get a skype consultation though so could you fit me in asap pleeease??
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    1. :) thanks Loulaa …

      I call out for free skype consultations at different times of the year. Please keep your eyes peeled on http://www.facebook.com/hairchallenge for details when they come through.

  3. […] I’ve also just started wearing dhukis in winter as my form of a ‘low manipulation style’. This means that I don’t comb my hair a […]

  4. Mai T · · Reply

    I Like the dhuku but unfortunately can’t wear it to work. My hair is at that tricky length, its too short to bun or put in a ponytail but long enough to rub against my shoulders and clothes. What other protective styles can I try?

    1. check out my hair topics on the right site. There’s one dedicated to protective styles I’ve tried. http://phrophro.com/category/protective-styles/
      For most of your hair questions, start from that ‘Hair Topics’ section .. good luck with finding the right style for you

  5. The hairline blues. It’s crazy, I also have an incredibly sensitive hairline. Decided to keep my hair in a weave that way I can easily apply my castor oil and T44Z to my hair line..x

    1. :) health first right!? :)

      1. Lol right..x

  6. tafadzwa · · Reply

    hey…how often do you retouch your hair when you dont plait it? i recentlt discovered your blog,and will be starting on the challenges when i remove this weave.i had started to put more effort to my hair care, was washing and deep conditioning once a week when not plaited and i felt twas helping withe the general health of it..am loking to step withall the stuff am reading here in terms of making better chioces with products and all..thanks

    1. Hi Tafadzwa, you can actually start taking care of your hair now on the weave challenge – http://www.phrophro.com/weave. Check out the relaxer series to find out more information about what relaxers are doing to your hair and how to effectively take care of your hair – http://phrophro.com/category/relaxed-hair-2/. Start reading from the bottom up! Welcome to the healthy hair journey

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