Update on Teurai’s Weave Challenge

We’re catching up with Teurai Chanakira, the Face of Phro’s Weave Challenge. She has  loved nurturing her hair under her weave and is currently rocking her own hair for the first time in a long time.

So, we touch base with her during the first ‘in-between hair care’ where I instruct women who LOVE their weave, to take a break from their weave for just a week. Let’s see what Teurai has to say.

We’re at week 7 in Phro’s Weave Challenge … where I challenge you to nourish your hair alongside your actual weave. Have you stuck to the challenge as a whole?

Yes, I’ve followed the weave challenge to a tee, aside from one weekend. Sometimes I get really busy and introducing a new regime that asks for consistency of washing hair weekly where before I hardly did, was truly a challenge. Because I am not used to washing the human hair often, I was a little hesitant about whether the quality would be affected. I soon realised that my weave wasn’t affected at all. It smelled really good and my scalp thanked me for it too. The weave challenge is helping me break old habits.

What has been the toughest thing to endure during the challenge?

Washing the weave weekly was tough. My weave looked healthier and cleaner throughout the challenge though. It was lovely and bouncy whereas before the weave challenge, it would look worn out after several weeks – I guess the weaves can do with a wash after all.

We’re going to stage two of the weave challenge with another weave being installed. What have you learnt that you will do differently during this phase?

I have definitely learnt a healthier way to moisturise my scalp and keep it clean whilst I have a weave on. I love using the natural oils and I am now more educated that I actually have to look after my scalp and hair whilst I have a weave, instead of ignoring it as though my hair has gone on holiday to some faraway place! It’s still there and demands my attention, just as I need to look after my body etc.

It has also further encouraged me to seriously consider going the natural route with my hair. It was really hard for me to take off the weave and know that I have (2weeks in my case) without a weave – it showed me that I need to start embracing my own hair and leave it out more often. I am taking 2 weeks off to see how I go with my natural hair, unrelaxed. It will be an experience.

Photographer: Monarch Digital Creative
Makeup: Colours by Youla
Stylist: Bibz

You have your hair out right now. How does your hair feel?

My actual hair feels stronger and thicker than it did when I cut my hair.

This is taken from Teurai’s personal blog … click here to see the whole post.

‘I’m so grateful to Aphro Phro for teaching me and other women about natural products. I started on her Weave challenge and as I followed her advice on using castor oil and other natural oils, I seriously started thinking, if I can do this for my hair whilst it’s under a weave why can’t I do it for my hair when it’s out?

The first day I took out my weave and rocked my natural hair, I honestly felt like I looked really unattractive (yes honestly, I did!) but with time I have seen more and more layers of myself than I ever did. I have been through a lot but I’m so happy within because I have been able to turn any negative experiences to lessons which have fuelled me further and that is now reflected in my outer self. And what of your modeling you may ask? Well…I am getting even more interest because of my natural look. My first assignment with my natural hair will be taking place next week. When you just accept yourself as you are, it’s not hard for others to do the same.’


There you have it ladies, you can take care of your real hair while you’re covering it with a weave. Weaves are great protective styles when done right. We’re going through the weave challenge and have a group that’s getting support, if  you’re interested in nurturing your hair and would like more support, join the Weave Challenge group by clicking here.


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