Case of the demarcation line

In relaxed hair terms, the demarcation line is where your relaxed hair meets your new growth along your hair shaft. This is one of the most sensitive areas along your hair shaft and is the cause of a lot of breakage for women who are transitioning or stretching between relaxers.

It happens a lot because your new growth is stronger than your ‘control damaged’ relaxed hair. It’s essentially where your weakened hair meets your strong hair therefore causing an imbalance making that area highly susceptible to breakage.

Demarcation Line – see the difference in texture?

Here are four simple ways to reduce breakage in this area:

Use moisturizers that soften your growth

S-Curl No Drip, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel,  and Pure Glycerin (just to name a few) are fantastic at softening your new growth. When the texture of your new growth is softened the demarcation line is less weak. We all know now that dry hair is hair that breaks, so providing your hair with nourishment is a great way to curb breakage.

Separate your hair out and nourish the base of your hair (better yet, use Roots Only to get straight at your roots quicker).

Choose to increase the number of times you moisturize per week in line with the harsher weather in winter.

Deep Condition with every wash

Make sure you deep condition your hair with every wash. This is more intense than your normal conditioner and is really great in ensuring that you attain and maintain the moisture required for your hair in conjunction with a good moisturizing routine.

Always apply a leave-in conditioner, if you don’t have one; just glide a 50 cent amount of pure coconut oil on your wet hair.

Builds strength

Make protective styles your friend

If this hair care thing is just too much for you, then why not just get yourself into a protective style. I’ve developed a way for you to nourish your hair while under a weave with the new Weave Challenge. You can also choose to braid or cornrow your hair, thus leaving the daily maintenance down to a simple light spray.

Embrace the curl

Instead of going against your natural curl pattern, start using curlers like flexi rods to enhance your curl pattern that’s being showcased with your new growth. You can also do braid and twist outs.

When my hair was shorter, any sign of growth pushed me to do a wash n go and embrace those curls

Here’s a short video on how to take care of your hair while under a protective style:



  1. Great post Phro! Just what I needed at this time. Now i must find a protective style:)

    1. I’m so happy to hear that!

  2. Maame Esi · · Reply

    8 weeks post relaxer with sum thick growth. thinking of having a weave this friday. i intend to wash and deep condition then moisturise with s curl before the weave. Will my hair be safe from a weave with all of the new growth??

    1. :) just follow all the rules and moisture moisture moisture. Make sure the rows aren’t on too tight as well. for the weave challenge

  3. hi, where can I find the s curl no drip activator? thanks

    1. Most good African Hair Salons / Hair Supply stores.

      1. that’s the thing, I simply can’t find it, I’ve tried countless stores and some of them say they don’t stock it anymore, I was hoping there was maybe someone who buys it from overseas or other african countries and sells it here in south africa

    2. mmm, if you can’t find it, I’d suggest you mix up a few ingredients. Check out ‘Do Hair on a Budget’ for a few hints

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