Remember my hairline issue?


Remember this post? My Hairline Hates Braids, let me bless you with my mess 

I posted that on the 29th of February. I’ve taken this photo today, 11 April, and check out my hairline now. It took about 24-48 hours for the stress placed in my hair line (the right side) to severly affect it’s appearance, and about 4-6 weeks for me to be comfortable enough to rock a style that shows my hairline off.

It pays to be patient. So for those of you who have massacred your hairline for a few years, patience and a consistent use of the HairLine Challenge, until you see results, is the only way to do it.

If you have issues with your hairline, get on Phro’s HairLine Challenge.



  1. Mai T · · Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks, the hairline challenge saved my hairline. It really does work!

    1. So glad to hear that it’s working. :) YAY

  2. […] The reason I’m not going to plait it, is cause I discovered that I have a sensitive hairline (sensitive hairline). So I’ve moved away from cornrows, and have adopted new ways of giving my growing hair a […]

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