My hairline hates braids – let my mess bless you

It’s a sad day when you realise that you gotta put up the ‘cornrowing’ hat and slowly walk away. I had a personal set back when I rocked my beautiful and internationally celebrated hairstyle (thank you ladies for all your wonderful compliments).

*sigh* let me tell you the saga ladies. I’d like to use my mess to bless you today.

So … check out the picture below, just beautiful right, that was day 2! I loved the style and had ensured that my stylist wasn’t holding my hair too tightly. She didn’t, it was done gently, I had NO headache. I ensured the braids were thick as well…and I had my regime in check.

Place oil in Roots Only, apply direct to scalp in whatever style. Love my Roots Only

My regime was in check:
Daily – lightly spray SCurl No Drip through the length of my braids and the cornrows
Before Bed – lightly add castor and olive oil on my edges and tie a satin dhuki for the night

I was interchanging the middle braids, moving them to one side, creating a straight up Mohawk, or flattening slightly and just making it work. I loved it, I felt like an African Queen … (perception is everything ladies), I’m sure we’ve all strutted at some point when the hair was in check.

Then wash day came (Day 7). The evening before, I’d given myself a scalp treatment by adding amla oil and drops of peppermint oil into my ROOTS ONLYapplicator and doused my scalp with it for the night. Concentrated shampoo on my scalp and gently massaged, and after i’d rinsed the shampoo out, sprayed my leave-in conditioner while my hair was wet.

Granted the braids were heavy, but I didn’t think anything of it. The braids dried within the hour, and as my hair was drying, I was moisturising my scalp and hair as I’ve indicated in my YouTube tutorial.

I developed a headache sometime during that day and was tossing and turning that night. When I woke up, I realised that my braids were straining my hairline … visibly. I had to go to work, so did nothing about it. When I got home, I undid the cornrows that I thought were tugging on my hairline too much, and as soon as that was done, I felt a release. Time constraints wouldn’t let me undo my whole head, so I undid the side cornrows and lightly braided really thick braids in place of them. I massaged my hairline intently with my amla and castor oil. Let me tell you ladies, the difference is visible. In less than 24 hours, my hairline has been visibly affected. SHOO!

I must say though, cause of the way I was moisturising my hair while braided, it was a synch to undo, and it was so soft, supple, healthy and hydrated. :) the rest of my hair loves me … my hairline, not so much. I think it’s frowning at me RIGHT NOW.

Here is a pic I took a few weeks ago before going to the gym:

29 Jan – Happy Hairline

Here is a picture taken sometime during my style. I was truly happy with my hair style, my hair check didn’t pick anything untoward up.

smiling with my cornrows in tact

Here is a pic taken 27 Feb … a few days after I took my braids out. A marked difference … I am shattered. I’m going through what some women are talking to me about … so I am in your shoes.

Unhappy hairline … owner of hairline not so proud either *wails*

As you get your hair to its optimum health, it gives you a chance to start to truly understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

I have discovered the hard way just how sensitive my hairline is. I did the normal checks and balances (it wasn’t my stylist’s fault), and yet my hairline screamed out). What does that mean; I absolutely need to stay away from any style that will compromise my hairline. My hairline is too sensitive for styles that are continually tugging (even lightly) at it – so I have to stay away from them.

For some women, this isn’t their weak point, but most of us have this in common. There are some styles that have to be written off, and for Miss Phro, that is cornrowing.

I hope this serves someone today. I have served you my mess and hope that it inspires you to do better for your hairline.

What are you discovering about your hair and scalp’s likes and dislikes?

In the mean time, what will I do with my hair?
I’ll be continuing the HairLine Challenge … a few steps back now. But I’m confident that I didn’t do any irreparable damage to my hairline, so can’t wait until it’s healthy again.

I’m sitting at 10 weeks post relaxer, and I’ll push on for as long as I can. My basic hair care regime is the Back To Health and my hair loves it.

I will be using my Roots Only applicator to get my oils straight to my scalp and not risk breaking out by applying more than I need. LOVE IT … it’s been the best buy.

I will be applying ‘low manipulation styles’ like the one indicated below until I retouch. Oooh, my birthday celebrations will see my hair out – you’re invited by the way!


  1. APHROCENTRIC · · Reply

    Hey Phro, been following your cornrow just came to me as i read the heart wrenching tale of your hairline, it seems the cookie crumbled after /during your (wet)shampoo. Suggestion: since we wanna keep our braids and cornrows for at most a couple of weeks, why dont we ” dry ” shampoo instead?

    1. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m really not sold on dry shampoo, but
      am looking into it for the Gym Challenge. My hairline simply couldn’t take the weight and the heaviness of the wet braids was the tipping point. It was also my style, being top heavy, and the thickness of the cornrows. Just a combination of a few things. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Sorry to hear about your hairline. Hope is will soon be back to its glorious self.

  3. Vimbayi · · Reply

    Sorry too….i discovered cornrows and my hairline are never going to get along in 2011…. so no cute cornrow styles since then! Now i just braid and this is thanks to your advice. My hairline is slowly repairing itself… and yours will be rocking soon

    1. Thank you so much!

    2. Thank you for your kind words

  4. i´m sure your hairline will recover in no time. HHJ!

    1. :) thank you so much

  5. Munya · · Reply

    I have cornrows too an afraid what my hairline will be like after. I just needed a break from the everyday hairdoes and because its winter too. When i had them put in I think she might have been done them too tight or maybe it was me just not used to braiding. I got the little white pimples in the front which from that I know it was too tight. But I made a choice to soldier on and follow ur regime. The pimple probably lasted for a week and this weekend I take the cornrows out. I have been putting coconut oil in my hair everyday and shampooing it every week and am hoping for the best for my hairline as i know its more onthe weakside too. What is ur advice on what to do right after taking them out? I am well over 12 weeks postperm but am afraid that if I just remove and perm my hair might suffer. do u suggest i give my hair some time to breath before I perm it again mayb a week or so?

    1. :( OH NO!
      Deep condition deep condition deep condition. Your scalp needs to be treated delicately, cause it’s been tugged on continually for weeks. Don’t perm until about a week, two weeks if you can help it. Do a scalp treatment and use the amla oil blend from this link it’ll help strengthen the root of your hair and the peppermint oil is great with blood circulation to your scalp which encourages hair to grow as it’s getting more oxygen … ok … let me know how you go and what you decide to do

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