Long lasting results … stopping dandruff (3/3)

This is the final post of my dandruff series which will also introduce Phro’s No Dandruff Challenge.

The fluffies …

What I’ve discovered about dandruff is that hair care professionals and people in the medical field still do not understand why dandruff starts out to begin with.  They have created formulas within shampoos and other topical medicated blends to get rid of symptoms. Depending on the ingredients in the blend, it will either deal with getting rid of the symptoms, or remove the fungi / yeast that causes dandruff to begin with.

There are even more reasons why dandruff exists including allergic reactions to certain products that you could be using. So when getting rid of dandruff, look at the ingredients in your current products and determine whether that’s part of your problem.

Some steps you’ll have to take to get rid of dandruff:

  1. Understand the type of dandruff you have. This really sets the tone on the type of treatment you should consider.
  2. Have or create an existing hair care regime that protects your scalp. You will need to consider washing your hair at least once a week. I know some people won’t do this, but one of the major causes of dandruff is infrequent washing coupled with product and waste build up (sweat).
  3. Remember that a healthy scalp is one that is moisturized. Keep  your scalp moisturized at all times. Always to a quick check daily to determine whether you have enough moisture for your scalp’s needs.
  4. Consider eating healthier. The nutrients of what we eat are manifested throughout our bodies.
  5. If you work out and have dandruff problems, make sure you wash your hair after each work out session. Sweat and dandruff are not friends.
  6. Commitment is key. You know your weakness, work to attain a healthy scalp and then maintain that standard.

Now you know all this …. Let the CHALLENGE BEGIN!


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