Phro’s hair goal for 2012…what’s yours?


I hope 2011 was kind to you. I reached BSL and I’m really happy about that. What’s BSL you ask? It’s Bra-Strap Length.

My hair is certainly not all one length. My goal this year is to get my hair to a similar length. My shorter strands in the front, will catch up with the rest of my hair in 2012!

This is where I am right now!

2011 Results

This is where I want to be by the end of 2012!

My 2012 Hair Goal – Hair ONE Length

It’s longer, still looks really healthy, is similar texture to mine (so I know it’s attainable) and the hair at the front is just as long as the hair at the back. HERE’S TO HAIR THAT’S THE SAME LENGTH IN 2012

What will I be doing to ensure I get to this lenghth?

1. I will continue on the Back to Health challenge.

2. I will ensure that I moisturise my hair with a water based moisturiser so that my hair is always hydrated.

3. I will continue to seal with natural oils (coconut oil is my preferred oil).

4. I will not use heat on my hair (I will continue to wrap my hair).

5. I will probably have to look into styles that are lower manipulation than my current ‘Flexi Rod Curls’.

6. I will not braid or weave my hair

What are your hair goals ladies?

This was me in December 2010 and me in December 2011. The Back 2 Health Challenge has taken me this far!

2010 and 2011 length

Click below to watch the 6 minute video



  1. Kudzanai · · Reply

    Hi I noticed you said you wont braid or weave your hair in 2012, does that affect hair growth? I keep my hair in braids or cornrows a minimum of 8 months a year.

    1. Hi Kudzi,
      Braiding and Weaving are great protective styles but have to be done right or you’ll experience more hair breakage and not realise growth. In the coming months, I’ll introduce a weave challenge to ensure ladies are doing it right.

      I’ve personally never had a weave and when I do braid, experience a lot of breakage, that’s why I’m keeping away from it. For me it’s personal preference.

  2. Thembie · · Reply

    Weave challenge sounds great, i am about to join one on a different sight.

  3. Nancy · · Reply

    Hi. Just discovered ur blog. Great stuff. Getn serious about my regimen for 2012. My goal is to retain 4 inches of growth. Hav dedicated the first quarter of the year to getn that all important moisture/protein balance. Ur a big motivation. Blog on sister.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! :)

  4. Thando · · Reply

    For 2012, I want long relaxed hair…yes! I’m want to do controlled damage to my hair! … lol.
    I’ve kept my hair natural for a long time. I just want try something new and I want to do it right.

    Any advice before I start? Particularly how to prepare my hair for the 1st relax of my virgin hair.

    You have enough info on maintenance :-) which I have been using successfully on my natural hair :-)

    1. Hi Thando,

      Well … my Relaxer Series goes through what I do to prep hair for a relaxer. Check it out, and let me know how you go

  5. Tammy · · Reply

    Hey phro!

    I didn’t know where to put this comment its not related to the post as such but anyway,I’ve been doing everything I can to get my hair healthy since I started my hair journey.and while my hairline is growing back in and my hair is nice and soft it won’t stop breaking.its growing and all but once I undo my weaves or big braids it breaks.I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

    Love the new hair btw:)

    1. Check out my posts on protective styles.

      There will be some form of breakage when you weave or braid your hair. I’ll be doing weave challenge really soon, so stay tuned and it may give you tips on taking care of your hair to minimise breakage. Also take a look at your products’ ingredients.

  6. Pauline · · Reply

    Hwy Ms Phro.

    My 2012 goal is to get my hairline back in order and work on having healthy long relaxed hair.
    Oh and yes, do something about the itchy scalp/hair i experience.


    1. :) so happy for you. Hope you’re on the No Dandruff Challenge, it’ll work to get rid of that itch

  7. […] … In January, I gave you details of my personal hair goals (Phro’s Hair Goals). One of the things I committed to not doing, was braiding my […]

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