13.12.11 retouch day

So, I touched up my hair. Dark n Lovely have a crazy new addition to their formula that I will post on.
In the mean time, here is a sneak peak of my length. Will post the full length check on http://www.youtube.com/Phrochallenge in a few days.

How is your hair journey?



  1. the one with anti breakage formular?have you used it

  2. Makaita · · Reply

    I’m sooo jealous!!! I think I need to adjust my commitment to my hair.

  3. Lynia Dzino · · Reply

    Your hair looks so great. I’m just starting on my hair journey but I think I’m getting a little obsessed. I’ve been reading every blog/website about hair online, my husband even got me The Science of Black Hair so I would stop being on my laptop everyday, that’s how bad it is. At least I haven’t started hoarding products yet.

    Just a quick ?, Is it ok to use a daily moisturiser with oils in it then seal again with an oil?

    1. Use a moisturizer which is water based and an oil which will seal that moisture in. Otherwise you’ll just be double sealing on dry hair.

  4. What is the name of the Dark and lovely formula that u used??

    1. HI Taffy,

      Here is a link to my relaxer series, start reading from the bottom up. http://phrophro.com/category/relaxed-hair-2/ I use Dark N Lovely for normal hair

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