FOUND: coconut and castor oil


Ladies these products are readily available in Zim! :)

In others news, I’m enjoying zim food and the atmosphere.


  1. Makaita · · Reply

    Castor oil yes, coconut kupi? And what’s that third product in the pic?

    1. Hey Makaita ….

      Was lovely meeting you while I was in Zim. I’ve just posted here on where I got my products while I was in H. How’s your hair journey going?
      My direct email address is

  2. Chido · · Reply

    Lani what coconut oil is that and where did you find it? also what is the other product that is not castor oil?

    1. Hey Chido,
      I’ve just posted where I got all my products while I was in H. Click Here for more information.

  3. […] I got home though, I doused my hair with coconut oil and S-Curl No Drip and wrapped it up to try and force moisture in my tresses. My hair didn’t […]

  4. Shasha · · Reply

    I’m already on the castor oil and coconut regimen but I need some comforting.Someone stole my Dr Miracle Nape and Temple Bam and it was USD$10 and it works.I feel this may put a snag in my hair growth and my heart is hurting coz monthend is so far away.What do I do?

  5. Tina · · Reply

    Hesi Lani,

    What’s the difference between Coconut and Castor oil on hair? Can I use both at the same time, and if so how and when?

    Btw, thanks for all the tips!!

    1. Hey Tina,

      Yes you can definetly use both at the same time. Mixing oil increases benefits as each oil has it’s specific benefits for hair and skin too. Coconut oil is great for moisturising and building back strength with your hair, as it’s protein properties mirror your hair’s protein properties. It’s also great for your scalp. Castor oil…well I’ve just written a post on my trusted castor oil. click here, for more information.

  6. s moyo · · Reply

    hie um in vic falls i nid coconut oil and castor oil how to get?

    1. Hi there,

      Try a pharmacy for both…

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