Hair goals for 2011 – Back 2 Health Challenge

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In the quest for healthier hair, I’ve come to realize a lot of what we do to our hair is hindering its visible growth. I say ‘visible’ cause as long as you have hair on your head, then your hair IS growing. The reason why it may not ‘grow’ past a certain stage is merely because the rate at which your hair is growing is the same as the rate at which it’s breaking.

There are a lot of ‘miracle’ products that promise to make your hair grow faster. Let me be the one that bursts your bubble … NO SUCH THING. Sorry. What some of the greatest products can only do (cause hair is dead), is stimulate your hair follicle to grow healthier hair. The rate at which your hair grows has already been pre-determined through your genetic disposition. You hair does have a growth phase though – let’s discuss this another time. Products can also build strength within your hair through moisturizing and adding protein to the actual hair shaft. (For those with relaxed hair, protein conditioner is critical as the act of relaxing actually strips your hair of its natural protein molecules; therefore they need to be artificially built up again – that’s the harsh reality of relaxing your hair.)

As it’s been confirmed, kinky hair is really sensitive and requires gentle treatment. Even though it may feel hard at times and like it can withstand everything, that’s a total misconception. An example: We have the highest incidences of a receding hair line simply because of the hair styles we choose. Those with looser curls or dead straight hair also tie their hair back and they don’t experience this phenomenon.

At some point you’re just going to have to embrace this and start honoring your genuine self by making sure that your real hair is well taken care of regardless of whether it’s natural, relaxed, under a weave or a wig.

Segway into Back 2 Health

Back 2 Health is a hair care regime that I created with a lot of input from Hairlistas whose hair is past their waist. My premise for this regime is to get your hair healthy. A natural result of healthy hair is of course hair that grows. There is no quick fix, 5 minute cure. It takes a little bit more effort. What I’ve tried to do is to tie in this regime with a busy life. I’ve started this regime myself and have seen such a difference with my hair. I mean, I have 4a hair type, and people think my hair could be as thick as a 4b or 4c. That’s RESULTS for you.

Ok, let’s get started.



  1. Hi Phro
    I’m also on a hair care journey but am constantly frustrated by not being able to find some of the products I read about on the internet. I live in SA. All the best for your hair care journey. My goal is also MBL. I hope I can get there!

  2. Thanks Tendayi. Your progress is great. I can’t wait to do my length check in March. Two more weeks. I’m now working to stretch between relaxing and seeing how I go.
    Have you tried Indian / Nigerian Hair stores. They should store Vatika. If all else fails, get in touch with me again. :) Go #TeamBlackHairGrows busting the myth internationally.
    Love Phro

    1. Thanks for the response. Will try these stores and let you know.

  3. Hi Tendayi

    If it’s Vatika you are looking for, you will find it in Durban! I see you live in Pretoria… if you have friend there ask them to get you some! I found it will on a short holdiay and walking around through the old Indian quarters. Go figure. Though I imagine it must be available at the Oriental Plaza in Jhb. Your hair looks awesome! Good luck with your journey.


    PS La, I;m enjoying peeking in your blog. XXX

    1. Thanks for the response. Have a few friends in Durban and Oriental Plaza isnt far for me either. Will definately go hunting! Im a product junkie!!

      Thanks for the compliments. Its taken a lot to come this far. I still have a long way to go too!

  4. […] you say your hair is breaking. The Back 2 Health Challenge will deal with that, but let’s look at the meaning behind hair […]

  5. Abie · · Reply

    hie phro

    i have an issue with my hair, ok my mother jokes about it saying from the time i was a baby a whole lot of my hair used to remain in the bath-tub…
    i actually don’t relax my hair because my hair is sparse, and the left side of my head doesn’t have as much hair… my hair shades/breaks now i don’t know which is which, but i have recently bought olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, just to try and help my hair…LOL…

    i naturally hate weaving, i prefer braiding… but right now i have short hair…every time i think i should start afresh maybe it will work…


    1. :) sounds like you should let your natural hair grow. There ain’t no shame in saying no to creamy crack love.
      I think it’s an honour to embrace your hair the way it is. Check out my posts on natural hair … hopefully that will inspire you!

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